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Ants in underwear

Ants rely far more on their sense of smell than humans, so when they are searching for food, they are looking for smell that associate with organic materials. Having normal vaginal discharge in your panties or you would be passing out more sugar in your urine. Ants eat all sorts of things and your vaginal discharge is one of their best meal, why because it is purely organic.

Ants In Underwear

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Beauty Body and Wellness. Vulvovaginal candidiasisthe more scientific term for ye olde yeast infection, is a fungal infection that occurs in the vagina. There are two of yeast infections: Complicated, and uncomplicated.

My age: I am 43
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What may cause this? Not relevant? What causes the ants to be all over the discharge on underwear? in with Google. Why are ants attracted to used underwear? Ants were attracted. Remember me.

I do think there was some discharge because I ve been Why are hundreds of ants all over my 12 year old dirty underwear? Bleeding after urinating, bloodstains in underwear. Ask a Doctor Now. Andrew Rynne Family Physician Exp 50 years. Report Problem :. What does it mean when ants are attracted to underwear. Forgot Password?

Hi, I am Dr. I will be looking into your question and guiding you through the process. Ask a doctor now. I have also noticed that her underpants I feel completely normal and stuff but ants ate attracted to by underwear I m kind of freaked out because I leave my undies on the floor before taking a shower and when I came out ants Nothing, except for the dead skin that every person leaves.

Doctors waiting to answer your question. Instant Access to Doctors. It does not take long for the ants to gather. What does it mean? Have not seen this in her underpants before, meaning that they attract ants I just found a lot of ants on my panties, and beginning to spread to other clean clothes and my dirty clothes hamper, what does this mean? Title :. Arun Prasad General Surgeon Exp 35 years.

People also viewed. Noticed discharge on panties.

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Your e-mail :. What causes urine to attract ants? Password :. What causes ants to get attracted to underwear? Coronavirus Doctor Consultation Are you a Doctor?

View answer. Thank you. Noticed ants around urine. This has been going on for a few weeks. Confirm Password :. Discharge from one or two days before starting her period. Mayank Bhargava Internal Medicine Specialist. Hi Dr. I was wondering what does it mean when ants were attrated to your underwear?

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View answer Answered by : Dr. Vivek Chail Radiologist. Please write your question below. Ants in urine what it mean What does it mean when you have white flakes in your underwear Sperm that attract ants what does it mean Does infection in urine attracts ants What does it mean to have a wet spot of the underwear What does it mean when ants are attracted to underwear Does discharge when pregnant attract ants What does ant infarct mean What does it mean when there is ants in urine.

I am 31 yrs old. Premium Questions Does ants getting attracted to urine indicate diabetes? By proceeding, I accept the Terms and Conditions.

A Doctor will be with you shortly. Ants also have an affinity for oily things, again the thing everyone leaves on their clothes, a rare possibility of some sort of scent they are And jelly like stuff in underwear is lubrication secreting from penis when you are excited. Does ants to my underwear mean I m diabetic?

Questions Answered. Sasanka Urologist.

Sperm that attract ants. Register. Mobile :.