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Daddy kink x reader lemon

I accidentally managed to delete the original post. Sorry my folks. Anyway… Enjoy it once more!

Daddy Kink X Reader Lemon

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Hawks, vaginal sex, a touch of begging, inappropriate use of gen Z social media apps.

How old am I: I'm 25 years old
I prefer: Male
Tint of my eyes: Huge hazel
Favourite drink: Rum
I like: Shopping

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You were running out of ideas.

His fingers played with your nipples while you continued to try to get him to fuck you. Arthur quickly pulled away and guided you down so you were bent over his knees.

Your ass was already red and burning. God, yes! Was ten not enough for you? He also loved how you never needed to use your safeword. Once he got you worked up enough he used his belt. Music to his ears.

He fucked you quick and fast with demanding thrusts. The only exception was when you were on the road and only had a few spare minutes alone. That was new. His eyes looked primal, wide and completely blown. Then you took your pants off, bending over to take them off your ankles.

When you were finally naked you sat on the edge of the bed and crossed your legs, waiting for his next command. He applied a little more pressure and you moaned loudly at the brand new sensation. You shrugged and struggled to climb off the bed.

When he got his vest and shirt off he pushed you flat on your back. He had never gone past your breasts before, what could he possibly- Oh. Theme by KosmosThemes. Once his pants were off he ran his hands up your legs, teasing your clit with his thumb before he continued upwards.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He had never gone past your breasts before, what could he possibly. You were so horny it was unbelievable. Could play with it for hours. You had never called him that before.

Arthur Morgan x Reader: Daddy Kink Summary: Reader finds out Arthur has a daddy and spanking kink unexpectedly during sex, then shit gets real. Just how you liked it. Arthur had already done it once but powered through his orgasm, forcing himself to become hard again just so he could have more time fucking you like that.

Kinktober #5: pretty please? - hawks

Arthur nodded, knowing you were right. Arthur leaned up and looked down at you with a new look in his eyes, his nostrils were flared and he looked WILD. He pulled your hair back and fucked you harder, his hips slapping loudly against your ass for a good solid three minutes before he changed positions, pulling you into his lap. It was an unneeded step but Arthur insisted on it. Arthur whistled and shook his head as his eyes roamed over your naked body. I take it you liked it. He admired your breasts first. His face looked wild. With his right hand, he grabbed your hair and yanked your head back, using his left hand to squeeze your throat.

He just smirked and with his left hand grabbed a fist full of your hair, yanking your head to the side so he could nibble on your ear while he still gently choked you.

When you slipped back down onto his cock he slid his hands back up your body again, from your hips all the way up to your throat where he d choking you. His right hand gently squeezed your throat while the other continued playing with your breasts. Or six.

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Warning : Cursing, smut, daddy kink, spanking, bondage. The tip of his cock nudged against your soaking opening while his hands appreciate your torso. You could feel his cock through his jeans, he was so hard you thought he might break the zipper. He always was. You walked to the bed and watched as he unbuckled his belt, folding the leather in half in his hands and running his fingers over the length of it.

May I Stand Unshaken Howdy! He took pleasure in watching you squirm under his grasp. Your shirts first, leaving you bare from the waist up.

Princess — little space

He slammed his entire cock balls deep inside you, the sudden intrusion making you scream. At first he spanked you with his hands, light slaps that could be considered playful. The way he kept constant eye contact with you as you rode him made it easier to come the sixth or seventh time. Hopeless and horny, you said the only word you could think of to get him to fuck you.

Slow, so he could see everything. Hope you like it, you horny bastards! He played with your clit, gently though, not enough to get you anywhere fast. He loved seeing your ass turn red, seeing your eyes well up with tears. When he was done you slid out of his lap and back onto the bed, using your fingers to feel how wet you were. He nodded and you laughed, pulling on a robe so you could go use the bathroom.

May i stand unshaken

The new position drove you wild. This was his favorite part, he loved spanking you. He pulled you down by your chin and gave you a quick rough kiss, using one hand to grope your ass while his tongue invaded your mouth. He grinned and started undressing, kissing your neck while he did so.

Arthur looked like an animal. A small groan escaped your lips and you closed your eyes, wiggling your hips against him in a plea. You wished he would hurry up and do it, but you knew Arthur was the kind of man to take his time. Yes, daddy! God yes! Maybe five. Slowly you took your clothes off. Requests are open. Summary: Reader finds out Arthur has a daddy and spanking kink unexpectedly during sex, then shit gets real.