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Asstr arthur saxon

Ari gave her a menacing look before trying to drag her out there again.

Asstr Arthur Saxon

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Years old: 20
Tone of my iris: I’ve got huge green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my hair: Gray
Body type: My figure type is quite fat
What is my hobbies: Sailing

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Missy Q Posted August 12, Posted August 12, Guest rosemonde10 Posted August 12, Plasticbutt Posted August 13, Posted August 13, Pootattoo Posted August 13, Here's something you can try, and it doesn't waste food either: Applesauce! It's for people who desparately want to drink bt can't for various reasons.

Rosemonde, you're really jumping to conclusions here. I have to make do with soft and squishy, or very very small and semi firm. He simply said he didn't mind it. Guest rosemonde10 Posted August 11, Posted August 11, Link to comment.

Panty pooping stories arthur saxon

The pooping part is most of the fun to me. It felt like a big load that made me waddle more. What is a non alcoholic beverage? I've never tried this, I prefer the real thing.

It definitely gives the whole delightful sensation of pooping, with very little discomfort of trying to cram things up your butt. And I'm with him on that point.

No smell either! Then sat on the back steps with coffee b4 a walk thru the yard. Nothing more. Before all was said and done, it was literally coming out the other end unchanged.

Using a couple napkins to create a seal, I crammed a wooden plunger handle into the open end, like a giant oatmeal butt-syringe. While I think natural method is better I do agree that sometimes the smells are toxic enough to warrant quitting altogether. Not that poop itself smells good. I just like that "average" smell of the "average" log poopie. If it didn't work well as fake poo, it looks like it may taste good.

The second try, I got nearly three full lo in, but very nearly couldn't hold it long enough to get diapered.

The tubes are about the size of a slightly large vibrator, and go in very easily for me, about 10 inches, they're almost 24 inches long. I got a bigger load in 5 minutes than I've had in years. You can conclude from that that Goden likes the smell of poop.

That's fit for the toilet only. Well, I gotta say poop always will smell better than vomit. If that is so, then you are the first person I have ever known to say that.

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I tried oatmeal in sandwich bags. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The smell of vomit makes me wanna vomit.

By the way, I enjoy artificial poo more than normal, because I can't seem to have a large, semi-firm bowel movement regardless of my diet. We had a couple of bubble wands from WalMart with a non-brittle, durable, smooth plastic tube to hold the bubbles. I finally managed to create close to my ideal 'poop subsitute' delivery system today.

Poop smells well, makes me wanna poop if I need to. Anything without alcohol. What I deduced from your post is that poop smells better than spaghetti to you. Sucked down both jars with a straw over the course of a couple of hours. If it squirts out or just sort of chunders out, forget it; I don't want to know. I don't see Asstr arthur saxon appeal of just putting fake poop in your diaper. Followers 0. Already have an ? Goden didn't say that he liked the smell of poop more than he did spaghetti or any other food.

Insert, push plunger, remove, insert next, plunge, remove, insert, plunge. Missy Q Posted August 13, Posted October 14, Creepymouse Posted October 16, Posted October 16, Guest Posted February 26, Posted February 26, Missy Q Posted February 29, Posted February 29, I was forced to push the whole load into my half-pinned diaper when the phone rang.

That was fun. Not that all poop smells good, so I agree, on a certain level, with you as well.

I cut a round hole in the rounded end, smoothed them carefully, and filled each with a semi-firm oatmeal. It's too early to be thinking about tequila.

Bananas in the tailpipe are a way of experiencing messyness without the hassle of actually pooping. And let us be sincere: spaghetti smells better than excrement. If we had to pick one thing this topic was about, I'd have to venture out to say spaghetti. All this talk of stti is making me hungry. Absolutely heavenly. Like Chocolate Drop Cookies. Whilst I do love the smell of a nice warm load of poopy, it is FAR beyond the pleasantness of a nice warm bowl of spaghetti.

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I was able to get two full lo in there the first try, which was wonderful to enjoy sitting in once it came back out. Had to loosen the diaper alittle to slide them in top of the back. in here. Arthur's recipe looks interesting. Prev 1 2 Next 2 of 2.

Then it may end up smelling like vomite rather than poop.

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So for the op here, cooking a nice big pplate of spaghetti to droop down his backside diaper is similar to the FEEL of ooping, not the act. Recommended Posts. It's easy!

I have done then banana in the tailpipe thing. If it makes my anus really stretch on its way out, I'm confident that I'm going to like its scent and I'm gonna want that bad boy sitting right there at my backside. I bought one of those mega-packs from Sam's club that had 3 pounds of applesauce in 2, 1. And if you eat the ingredients of fake poop you end up with real poop. If you can say that for poop too, then we need to have further discussions about Unless you decide to drink a little Tequila with your dinner.