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Bursting to pee stories

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Bursting To Pee Stories

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I agreed, my hair needed doing before a trip back to Essex next week anyway, so I sat down and got engrossed in a magazine.

Years old: I'm 20 years old
Tint of my eyes: Clear blue eyes
I speak: Spanish
In my spare time I love: Learning foreign languages
Body piercings: None
Smoker: Yes

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He had very resilient sphincter control thanks to his years of experience holding in shites until he got home. This was class. Mela Blust. By the time he was finished, the pan was half full. Volume 4: Grimiore. Was doing a shite in a public toilet really so bad?

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The conductor came walking towards him. Short Story Scotland Funny Dialects. There was a queue. He forced his way through the crowd of passengers alighting the train to loud tuts. It echoed around the tiny vestibule. Finally relieved, he took a seat. He could feel his anus incrementally dilating.

He was going to have to do it, he was going to have to overcome his fear of public defecation. Craig felt a surge of pride at how satisfying this pish was.

Ah ken where they hawns huv been! He sat with his legs crossed for a bit then paced up and down the platform. He dropped his drawers and lowered himself towards the toilet seat. He slouched down in his seat and relaxed. Everyone else there was drinking water so what was he supposed to do?

It was a wee treat. This was right up there. How was it any different to doing a pish?

It was a hot day, aye, but drinking that much was just being greedy. It reminded him of the other great firsts in his life — losing his virginity, the first time he swam in the sea, winning his first trophy with the school football team.

Poor Craig was never able to shite in a public toilet ever again. Get started. Craig was grinning like a maniac as the door slid open to let the man in the toilet out. Where the fuck had all these cunts come from, he thought. Still nothing.

Bursting at work

Aye, hen, growth in the 3rd quarter. Having another glass of water when he got to the meeting was absolute madness. More From Medium. He mashed it some more. He checked the board, the next one was in 15 minutes.

Desperate at work

Waiting inside their ship for the door to open so they could take their first steps on lunar soil. It was like the thrill of driving a new motor for the first time or wearing a new pair of shoes. The conductor could see he was desperate. Craig cursed himself for drinking so much water on the train through from Glasgow.

Millimetres away from the seat, however, disaster struck. It cost 30p use the toilets. He had unleashed a torrent of pish into the pan before it clicked shut. He did it this time, like every other time. This was to stop them making contact with the cold porcelain. It felt so new and exciting. Whoever did the longest and loudest pish would be declared top dog. He glanced over his shoulder to look at the toilet.

The light above the door flashed with a big red line across it: out of order. He could practically feel the liquid sloshing around inside him as he half-walked and half-ran down the Waverly steps and towards the toilets. He was quite excited about the whole thing now. Who even carries cash with them these days, he thought.

He lifted an arsecheek to let out a wee sneaky fart. No fart came out, but something was definitely trying to escape the grip of his sphincter. It was a quite frankly ludicrous amount. But, of course, just as he was within touching distance of the train, it pulled away. He was quite proud of himself for producing so much pish. in.


Very good. A man went in after her, the same look spread across his face as the door slid over. He got up and waited outside the toilet. Almost worth the wait. Craig watched him as he walked down past the toilet to see if he locked it up again; he could feel another pee coming along soon. He checked the wee coin bit of his wallet to find that, of course, he had no change.

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Easily the best of his life. He was already sweating thanks to the stifling late July heat, and the stress of this was making him sweat even more; his baws, hanging low and heavy, slapped off his inner thighs with every step he took. Craig bounced his leg up and down, keeping in time with the nod of his head as he pretended to liste n to what his regional manager was saying. As the train arrived, he made sure he was the first one on, pushing past pensioners and maws struggling with prams.

He meant to ask someone on the way out where the toilet was but, as is the way with these kind of meetings, he was harried out of the building and he was walking towards the train station before he knew it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The man was going to warn Craig about the now overflowing toilet but the look on his face scared him and he just pushed by him. They landed with a splash into the hot pish of a hundred strangers. It slid at a glacial pace. He had his belt undone and his fly down before he remembered to hit the button to close the door over. His stream powered its way through a ball of toilet paper sitting in the pan and battered off the plastic at the bottom.

Craig went red with embarrassment. His baws were so sweaty that they started to slide free from the waistband of his boxers. The minute wait for the train felt like a whole lifetime. He thought about the poor bastard whose job it was to clean the train toilets. Open in app. He got to the toilet and mashed at the button to open the door but nothing happened.

Bursting stories

More from Chris McQueer Follow. A woman exited the toilet with her mouth turned downwards in a show of disgust. It was a treat for all the senses; the tingling sensation caused by the sheer speed of the pish coming out of him, the noise of it hitting the pan and even the fucking smell of it. Craig flashed his ticket at him and he jokily recoiled. The guy who makes an already bad situation, such as a blocked toilet, worse by throwing a big dump into the mix.

If he was to unleash this pish in a toilet that was full of guys, he thought, he would most definitely be the winner. As the backs of his thighs hit the pan, his baws sprung loose. in Get started. He leaned his head against the window and zoned out. His arse inched closer and closer to the seat, his anus finally relaxing as the shite prepared for disembarkation.

Craig whistled a tune as he undid his belt once again. The sight of the gleaming, aluminium toilet pan amost made him weep. Please just let me in. It could take Bursting to pee stories detour via fucking Inverness for all he cared as long as he got to empty his bladder. The need to shite was back with a vengeance. Chris McQueer. He got a horrible sick feeling in his stomach. As the meeting finally ended, Craig was locked in a battle of wills with his bladder.

But as well as being bursting for a pish, Craig was choking for a shite. Get started Open in app.