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Dangerous dame stay with me

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Dangerous Dame Stay With Me

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Yes, as long as the virus that caused the pandemic keeps infecting people. With more than half the world still not vaccinated, the virus will likely keep finding people to infect and replicating inside them for several months or years to come.

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Not only is there offensive talent in that group, but efficiency, with all three having different spots on the floor and ways to score the ball.

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Though Beasley is still working back into game shape, I have no doubt he will get there. Next, go to the bank, apply for a mortgage, fly to Vegas, throw it on the over. Rebounding could easily kill this team on a nightly basis, and this team failing to end possessions is my biggest fear regarding their defense.

Do I think and wish the Wolves will improve this year? I do feel that losing Kyrie is a big hit to their chances, but an even bigger hit will be their health. Secondly, it makes sense for Towns. Edwards can be that good. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy.

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McDaniels and Prince will also see ificant minutes at PF, but their lack of size will be a ificant reason they will be one of the worst rebounding teams in the league. Simply put, Durant is the best basketball player on the planet. He started to break out last year.

Plus, the Wolves have a defensive scheme that fits their personnel, and, speaking of defensive personnel, they have three more rotational defenders than they had last season Beverley, Prince, and Edwards. The same has to be said for the Timberwolves historical underperformance as it does for the roulette board. And there are two compelling points why. Wolves, assuming relative health to the rest of the league, are talented enough to hit the over. Vanderbilt appears to be the best option right now, but his chemistry and production have felt more natural with Reid instead of Towns. My worries grow larger if anything happens to KAT or Naz Reid, as rebounding will already be an issue.

Having Beasley start alongside them makes no sense and I think Chris Finch agrees. As we all know by now, former POBO Gersson Rosas was dismissed by the team earlier this offseason, and Sachin Gupta was quickly thrust into his position to oversee the direction of the franchise at least for now.

Unfortunately, as we know all too well, that is not how this has normally gone in the context of the last two years. The Wolves had a fantastic finish to last season, even without Malik Beasley. Death, taxes, October Timberwolves Kool-Aid. It appears pundits and critics everywhere expect the Brooklyn Nets to waltz out of the East with relative ease, even considering this whole Kyrie Irving fiasco.

I get shrewdness of fallback cynical position Dangerous dame stay with me a vis the Wolves--the track record alone nearly demands it. It makes sense for both sides to get a deal done sooner rather than later.

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The hope is that the effort we saw in the preseason continues and guys at least being in the right spot is enough for them to compete. The head coach, Chris Finch, is amazing and the veteran leadership is so much better than in years past. There are solid depth pieces on the bench, but none I would feel comfortable inserting as a long-term starter unless you count Patrick Beverley or Malik Beasley in that mix, who are also prone to missing time. He was an inch away from taking down Giannis and the eventual-champion Bucks pretty much by himself after averaging a whopping Poole is an outstanding offensive player in a system that I believe should maximize his talents.

Hopefully, this year is wildly different and when the team inevitably encounters a little adversity, they can find a way to stay afloat instead of spiraling into a free fall down the Western Conference. It was yet another offseason of change and dysfunction.

Give me the over! As Kyle mentioned, replacing Jarrett Culver and Juancho Hernangomez — neither of whom should be in an NBA rotation — and Ricky Rubio a poor offensive fit with hand-in-glove-like schematic and locker room fits in Beverley and Prince, was massive.

Ole miss' lane kiffin nearly hit with golf ball in ugly scene as tennessee fans litter field with debris

If Ant can get to the line at a per-game average of 7 or 8, his All-Star chances and the Wolves record will look great! Two things here — for starters, this would be awesome for everyone involved. I liked this a lot more a few weeks ago when it was closer to 32, but 48 losses seem like a ton for a roster with this much talent and a ificant improvement in coaching. It almost feels like a calmness is radiating—is that possible? Therefore, no matter how the season played out, I was guaranteed some level of profit in regards to my overall happiness level either the Wolves would once again disappoint us, resulting in free money, or they would shockingly overachieve and the lost money from my bank would quickly be washed away with the sweet smell of a handful of surprising victories.

