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Belly stuffing story weight gain

Image source : th. Olivia Wilde Stuffing Herself By

Belly Stuffing Story Weight Gain

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Going out with the boys tonight might have been a mistake. Not so much going to the bar with his buddies, that had all be a lot of fun. However, after a few drinks and someone else paying for the food, he had packed away his fair share of food. Zach shuffled through the door of his apartment, shrugging out of his jacket and hanging it on the hook by the door.

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He just gets meaner and meaner! Thank you so much for this new chapter!! I love the direction you're going with this, Matt can get so much fatter!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Please I beg you to continue this fantastic journey. Again, many many thanks for writing, super hot and super awesome!! Wonderful new chapter! I'm curious to know what's going on behind closed doors now Maximj 4 years. See also Premium. Loving the update!

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I love how greedy and arrogant Matt is and how much Kate is enjoying fattening him up. Please continue!

This is such a great story! Maximj 3 years. MangaBL 4 years. Please continue the story, I want them to make Matt enormous!

Was awesome!! A shame that Adrian had to move out, but time does move on.

I'm looking foward for the next chapter!! It could totally end here but This is epic, thanks for writing, your effort is awesome, you have great skills!!

Matt gets fat

CyrilFiggus2 3 years. Awesome story, really just great!

Cant wait to read chapter 10!! Love seeing a boy with a bad attitude get his just desserts.

Picture detail

SilkySunshine 4 years. Katkatkatkatkat 4 years.

I love that story!! Akwolfgrl13 4 years.

Can't wait to see chapter 9, what a awesome adventure! Brilliant update! Judy2 1 year. He's completely at the mercy of his roommates and how much they will feed him.