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Fallout 4 story sucks

At a certain point in any Bethesda game, you've done about what you're going to do. For me, it's usually the point when I decide to finish up the main quest: a little treat at the end of a long journey and a capstone on lifetime spent in one of the deepest game's available.

Fallout 4 Story Sucks

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From the very beginning of the opening cinematic the story failed to live up to what I have come to expect from the franchise. Why are these choices being forced on the story?

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Before you even get a chance to see what is going on you have to shoot a bunch of dudes. It's a vast step down from anything Bethesda has ever done. I love Fallout as a whole. Just half an hour of thinking "why am I playing this game? Fallout 4 is a really terrible role playing game that doesn't really offer any options to literally roleplay. This didn't make things much better, as the main story is generally the weakest part of these games.

Is the very concept of robot horse racing so reprehensible that the game's absolute morality demands blood? Maybe this wouldn't be an issue, but Fallout 4 just seems incredibly light on quests. I did every ending and man do they all suck butt. But no. That's kind of funny! I never finished New Vegas but I'd like to see Obsidian get another shot at this series, this time without the big publisher fucking them over.

Fallout 4 has aged like a ghoul in

There's a kind of intriguing approach to the location - you here a very s voice over a tannoy announcing a race of some kind. If you want an open world post apocalyptic game not called Mad Max, maybe give it a shot. I think your problem was just that you were looking for more of a roleplaying experience in it, more options, obviously with the mention of the race track.

I wanted to acknowledge the baggage I was bringing from my love of the original games, and try and decide whether I could step back enough to feel confident in making a negative assessment of the game - and even if I try and assess the game on its own terms I feel like I can't arrive at anything but a negative assessment. Except there isn't. I don't hate Fallout 4 and I want to give it another chance at some point, but I won't defend it.

But something about playing it this evening has broken it even more for me. Shoot dudes and move on, or don't shoot dudes and move on. Otherwise, I can't say it's currently worth it. That in almost every case a quest boils down to "Okay just fuckin kill everyone" with no other potential outcome is fucking crazy. Your character has a pre-determined background and in the case of the wife makes no sense from a narrative angle why she'd suddenly be queen shit at killing motherfuckers when all s point to her being a doting housewife when she isn't being a lawyer while her husband is off doing shooty mcbangbang shit.

Shame you aren't getting the fun you were looking for out of it though, I'm around the 50 hour mark I think and at this point I'm just sort of plowing through the main story line since I've done most of the side stuff I've found interesting. Maybe I want to role play a compulsive gambler, or even someone who just doesn't care, or even just someone who has a bit more guile than Bethesda wants to allow for - there is an option to turn the robots on their masters, but the reality of playing the game means this can only really be done in the hear of the moment, not with any satisfying subtlety.

I only played it for like 3 hours and consider the post-leaving-the-vault sequence to be among the worst I've ever seen in an RPG. It's like Bethesda has so completely lost themselves in making 'another one of these' that they completely forgot about the most fundamental concepts like narrative progression, immersion, cohesion within the created world and the most basic exposition.

There's nothing like that in Fallout 4. It's a walking game.

It's boring, it's drab, it's not fun. It's not just me,right? So you walk towards it thinking maybe there is an interesting quest. It's that it feels sometimes like Bethesda have studiously avoided opportunities for interesting things, refusing to deviate from an incredibly shallow overall de even for a second. I just needed to vent.

Ending blues: why i'm never going to finish 'fallout 4's' frustrating story

I was trying to think myself through a much more well reasoned post about my reactions to Fallout 4. I got so bored trying to find good fully fleshed out side quests like Fallout 3 that I leaned on the main quest for enjoyment. The fact that 'speech checks' can just be scummed and don't even do anything other than give you minor experience and doesn't alter the course of conversation or quest outcomes is ridiculous.

