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Dirty teacher confessions

Being a teacher is a lot of work —no matter what age your students are.

Dirty Teacher Confessions

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Mar 21, by anonymous views 4 comments. When I was 17 age of consent is 16 in my country I was on an school trip with my chemistry class.

Years: I am 19
What is my ethnicity: I'm czech
Color of my iris: Misty brown
Color of my hair: Silky blond hair
My hobbies: My hobbies marital arts
Smoker: Yes

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Next week, I am going to steal her car and sell it to some guy I know. I always wanted him to fuck me on his desk.

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Then find me here my Nick Grace - verrywet. I think about him when masturbate constantly.

Adultery Teacher. Report Please to report.

Hot you a girl or guy and what's your teacher a male or female? Teacher Confessions Teacher confession stories and sins.

I like sex. It sucks.

That felt good

I was a teachers assistant for my English teacher in high school all four years. I can get revenge on her and make some cash. We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium.

Sweet justice! I have been obsessed with the thought of making it happen before graduation.

I could tell he was as into me as I was him. Confession Stories Confessions Current: teacher.

If you want to see me naughty Revenge justice teacher hate revenge confess. I would always wear low cut tops, bend in front of him, sit at his desk, etc.

Views Recent Upvoted Comments. I put super glue in my teacher's shoes because she's never giving me the grade I deserve.

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Evilness teacher school. Big time.

Obsession love teacher obsession confession. I have wet dreams about him constantly. I think she hates me.

I put so much effort into her class and her asments and I never get praised for it. You need a Premium to access that feature! I don't think could actually fuck him bc I have it so built up in my head.

Dirty imagines for dirty minds

We text all the time. 1 2 3 You're on 4 5 10 11 .

Sex Teacher cheating sex fuck my teacher. I'm 23 now and he's close to 40 but I'm married. He's hung like a horse and wants to fuck me. I want to have sex with my high school teacher who is twice my age.