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Dimensions forum weight gain stories

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Dimensions Forum Weight Gain Stories

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Forum Topics. Story authors. Does anyone else miss the collection of weight gain stories from the dimensions magazine website? I heard that the archive is no longer available.

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Hopefully, expanderjack will come back to it someday--and God willing, he brings back his other work, Office Girls, too!

Heck yeah. You can check it out here: LINK.

Welcome to sonic’s little corner for the large and lovely…

Thank you very much, mate!. This story was posted on Dimensions Forums but I can't find it right now.

Like a lot of this kind of stories, FtR goes off the rails in the final act, but it still is enjoyable throughout. Here are some of them:.

Viviene's Fight For Life. Anna and Clara Part I. Part II. The Studio's Stories. His stories tend to incorporate both discrete, highly-descriptive scenes focused on weight gain aesthetics, as well as plots with enough subtle nuance to warrant and reward not just a casual glance but a deep read or two. Many of these stories remain ongoing, but they're all plenty complete to be worth reading right now. At least lbs.

Everyone that hasn't read it should take a look a it, it's a great story. Pot-Belly of Gold. Emma, a high school cheerleader picks on Mara, an overweight girl at school. You should totally continue it, I'm sure there are more people like me just waiting for you to do it.

Pity some of the best arcs of the story are still unfinished. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. The Curious Dance Attendees. Rebecca's grandmother certainly has been one of the stories that influenced me the most.

Your Stories Search In. Recommended Posts. I still have much of the rest of the story figured out. There is a sample here. Both of those qualities are things that keep me turning back to read or at least skim his stuff again year after year.

In particular, the scene where Col. Steve Trevor spars with a decidedly out of shape but not yet fully humbled Wonder Woman is something I've clicked back to revisit many times. The Fattening of Marian Merideth is one I've read many times. Short Term Spell. I've organized things into a few folders, with some brief explanatory text for each one.

Jenny's Ploy. Another amazing story I had the chance to be part as an illustrator, so engaging and sexy. Congratz then, it's a great story. The last story I had the pleasure to illustrated. It was excellent and one of the hotest stories I've read. One of the best stories I've read in a long time, pity is not finished yet! Mistress of the Family Business.

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That's my storyline I have not forgotten about it. It was partially inspired by "The Final Mission," and has broadly similar themes applied to the Wonder Woman character, but with a slightly different, more expanded DC universe-y, spin. Thanks for the Madison's Freshman 15 love!

I read it and was left wanting more only to see it hasn't been updated since You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Roberto February 22, I neglected to mention another of my earliest re in weight gain fiction, and still one of my favorites: " The Final Mission " by Jack Knowles. Girl is fattened up with the intention to be kept as pet. I like many arcs of the story but my favourite I think it is the one she becomes a web model and starts losing control over her gain.

Coworkers Are Making My Girlfriend Fat - true story from DonnieD80 on the experience project on how his girlfriend began to gain weight after beginning a new job. Includes some second thoughts. The Arrangement - originally found this here on curvage on the board about weight swap stories. Even though I don't have any of his stuff in my DeviantArt collection if he has a presence on DeviantArt, I don't know about itBatman76 has posted here at Curvage several very solid, thoughtfully-crafted weight gain fan service adaptations of iconic superhero and popular fantasy characters.

First WG story I ever read, and still among the best. Slowly progresses. I do know that "The Dimensions forum weight gain stories was one of the first weight gain stories I ever read, and that as a teenager in the late '90s, I printed out a hard copy and squirreled it away in my secret stash of pervy treasures. Would love to hear yours. Posted to Dimensions. Many chapters. Maybe I will do just that Curious to know what you think might happen.

We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. There have been a bunch of good recommendations in this thread so far, but I particularly want to echo the vote for Maverick 's work. Sumo Night. I often come back to it. Pig in Training - story by elroycohen on Deviantart. And I do mean a lot. Oh, and on the general subject of good weight gain stories, if you haven't been doing so already, I highly recommend keeping tabs on Maverick 's latest story, " The Death of Venus.

The story is about Wonder Woman going soft--becoming fat, lazy, and weak--via well-intentioned? But when Emma is injured during a volleyball game, things change a bit. To the extent this thread is evolving into a recommended list of good weight gain stories more generally, I keep the "favourites" section of my DeviantArt stocked with a small, non-exclusive, but carefully curated selection of what I consider good mostly "darkly"-themed weight gain erotica. Already have an ?

This is a goodie.

It actually inspired me to start writing my own. Most stories by Wilson Barbers. One I always go to and hope that it updates is VL. When it was last updated, not only did it add in some new characters and stories, but the earlier work had been rewritten for the better. That copy remains hidden to this day, buried in a little box near my parent's house in the desert.

If you like that story, you'd probably also want to check out " Wonder Woman: Willpowerless " by maxymumspyder. No doubt it'll make quite the kinky time capsule for some future generation. Well, I'm more than fifteen years geez in this area, and there were quite a lot of remarkable stories. in here.

Dimensions magazine - size acceptance community

By RobertoFebruary 22, in Your Stories. Darker content than some of these.

Melissa wants her friend Alex to lose weight, and agrees to an arrangement where she gains every pound Alex loses. I think it's great from start to finish.

I've been coming back to it so many times. I just didn't know if people cared. Let me know if there's a particular thread you'd like to see continued and I can chip away at it. It's easy!

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That alone might not make it stand out, but the combination of deftly handled humiliation, domination, and reversal tropes along with an overall universe-plausible execution give it the authentic feel that I think makes or breaks kinky fan fiction. A girl buys a weight gain powder online and decides to try it on her best friend. Check out his post history to find them. My Friend Marcie. A Small Percentage.