And holy cow was this game no exception. Honestly, I want to like this game. Incidentally, why are their triggermen at this place? A lot of my issues with the game really came together for me when I came across East City Downs. Why would raiders want to interrupt their down time at the tracks by ruining it with work. Ok, so I'm sure some people will say "raiders are raiders, they shoot people on sight duh" but that is equally stupid anyway.

It's either that or a basic settlement builder game, but since only one of the two is actually enjoyable on any level I love Skyrim, it's easily my favorite game of last generation, warts and all. I've got Radiant quests from Preston coming out of my ears but very few honest to god quests.

It feels like they feel that the radiant quest system is fully fledged enough to take over that aspect of the game's de for them, but it seems like a pretty massive misreading of the response to those systems in Skyrim.

Your response pretty much sums up my feelings on the game. It's not a role playing game.

Fallout 4 is impressively bad

It's not even that good as a shooter. This is sort of my second issue that this whole thing illuminated - a de choice for combat above all else le to situations that trample over any kind of environmental storytelling, any kind of lore not just "fallout lore". The Commonwealth isn't a particularly engaging land to explore, but there are some neato bits out there. It seemed like they were pretty localised to Goodneighbour. I did two in a row earlier and got the exact same dialogue for both. Are the raiders just so quintessentially raiderish that I can't help but reach for my gun?

Why do they kill on sight? The point of the game isn't the narrative which is awful and offers no breaking from the linear path whatsoever, thanks, Bethesdait isn't the characters every major character is an idiot and poorly written ; it's the walking around. The game is incredibly boring! The answer is because the focus on combat over all else required a differently armed enemy, I suppose. It is not a substitute for writing.

It is senseless. Much like their presence in goodneighbour seemed to be Fallout 4 story sucks in as a "well Valentine is a 40s detective so he should probs be fighting some 40s style gangsters, right? You're always stuck with four options, including a generic and often misnamed 'Sarcastic' option and most of the time the options boil down to "Yes" "Yes, but fuck you pay me" "No, but okay actually yes" and "Sarcastic".

When the dust has settled, you see a whole bunch of robots racing round a track. I've played about 30 hours of Fallout 4, and quite early on I started to wonder whether I was actually enjoying it or if it was just Stockholm syndrome. But this game is just bad.

It's not just that it's boring. Wouldn;t it have been cool to have a quest that involved rigging a race? You find a terminal that controls the bots. Any sense of this being a world where people live and make choices to become raiders is obliterated by their presence as mindless attackers.

Numerous bits of "lore" info tell us they are simple, if ruthless, mercenaries whose only loyalty is to their job. Personally I've found some of the small side stories and some of the specific companion stories to be really well done, but ya, the rest of the game suffers from a lack of quality in the writing department, per the usual Bethesda way, and I'd definitely say its lack of skill based dialogue choices, and ya just the poor dialogue options overall, to be the biggest issue I've had with the game. I may be an old schooler at heart, but I really enjoyed the bulk of Fallout 3.

This is a microcosm of the "gunners" issue.

Sorry for that rant, I realise that a lot of people like it and will disagree. It's certianly a bad role playing game, and the ways in which it fails to be a roleplaying game make it a pretty bad open world game, too, I think. And lets be fair, it's not like the honest to goodness quests themselves are actually very interesting or well deed. I came very close to putting the game down when a quest devolved into just following dogmeat while he sniffed some cigars. It feels kind of like the Hobbit movies where the pursuit of 'bigger and more epic' has completely overshadowed things that are supposed to be the backbone of the story, the world and the characters.

Fallout 4 story sucks. there i said it!

Are they opportunistic hunters like cats? Boring characters, boring story, boring combat notwithstanding the improved weapon handlingboring locations and this is something I've normally found Bethesda to be pretty good at. The answer seems to be that having triggermen their justifies the s style race announcements.

I didn't hate little lamplight, even. The idea of fallout being a role playing game seems laughable when your only reaction to raiders is to shoot them. That is the limit of my responses to this situation.