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Aro and bella fanfiction

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Aro And Bella Fanfiction

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Casareme A-me-ipezodi na-zodaretahe afa; od. Vaulasa od Quo-Co-Casabe. Eca niisa od darebesa quo-a-asa: fetahe-ar-ezodi od. The chant changed at this time to an odd prayer, the tone forceful and demanding.

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He loves being able to know everything, he loves being Head Vamp in Charge. Submit a post.

You only have to see how instantly she takes to it, how much she revels in it, to see that she loves vampirism. Aro clearly loves being a vampire, too.

If she ever became the fourth leader, it would have to be in the far, far distant future, IMO. Chelsea or Jane would be more likely to become the 4th leader before Bella. RSS feed.

Bella is not that smart or creative or ambitious outside of love. But yeah, instant love and attraction right away would not work for me with them or most pairings, tbh at all. This is a huge contrast to Carlisle, who tried to kill himself upon realizing what he had become, or Rosalie, who stews over her dreams being taken away from her in one night of horrific violence.

I think the idea of her becoming the fourth leader is farfetched. Because Bella, Edward and Jacob aren't the only characters in the story. My problem is that I am just not interested in Bella when it comes to fanfic.

Like, I got her POV in the books already, give me something new! I could see a scenario where Aro manipulated Bella in order to obtain her love and trust in order to get her power, and maybe some real affection happened later.

He loves the power and the immortality. Posted 8 years ago.