Each time, this has been the correct strategy. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

The 6th annual definitely correct canis hoopus opening night predictions

If the roulette board has routinely landed on black over a short period of time, long term probability will tell you the will normalize, and come back to even. Someone has to say it. First, past performances have no impact on future. Kevin Durant, who I also agree is a holy spirit being sent down to dominate the courts of Earth, years-old and seems to deal with a somewhat serious injury every other year.

Despite my constant fear and doubt in this team, my optimism and outlook for this team win out. Simply put, the Wolves have the most talent and the best coach of the bunch in Chris Finch. Malik Beasley seems like the perfect guy to win this award. The energy, cohesion, and now competent coaching of an offensively-intriguing group is too much to overlook. Only the Timberwolves. My yearly preseason optimism with this team has yet to pay off, but without hope, what else do we have? I really think Philadelphia is going to have a rough go of it this year.

I expect this season to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride, because all Timberwolves seasons sort of end up like that, but something about this group feels different in a Dangerous dame stay with me way. How will that affect the Timberwolves?

Even with a post All-Star Break scoring average of However, the Timberwolves have proven on multiple occasions that they can find, develop, and use players from those two-way roster spots. Well, friends, not this year. Jeffers will be honored at halftime of the championship-clinching game and I will shed not 1, but 2 tears of joy.

Sorry, Portland. Combine that with the Wolves having 10 legit NBA rotation players, three of whom have All-Star talent, and a very bright coach and you have a pretty easy decision — the over. I am not as confident this team can sustain a major injury or persevere through some turbulence. I think 18ish points per game on high-end efficiency is in play for him this year. Now, that being said I am absolutely drinking the Kool-aid and am smashing that over the button.

My worries trickle in if extended time is missed by any of the names mentioned above. There is NO way this ages poorly…. Since the Wolves are so irrelevant and a historic dumpster fire, national media usually fails to keep up with any developments on their end. This all depends on whether your glass is half-full or half-empty, but there are two ways to look at this.

Let's risk a good attitude. Book it. Simmons has lost the backing of his coach. But here I am, typing this as my cup runneth over. The new defensive philosophies are incredibly encouraging, but there are still very few sound defensive players on this roster. Look for a fast start, a midseason lull during a daunting road stretch in January, and a late-season rebound that pushes the team into the range in the west.

It would be a huge disappointment to fall under that. The East will undoubtedly be more competitive this year. Injuries could derail this team immediately for the third year in a row, but the talent and atmosphere with this team are just too much fun to not believe in right now. Dare I say a handful of All-Defensive 2nd team votes? But I'd still rather get my hopes up that I'll be covering better hoops this year--my genuine assessment--then stay dour against my instincts. Take it to the rack, Jack!

Ugh, here I go again getting my hopes up. However, the biggest difference will be on the defensive end where he will be given the freedom to switch onto perimeter players more. I just really struggle to see this team finishing with fewer than 35 wins. However, the Timberwolves have another player who did the same: Anthony Edwards. The Timberwolves have cursed me.

This team certainly has the skill to make the jump, as others have mentioned. The Wolves should want to keep KAT around as long as possible, so getting the max-extension taken care of would be wise on their end. The Warriors simply have too much talent and leadership to not make one more run at the championship. The Towns, Russell, Edwards trio is elite offensively and seemingly almost competent on defense.

Ant can surely go on an occasional hot shooting streak, but what makes him special is that he is an athletic freak. Hope is a cruel mistress and I will refuse to be scorned again.

If he can demonstrate some offensive consistency and the ability to not average fouls per 36 minutes, he could find his way into the rotation as the season progresses. Philly is not only doing the same thing, but with an alienated member of the locker room. I think this team has a legit shot to win games and make the playoffs. Nathan Knight has proven he can do both.