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Coc succubus gardener

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Coc Succubus Gardener

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Some spells too, I think. I downloaded all the resources to do it, unpacked Xianxia in the hopes of fixing a great deal of the text waaaaay too much weird grammar and broken Englishbut I didn't expect the structuring of the file and folder system to look as confusing as it does. First Prev 16 of 17 Go to. Reactions: Bootyman.

Latest Updates. If you're interested in playing a version of CoC that you can break, then definitely give it a try. Jan 20, 93 Wzrd45 said:. New posts. I barely play mages It allows you to make different playstyles so that's great for replayability. Had to swallow my pride and roll the difficulty back a notch just for that one fight.

Was checking the raw data for hgg mod in the save editor and I discovered that there are flags pertaining to Loppe's fertility and even the of. Your stats after 5 or 6 ascensions get absolutely bananas. Case in point: I love moth waifu and my moth daughter.

Dec 4, 2, 2, The triple thrust attack deals way too much damage on high damage weapon users. Now I'm trying to figure out how ascension works in this mod.

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Okay, I might be smolbrained right now but how does one get past the Minotaur King in hgg mod? Gave Xianxia a try.

Raf-Raf said:. Live Sex Cams. The stat cap is a turn-off for me. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews 9. Hmm, I'm using an offline adobe player so it works for me. Jan 27, 2 0. Yeah, there isn't such an option in hgg but thanks for the tip! Prev 1 … Go to. View attachment Show hidden low quality content.


Dec 12, What are the oldest tablets of each type that can run the Kitteh mod? Raf-Raf Well-Known Member.

It has a ton of content, but a lot of it is very anime inspired and English clearly isn't the dev's first language. Natural weapons claws, wings etc etc can also deal tons of damage. RenH said:. I wanted to do a nice thing RenH Active Member.

To all those XianXia mod vets, plz tell me how to get a super perk, I've no idea how to even get one. Can anyone help confirm if it's possible to finally get Loppe to have kids? Log in. Sorry, guys and gals. Slightly amused that the writing errors here pulled me away from the experience when I've also powered through MTLs. Oof, Coc succubus gardener tried. Top Bottom. Also helps tremendously that the extra features are well-explained and really well-written. RazzleMyDazzles New Member. RazzleMyDazzles said:. Wzrd45 New Member.

I'd say it's worth playing, but damn does it need someone who knows Flash well enough to clean it up. Really wish I knew anything about editing and writing in Flash. I dunno if it's the same fight as the xianxia mod but there should be an option called "drink helper", should that one be ticked, the minotaur king can finally be defeated. Should have expected it because 'Xianxia' but eh, what can you do?

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Live Cam Girls. Feb 9, 6 6. Wasn't really invested in it due to errors in writing and the overall 'cultivation' schtick going around that honestly reminds me too much of those dime-a-dozen Chinese manhuas. In all my time playing that and vanilla coc1, I still have no idea where to get P. I just steamrolled through everything with normal attack. You must log in or register to reply here. Sure, it doesn't have fancy character viewers like Xianxia, but the small sprites at the bottom are really endearing.

Reactions: GS James3 Active Member. Nov 5, Just gotta ask, is the Xianxia mod worth a try?