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Bare butt spanking stories

Marissa spent most of her afternoon fighting with herself, and an unexplainable free floating anxiety. Maybe it was the hormone treatment, maybe it was a cold coming on, maybe it was lack of sleep, or maybe it was just the alignment of the stars.

Bare Butt Spanking Stories

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By now he was laughing quite loud and I finished by giving him six more quickies before pinching that cute little butt for that one extra inch. Ready Freckles? I never did very much like his friend Craig, that imp with fire red hair who once got Mikey grounded after convincing him to him in some doorbell ditching. As for me, my dick and my mind battled for control of my heart.

Age: I'm 18 years old
I prefer: Hetero
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I prefer to drink: Red wine
In my spare time I love: My hobbies riding a horse
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A bare butt spanking in front of my mom

He was twice my age and seemed to be huge as he was at least a foot taller than I. Also he was far stronger and I was suddenly his prisoner. I expected to feel a spank and tried to brace for it but that did not happen next. Well, "get it" is code for being beaten as if that would teach me anything except brutality.

Grant told me to keep my hands on my head and my nose in the corner or he would spank me some more. The entire staff was bossy females and the waiting room was filled with mothers and. The following story is fiction about a youth who has problems with his cruel mother, his female doctor and even is dominated by his kid sister and a couple of younger youths. She insisted that Mom said to lead me like a five-year-old. Grant did not have to say a word to make me not fight him for when I struggled he increased the pressure and it hurt.

I turned even redder, if that was possible, when I heard that.

I did exactly as he ordered. It was horrid! I was betrayed by the only man in the place. We can provide that service right here and now. The aide moved a plain chair into position and Grant sat down without losing his grip on me. I don't need to have Mother and that female doctor and her female nurse and her female aide inspecting my male body the same way that our vet treats Fido. Lori, hold your little brother's hand, please.

A girl's quest for satisfaction!

It was hard. I was totally mortified. He held my wrists together behind my back as he held my legs between his. When I stopped resisting, he stopped hurting me. Lori suddenly came to my side. I don't know how long I spent in the corner but it seemed forever especially with all the admiration Grant's coloring job received. I hate going to the doctor. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. I had noticed that Lori was filling out where young ladies fill out but had not given thought to what was happening to her down below my little sister is not sexually interesting to me until she made a comment.

I sat with my hands in my lap doing my best to hide my now hairless junk from the world.

Spanking life

I could hear the giggling from the kids in the waiting room and even comments about my junk. Then I was ordered to lie flat on the examination table and Lori was told to cover my pubes with the cream while Mom and the Doc talked. After the Doctor left, Mom recited the riot act to me and I promised to be obedient, remembering that the spanking gorilla was just down the hall.

This last time was the worst. I want to go to the Adolescent Medicine Group AMG where I would be treated like a grown up, well, like a adolescent, rather than a baby — person who can speak for himself. To make matters worse, Mom asked the nurse to give Lori a hands-on lesson in anatomy — adolescent human male anatomy which she also watched.

My sneakers were pulled off and then so were my jeans and briefs. Everyone in the waiting room enjoyed the show. The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions. Our poor canine, who is like a little child, can't speak and did not even have a say when they "fixed" him. I didn't have a chance.

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Grant parted his legs so that he could twist me about and easily repositioned me over his lap. I kept telling her that this was wrong, wrong, WRONG but she would not listen and just told me to be quiet or I would get it. The spanking seemed to go on forever but eventually it stopped and I was parked in the corner of the waiting room.

I was treated worse than Fido was when he was at the vets and poked and prodded everywhere. I lost it and just ran from the room with some crude comments.

It hurt like Mother's hairbrush did. I assure you that Grant is a most efficient and experienced spanker of out of control little boys. There was some applause and then a barrage of hard, painful spanks on my naked butt. I should have run out the side door. I yelled like a little baby and soon, most shamefully, I was crying like one.

I'm not a baby yet Mom insists that I continue to Bare butt spanking stories to the same pediatrician, aka baby doctor, that I have been going to since I was four because she can also take my little sister, Lori, who is only eleven, to the same place at the same time.

I guess he worked there as he liked being ordered about by arrogant females. Need I say that I was the subject and carefully measured and compared to growth charts? Mom told Lori to wipe the cream off and I was horrified that my pubes disappeared at the same time leaving me as bald as five-year-old. I learnt this very fast. The story includes spankings, strapping and gay sex. I was dragged into the examining room and ordered to strip as Mother and the Doctor talked about me and the aide stared.

Lori even stayed to watch the entire procedure. Right, that's what I said — brutality — as some more advance societies have recognized years ago. She said to come as you are … or else. If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor i. In that entire den of female domination and torture called the "doctor's office" there were exactly two males over the age of thirteen — the male receptionist and me — that most dreadful day. Mother and the Doctor were right there as he held me and even kept a hand over my mouth so that I had to be quiet.

The kids in the room all made close up inspections, complete with comments that I did not appreciate. The entire mob in the waiting was so quiet that one could have heard a pin drop, and I don't mean a tenpin, as they listened to my private business. He had a tight grip on my waist so that I could not move. Not to mention that the doctor never asks me anything except if it hurts when she squeezes my tender bits or pokes me hard.

He calmly and easily opened my belt, undid my jeans and pushed them down. It was all that I could do to keep from crying on the way home. She has no problems telling me to do stuff like I was a star performer in an animal act at the circus. Of course, my bare butt was sticking up. Best come quickly. Mom dragged me into the car while Lori happily jumped in for her own appointment. My briefs immediately followed. After all, I am a teenager already — I'm almost fourteen.

A bare butt spanking in front of my mom

I got bent over one of his thighs and had to lean on my hands to keep from banging my head as soon as Grant released my arms. When I got there, Mom demanded my shirt and socks leaving me in just my red-bottomed birthday suit. As I dashed into the waiting room, he grabbed me. Then, I felt the first spank. Now, even if I could get free, I could not run away.

Miss lane the strict teacher

Come immediately unless you want another spanking. I yelled in pain. Mother yelled for me to stop and get back but I just headed for the front door.