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Beyonce knock knees

Hello ay I can day dream about beyonce all day Thinkin about the good times before she met Jay See ya know They say hello ay. Hello ay I really thought I had a chance to be your man Until I seen the video with a ring on your hand It hurt me so. Oh God yes, I was impressed You was like no no no I was like 12 years old Hoping that one day I could chaperone while you were on the road You wore braids with a bangin body Look like you did pilates Alot of sit ups probably But bump that I was there from the start Even When Latoya Luckett and that other doo doo bucket broke your Beyonce knock knees Hope you didn't cry cuz honestly they were just so-sothey couldn't sing anyway you deserve to go solo No disrespect to Kelly and Michelle I'm just sayin they cool.

Beyonce Knock Knees

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Everything you see exist together in a delicate balance You need to understand that balance And respect all the creatures From the crawling ant To the leaping antelope We are all connected in the great circle of life. Let me tell you something my father told me Look at the stars The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars So whenever you feel alone Just remember those kings will always be up there to guide you And so will I. Daddy used to lead me back home all the time I got big enough to run around daddy left me outside. Find your back Don't let this life drive you crazy Find your way back Come back home before the streets lights on Find your way back

Years old: 43
I prefer: Gentleman
Iris color: I’ve got clear gray-green eyes
I understand: English
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Do you have any of these curvatures? Um, Idk. I guess like a straight legged athletic stance. Sidenote: My preference is a mixture of bowleggeed and pigeon toed. Amy M says:.

The reason people usually veer away from knock-kneedness is because it almost resembles a collapse of the legs. Do you disagree? December 7, at pm.

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As a man with straight legs feet pointed straight aheadI know it makes me look better in suits. BowLegged Black men hands down love thick women that are bowlegged. One of the guys there called me Sister Slew Foot….

Some what pigeon toed thrown in with a little flirty bowleggedness. Not really, but Im glad you did. It can characterize you as confident or goofy.

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October 25, at pm. The girl you posted is thick but not bowlegged. Especially women, women like neutral-stanced men. Would you ever expect me to write about something like this?

In complete honesty, I do not know anyone that are attracted to slew footedness. However, in high school, it was pointed out. Even some heels, give this illusion of pigeon-toedness where the feet converge at this one point. It Never turned any dudes away… In fact, im top 3 with everyone ive been with.

How do you dress knock knees?

A walk can say alot about a person. Bey solo and tina are not bowlegged. Find us on Facebook Facebook. Knock kneed curvatures predominantly appear to be clumsy-looking and people tend to stray away from it. Pigeon Toed feet going inward women are usually sought after as well.

Being pigeon-toed is a more feminine curvature of the legs and feet. Anonymous says:. It is a more uniform look in all.

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Standing at attention was the hardest in ROTC. Simply put, men dig it and some women do as well. Im knock kneed and slew footed… Both are not really bad. I think they are almost intimidated by me. Lovelly Sanders says:. Q: Would you ever expect me to write about something like this? This is a fun post!

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Have you heard that men like bowlegged and pigeon toed women more? Till then, didnt even realize it. Beyonce, her mom, and Solange are all slightly bowlegged, it works well for those three. January 30, at pm. What kind of curvature are you attracted to?

December 1, at pm.

In modeling especially considering catwalks, walking slightly pigeon-toed is emphasized. I thought I was being clever but one time a guy friend was like hey why are you standing like that?

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You can also via any social platforms listed here at the bottom. Q: What issue or topic do you have on your mind, any suggestions? More specifically, the curvature of the legs can be either sexy or off-putting. November 28, Uncategorized Like.

People like me, tend to have better vaginal elasticity. Just as women like a slight bowleggedness in say a Denzel or something. This is why it tends to be seen more with taller people.

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Bowleggedness gives men this sort of swag when they walk, and in women it makes them appear thicker. What issue or topic do you have on your mind, any suggestions? Q: Have you heard that men like bowlegged and pigeon toed women more? August 21, at am.

Find your perfect match in beyoncé's palm print co-ords

I remember thick girls in Chicago rocking the latest Jordans with tight jeans on. December 5, at pm. Having wide hips is being confused with bowleggedness. Q: What kind of curvature are you attracted to? A: Yep! Please continue!