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Brother and sister at nude beach

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Brother And Sister At Nude Beach

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. A few summers back, I had returned from finishing my freshman year in college, and my younger sister Jane just turned 18 was just finishing her senior year in high school.

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We stopped at the turn off that was posted 'Free Beach' and Alex pleaded that we head down and take a look and surprisingly dad agreed; I think because Alex finally seemed excited about being on vacation. The tourist map made it appear as if there was a road running along the coast linking all the beaches, but when we arrived we realised the coast road was actually situated four kilometres inland. The black outline of his board shorts wasn't visible. When he finally asked, mum responded by questioning me again about my keenness to go. My mum was going to do something out of character and it made me feel uncomfortable.

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We saw a couple at the far end but it was too far away to tell if they were nude. He tried to convince us that it gave him a feeling of being one with nature which only made us tease him more. To get to each beach required turning off down a dirt track.

He assured us it would be less crowded and worth the drive. For the first time since we left home he seemed engaged. I felt strangely envious of them. The water was a beautiful turquoise. We walked up to it, 'This beach is clothing optional, you may encounter nudity beyond this point'. Just meters short of where she was lying, and midway between the shore and the dunes, was another. This story begins in the summer of when I was on vacation with my family. Please or up free.

Before going to bed Alex asked mum if we could go to Free Beach again the following day. It was the first time I had seen a penis on a grown man apart from on the Internet. Alex was reluctant to the rest of us on that vacation. She told him to consider how others in the family felt about it and at the same time she was looking in my direction.

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I told her I liked Free Beach and wanted to go. You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Eventually Alex made his way back to us, dutifully obeying the return time mum had set for him. They stopped not far from us and immediately stripped off.

He was close enough for us to make out every detail. A few minutes later I saw him walk to the water. She had put her top back on by that stage. Dad told to her go for it and I laughed and said I wouldn't be freaked, but I was hardly being truthful.

On the left the beach curled around the coast for about five hundred meters until it too became boarded by boulders. We hadn't noticed at first glance that that the person lying face down was actually naked. I had only vague memories of seeing my mother naked when I was young and I wasn't mentally prepared to experience it again right at that moment.

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Alex, who was studying the map as we were driving, was as amused that one of the beaches was named 'Free Beach'. On the first morning we walked to the shore. I had plans. It was crowded and overrun with children and annoyingly touristy, so we left and just hung around the town for the rest of the day. As soon as I was in bed my hand went down pyjama pants and it stayed there most of the night.

I told her I didn't mind if we go back. Mum was right, it was a nudist beach, and Alex was delighted. The first two were an elderly couple who walked to the end of the beach and ed the other two that were down there. He was about to start university at the conclusion of the summer break and considered himself too grown up to be away with his family.

A little while after mum asked dad and me if it would freak us out if she went topless. There was one person lying face down fairly close to the end of the trail and another mid way along in the water. The map was hard to decipher, it wasn't true to scale and was more of an advertising brochure for local business than a true guide of the area.

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You couldn't turn right onto the beach because it was boarded by boulders jutting out into the ocean. There were no indications to confirm mums suggestion that Free Beach was a nudist beach, so we decided to stay. During the time we were on the beach another four people arrived. There was some debate on whether we should leave Brother and sister at nude beach make our way further down the beach where it was isolated.

Being at the nude beach had made me really horny and I was grateful I didn't have to share a bedroom with Alex, which was often the case when we were on holidays. But she did it; assured by our approval she removed her top. Shortly after we settled down, the man that was in the ocean walked out. The next morning Alex didn't say anything about Free Beach until after breakfast. As we walked along the shore we were greeted with a surprise. He picked up his towel and pack and headed off and stopped about one hundred meters short of the couple at the end.

Mum said it's probably a nudist beach. After driving four kilometres from the turn off we came to a car park with three cars parked in it. He was unmistakeably nude. Alex's eyes lit up. She said nudist beaches are often given that title. Mum told Alex that if it was a nudist beach the would have warned about that also, which left me wondering how she knew so much about nude beaches. We got out of the car and walked to the start of a trail that led to the beach and read a that said, 'Stay on the track, keep off the dunes and dogs must be kept on a leash at all times'.

At the time I was fourteen years old. I told mum and dad but he was already in the water when they looked. When I told Alex that mum had taken her top off he seemed shocked, almost mortified, which was strange considering what he did. Although he ultimately allowed himself to be persuaded to come, he had no intention of getting into the holiday spirit. That night we teased Alex about going nude. It was difficult to make out much detail because of the distance, but I was fairly certain he was nude. We went back to the car, gathered our gear, and walked down the track all the way to the sand.

Mum protested at first but eventually gave into his wining. We drove four hours south to a popular coastal town and rented a three bedroom bungalow situated a block away from the beach.

We were still watching Alex as he came out of the water and we all started to laugh. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day.

I was with my parents and older brother Alex who was seventeen. That evening we ate at a local restaurant and after the meal we had a conversation with the restauranteur who recommended we check out some beaches twenty kilometers south of the town. My parents laughed then dad said there is no way we are going to a nudist beach but Alex insisted and asked if we could just drive past and take a look.

About fifteen minutes later Alex asked if he could move down to the other end of the beach.

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He asked if we could check it out. We walked down the path until the ocean came into view. We ultimately decided to stay. She said we would talk about it in the morning.

He handed us a tourist map with directions and on the following morning we took his advice. There were also two girls who looked in their early twenties. Apart from them and the two at the end, the beach was empty.