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Angry grandpa nursing home prank

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Angry Grandpa Nursing Home Prank

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A lifelong feud between two neighbors since childhood only gets worse when a new female neighbor moves across the street.

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Is 'Grumpy Old Men' based on a book? FAQ 4. Buck Henry Snyder as Snyder. When John turns around to return the greeting his hands are empty. Box office Edit. John and Max are elderly men living next door to each other. In the next shot he once again has the folder. Ossie Davis Chuck as Chuck.

Both men are attracted to her, and their rivalry steps up a gear. With Walter and Jack the best was yet to come. Release date December 25, United States. As John's daughter Melanie, I have never seen her look more beautiful and heart-melting as she does in this picture.

Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Ann-Margret has evolved from her dancing, grinding "sexpot" image in the 60's to a wonderful, natural actress.

The nursing home prank

The interplay between Jack and Burgess is so easy, and why not? When most actors their age pass on, we feel sorrow, and then watch their classics from decades ago. Trivia At the end of the theatrical trailer, there is an outtake of Walter Matthau in the bath tub saying directly into the camera "If I'd known there was going to be a nude scene, I would've asked for an extra million. A fifty-year fight. Watch options. Burgess, Jack, and Walter You made us feel good, which is the best epitaph anyone could wish for.

Did you know Edit. Technical specs Edit.

Runtime 1h 43min. Joel Edwards Fisherman as Fisherman uncredited. Storyline Edit. Details Edit.

In. Play trailer Comedy Drama Romance. Joe Howard Pharmacist as Pharmacist. I doubt if the formula for their success would have grown stale, because both Walter and Jack no longer acted Old friends get more endearing with age, and we would have never tired of new visits from them, no matter what the role.

Both the plot and the ending are not quite believable, but who really cares? Top review. Steve Cochran Weatherman as Weatherman.

Oct 15 WeAreMovieGeeks. Ozzie Davis, Kevin Pollak, and Buck Henry round out the cast, and bring their many talents to the picture. A lifelong feud between two neighbors since childhood only gets worse when a new female neighbor moves across the street. They're continuously arguing and insulting each other, and have been this way for over 50 years. Director Donald Petrie.

Dolby Stereo. While much has been written about the comedy, very little is said about the realistic side of "Grumpy Old Men". How does the movie end? While Burgess is lovable, Daryl Hannah is lovely.

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Top credits Director Donald Petrie. Quotes Grandpa Gustafson : Looks like Chuck's taking old one-eye to the optometrist. Mar 16 firstshowing. Donald Petrie. Trailer Grumpy Old Men. Photos Top cast Edit. Crazy credits One outtake has Jack Lemmon flub his lines, and he continues, in the same tone of voice, babbling gibberish.

User reviews Review. Mark Steven Johnson.

Grandpa Gustafson : Looks like Chuck's taking old one-eye to the optometrist. Daryl Hannah Melanie as Melanie. Goofs John reaches into the back seat of his car to retrieve a tax folder.

Angry grandpa birthday surprise prank

United States. Charles Brin Fisherman as Fisherman. More like this. Burgess Meredith He's perfect as John's father, a crusty, lovable old man. I can't watch this movie without feeling just a tinge of sorrow. Jacob approaches and greets John. Christopher McDonald Mike as Mike. Matthau answers him in the same "language. Walter and Jack and Burgess are gone. There are a few fleeting scenes that reveal the heartache and loneliness of growing old.

What is 'Grumpy Old Men' about? Rated PG for some sexual references. See the list. Who knows how many more successful films this brilliant team could have made together.

And John's dealings with the I. The only "downer" for me in again watching this movie is the knowlege that the string is over. Related news. For those who want reality, there are many depressing films out there, not to mention the news- papers and CNN. I have never read if all the cast members were the first choices for the parts, but every one of the cast fits their roles perfectly. Top Gap.

Edit. To those who have not yet seen the movie, yes, there may be a few it was set and filmed in snowy Minnesota, which give the film an authentic small town feel that the talented set deers of Hollywood would be hard pressed to duplicate. One day, Ariel, moves into the street.