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Dad daughter sex story

I loved horses. Ever since my father bought a ranch, I wanted to learn how to ride a horse.

Dad Daughter Sex Story

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How old am I: 28
What is my gender: Female
What I like to drink: Liqueur

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I slid off my old knickers and kicked them aside before forcing these tiny panties over my peach shaped bum. post: "Best Wife Ever! I could tell daddy was mad at what the other boys had done to me, but Dad daughter sex story know i was safe now, daddy was going to give me everything and I was going to do everything I can to be his queen. I sat outside and waited for him, so i was cold when he arrived, I had planned this so I could slide my hands across his rock hard abs under the pretense of finding a warm spot, i kept probing my hands lower, caressing his V lines and I could tell he was getting uncomfortable.

Matt walks to the doorway with nothing on, his semi erect penis was long and thin with a bizarre curve I hadnt ever seen before. Myra applied plenty of spit to Aarons fingers and began gently cirlcing my clitoris with her thumb. Her eyes were as big as dinner plates, But her pretty slender face and long dark brown hair suddenly looked so calming and inviting. I take my fathers arm from around me and place it on my stomach, I envisioned the dick that tried to wedge its way into me earlier, and my urge to see how daddys member compared to the other boys was fast becoming a hunger.

He had barely worked the head in as tears rolled from my face. Free Sex Chat. It was like fusion, the second my soft lips touched his he gave up on the the limitations of being daddy and immediately rolled me over so he was on top. I affectionately circled my tongue around the head of his dick before giving it a gentle kiss on the tip.

I made eye contact with him and one glance showed him that i submit. Daddy pulled his tongue from deep in my sensitive bumhole as I quivered from the final orgasm.

My heart was still pounding from the ecstasy and a sensation in my groin needed satisfying. I looked to mum for reassurance but she kissed me on the lips again and offered me her woodstock can to wash it down with. View all posts by anonymous. His thick dick was too much and i winced. No one had ever touched me through my clothes before and the sensation was alarming.

Mum screamed me over and kissed me on the lips before proclaiming that i was a fresh 16 year old girl and i was at the age of consent.

And i was angry that i wasnt allowed to be part of it. I smiled and slid underneath the sheets to my d cock, he quivered as i took my time patiently kissing every inch of his veined erection. I was confused but I obliged.

He continued to stare blankly, torn with guilt by what his daughter was doing and how excited it was making him. I gently slide my bum back until I feel my cheeks on his lap. I spluttered and tears stream down my face as a jet of hot thick semen hits me between the eyes and temporarily blinds me, another jet followed, hits my forehead and dribbles down my face, the third hit with less force and splashed down onto my owl themed pyjama top.

Myra moved to sit next to me and caressed my neck, we made eye contact. Daddy gave me 6 consecutive orgasms with his tongue while he carefully reassessed his daughters developing body with his hands. I follow my dad into his room and as he opens a draw I see several sex toys but dare not ask who they belonged to.

And with that I felt his long penis slide slowly down to the base, his balls gently brushed my clit and i reached between my legs to hold them against me but daddy began to pull back before smoothly gliding back into my tight pussy. And I immediately called him, my confused and disturbed pussy was tingling and getting moist again.

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Published by. I grabbed his hand from my midrift and placed it directly over my hole. This content appeared first on new sex story. I sat next to mum with Matt on the other side. He nods with closed eyes as I carefully stroke the dick that made me with adoration, every motion has to be perfect. It was then that mum walked out of her room with nothing on but a pair of lace underwear that hung loosely from her hips all the drugs had help her return to a size 6. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

Dad and daughter sex stories

I closed my eyes and gave in to the ecstacy. I felt a few sloppy kisses between my butt cheeks as this 29 year old creep tried to savour the taste of my ass. My mother on the other hand tried to act like i had no idea what sex even was. I bound back into bed and dad was still dazed and confused. I reluctantly took the entire pill and washed it down with the bourbon. He fidgeted away from me and I apologised for trying to warm my hands up. The next hour was a blur as waves of the ecstacy trip kept my mind on another level.

I kissed him and immediately slid my legs over him so the warm wetness of my hungry pussy pressed forcefully into the head of his bulging cock. Dad leant over and read the message. I sighed. My 16th birthday.

‘father daughter sex’ stories

He looked away to bite his lip but I saw it. She twirled her finger around a golden ringlet above my ear and bit her lip seductively.

He pulled out a pair of tiny yellow cotton panties with a kitten sitting cosy between the groin. As I explained what happened dad kept trying to back away from me, i held one of his hands against my firm smooth belly and continued working my butt back until it brushed his mysterious penis. I was too dazed to respond and with my eyes still shut he pushed me into a sideways position with my legs dangling off the couch.