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Borderlands gutter brothers

Since forming in October of last year, the LA-based Gutter Brothers have been making waves in the Trap scene with their unique spin on the exploding genre. A steady flow of new original mixes and bass heavy remixes along with banging DJ sets have helped the Gutter Brothers attract a loyal following in Los Angeles, a central hub for the EDM Trap movement.

Borderlands Gutter Brothers

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Borderlands 2 is, for many players, the highlight of the series. Nine years after release, players are still picking up the game and enjoying the many story quests and side missions for the first time. When not hunting for the best weapons in the game, there is a lot of content to keep players entertained, including a fun murder mystery. In the Won't Get Fooled Again quest, players will get a good example of the subtle and fun writing that can make Borderlands 2 so interesting. This is a Level 16 side mission that will be available in Sanctuary.

Years: 21
Sexual orientation: Male
Eye tint: I’ve got warm gray-green eyes
Gender: Lady
What is my Zodiac sign: I'm Virgo
What is my body features: My body features is quite chubby
Favourite drink: White wine
What I like to listen: Heavy metal
Smoker: No

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Borderlands 2 won’t get fooled again walkthrough

I'm talking about dicks. My brother and I both laughed our asses off over these two lines. Dragon Keep also gave us "My siren's name is Brick and she is the prettiest. The Borderlands game franchise, including all DLC, sequels, pre-sequels, and re-pre-sequels.

Never doing that again! I say Mechro, you say Mancer! Mordecai: "I say we talk to him Catch a gun! Brick says it's the quickest way down but he always sounds so surprised and proud when you do it.

Catch-a--oh, I just realized that's an insult. Butt Stallion!!!! Posted by Stairs?! Glorious Vaults.

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Continue this thread. Gotta go with Jack using Roland's echo: "Hey buddy, it's me, Roland. God damn you make me proud. Found the internet!

The line about the moral is just icing on that already delicious cake. What are some little things in Borderlands 2 the just make you smile? I loved that, I was hoping he kept providing running commentary for longer.


I punch the initiative. I tried to like that one, but by that point I had grown to hate Jack SO much for what he had done to so many that it sickened me to hear he thought himself the good guy. He sounded so happy when you do that. I'm on my fourth character right now and I've come to the conclusion that Brick has a major boner for the Vault Hunter.

Created Sep 29, Top posts january 13th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top. I can't climb stairs! Uppercut for morale!

For me, it's no fall damage. So neat. That whole monologue with the eyeball scooping with the spoon just kills me. So simple.

Please take these hundred dollar bills as a of my disgust. Brick: "I don't know why y'all lookin at me.

His dialogue at the beginning of the game, before I understood how much of a monster he was though? Well we had that other oneso why not the opposite? Handsome Jack's messages. Most importantly, I always chuckle a bit when I just off the Buzzards Nest.


I always jump off the Buzzards Nest. EDIT: Woah Sort by: best. Reply Share. All of Torque's dialogue was so lampshade hanging and funny, he rapidly rose to my favorite character spot, just behind Tina.