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Feed me my own cum

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Feed Me My Own Cum

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How old am I: 68
Ethnicity: Cambodian
Who do I prefer: Guy
My figure type: My body type is plump

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I tried to eat my cum several times, but I always failed. She agreed and I chickened out again. After about three days, we began to talk about the fantasy. This story is not necessarily meant to arouse you, and if it does, great. It was not her fantasy to do so and we definitely did not discuss it before had.

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I had made a big mistake; I did not let my wife know how great she was before I tried to introduce my fantasy into our sex life. Story Tags: cum eating. Thirty minutes went by and I could stand it no longer, I went back to the bedroom to find my wife in bed crying.

That was dumb. I had been married several years before I started having these cum fantasies. I told her, before she read the stories, that this was a fantasy of mine that I would like to do. Be willing to be flexible with the realization. I usually have spurts of semen in a second span for each orgasm.

I can tell you that I was nervous as hell when she tasked me the final time I could get out of tasting my own cum. I want to dispel most fantasies stories and tell you that I do not eat every drop of my cum.

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Mine began when my wife was enacting a little sexual revenge. Category: Fetish Stories. I would get extremely turned on and she could tell, but it never led to feeding me after I had an orgasm. Understand that sometimes sex is just work for her and compliment her willingness and desire to please you. After dinner, I let my wife know that I wanted her to look at the computer. Every once in a great while, she would give me a hand job during which she fed me some pre-cum.

I month before this "trigger" episode, I was dominant with my wife and made her eat my cum. I told her that turn on the monitor and read the sexual stories. I said nope. It was not glorious and fulfilling. To this day she will not purposefully eat cum because it reminds her of that experience one of many mistakes to take note of. What I later found out is that she was not mortified at the stories, she was upset because she thought that I was telling her that she was not sexually satisfying yet another mistake you will not want to make.

This is to help those that might want to stop fantasizing and make eating their own cum a reality.

After another couple of months I approached her and asked if we could try again. So for the next few months, we proceeded as normal and I praised her every chance I could. I tried the 'store-it-in-a-cup-for-later' trick, the freezing method and the penis over the mouth while masturbating position but all failed. So we came up with a plan. Written by: doinkit1. I did not dare share my desire with my wife.

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All these are not to say that this is the only way, but I can just tell you what I have learned from my perspective. Start with your pre-cum and enjoy her feeding it to you, then work toward a solution that works for you and her and involves quickly eating a small amount of your cum after you orgasm. So below are a few tips I have from my own experience.

Then she would continue her hand job as she would normally for the remainder of the orgasm. This post is not about whether this is right or wrong, sensual or gross. I would read these stories when my wife was out of town or when I was away on business by myself. She also made me eat my pre-cum After that event, I found myself fantasizing about eating my own cum. This will likely be very new to her so you need to build her understanding, not expect her to understand just because you said it.

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One night, when her confidence was up, she approached me and asked if I still wanted to try to eat my cum. One night, after a year of fantasizing about all of this, I rushed home before my wife, booted up the computer and opened up three of the stories to which I had masturbated many times.

It was embarrassing and awkward. I shut the monitor off, but left everything up so that I could direct her attention to it when I thought it was appropriate.

This worked. So a month later, she did not have the nerve to make me eat cum, but she did tie me up and tease me about it. Our plan was that my wife would give me one final chance to stop before I had an orgasm.

We have done this for a few years now. I had an instant erection and she saw it, but I still answered her in the affirmative. I finally decided that if I were going to really act this fantasy out, my wife needed to be involved. It may not be mainstream, but I am not a freak.

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If she does a great job at other sexual activities, let her know. Once I said yes, she was not going to ask any more. They are not a mind reader.

Instead, she would "catch" my first spurt on her finger and put it in my mouth. When you realize part of your fantasy, let her know how much you appreciate and enjoyed it. I let the fantasy rest for a while.

I felt safest then. The first one is always a decent amount and, for me, the second spurt is the largest. Because I hid my desire, I began scouring the internet to see if I was a freak or if this was normal, or somewhere in between. Home Stories Tags Search Cams.

Feed me my cum

I don't know about all males, but I do not cum all at once. The fears of throwing up or not going through with it are all but gone.

About once a month, sometimes twice a month if I have taken care of my wife's emotional needs, we play out this fantasy. Talk about a blow to my aspirations.

This search and my wife's periodical pre-cum feeding drove me to femdom and bdsm stories. You would think I would have eaten it that night I came and she waited a few seconds and then asked if I was sure I wanted to do it. Finally one Saturday afternoon, we were taking a "nap. I was not going to let her ever feel like she was not good enough again. There are many heterosexual guys that fantasize about eating their own cum.

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Once I would have an orgasm, I would totally lose the ability to stomach such a thought as eating cum. It turned out that there was enough guys like me that entire websites were created and movies made for this fantasy. Now, I typically eat my entire orgasm when we do this. This happened about five times. This post is to share my experience and help other guys who have this fantasy.

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Please Rate This Submission: 1 5 best. But I came within seconds answering her question.

If you read many real stories and s you will find that this is fairly universal for heterosexual men.