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English roll arm sofa craigslist

Used George smith sofa for sale.

English Roll Arm Sofa Craigslist

Online: 10 hours ago


I have a thing for all things British. From books to magazines to movies I try and get a daily fix of jolly London. Then the oh so talented Erika showcased a version of this sofa with a skirted slipcover.

Age: 25
What is my ethnicity: Kenyan
Eye tone: I’ve got large hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my gender: Woman
My Sign of the zodiac: I'm Leo
What is my figure features: Muscular
Other hobbies: Learning foreign languages

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{wedded whittaker}

Do you have a story about finally snagging the perfect Craigslist find? Damn girl you're so lucky!

I love the tip about CL match s — I'll have to check that out! I can't remember what it was listed as exactly but none of those words were in the description.

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Jessica, your armoire is quite the find with quite the awesome awesome story! You may be checking daily for an Ikea Edland canopy bed and stumble over a vintage brass one instead. Sooner or later, everything turns up on Craigslist. I still can't believe that I have the piece. Definitely agree!

Not just the same style, but literally the same listing photos a trademark of lazy vintage furniture dealers. I had to pay a deposit and wait months for my armoireall while keeping my fingers crossed that I wasn't going to get ripped off and lose it forever. Jessica I totally remember that armoire and the amazing story behind it!!

This post is part of my Secrets of a Craigslist Addict series on Craigslist shopping tips and tricks.

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You may have a set of five midcentury dining chairs why five?? I keep hearing Craigslist horror stories and feel so fortunate that my story ended well. Secret: this picture is actually from our old apartment, but the furniture placement and rug are the same, so I just cropped out the walls, lol!

Lo a behold, a few months later, while browsing Craigslist, I came across the exact same table. Thanks Trisha!

Of course, it sold. It's like one of those pickout-of-3 lists: 1 perfect piece, 2 awesome price, 3 right now.

Comments Definitely agree! I agree- you just have to be patient on Craigslist. Your sofa sound like an awesome find!

I am also a CL addict and just be patient. I look at it every so often and fall in love all over again! Do you guys remember the 1st Rule of Craigslist?

Of course, I had regrets. Love it!

That piece is so chunky and the color goes perfect in your living room!! So glad your furniture story had a happy ending! Yep, patience is the name of the game!