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Female domination literature

I guess I just don't want anyone to be submissive completely. Hi, Kinga, and thanks for stopping by. I don't think that any of the characters in these stories are "submissive completely"; many just enjoy being submissive within their sexual relationships.

Female Domination Literature

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T ime was when we knew where we were with books. Big, important men wrote big, important masterworks about science, politics and history that, if enough people bought them, would swiftly be absorbed into the canon. These books would invariably come swathed in frou-frou pastel-hued jackets with swirly writing lest people — OK, men — mistake them for works to be taken seriously. Lately, however, a wave of women have emerged to disrupt the male-dominated status quo. For these writers, success arrives in spite of a publishing industry that frequently lionises male authors while overlooking, sidelining or actively denigrating women. Last year a survey conducted in North America of more than two million books revealed that titles by female authors are, on average, sold at less than half the price of those by their male counterparts.

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I mean, the Mord Sith could torture people by touching them with sticks. Denna, however, after torturing Richard for a while, takes him as her mate, which just means that he gets tortured more and he gets tortured while being raped by bat-shit-crazy-Mord-Sith-woman. And their agiels. It has death and magic and wizards. So here we have Denna and Kahlan, two extremes on the spectrum of dominant women. However, what concerning the bottom line? Notify me of new posts via. Instead, he tortures, degrades, and eventually breaks his hero, Richard.

One with the power of ultimate pain, the other with the power of ultimate love. For me, at least, it was worth it. me up!

That idea, of being able to cause the most excruciating pain with minimal devices and no damage, has been burned into my brain. It starts out quick, it gets meaty. But no. Goodkind does not rescue his hero in the nick of time.

Are you sure concerning the source? Be warned of somewhat traditional gender roles, sap, and angst. I realized that the entire romantic paradigm of the novel is based on female domination. That means I was twelve, maybe thirteen.

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Eye roll. Thank you for The Black Jewels tip. I hope. The Black Jewels is a caste world, which makes our bleeding modern hearts bleed, but in the fantasy genre ensures slavery yes! And, thanks to you and the conversations with my boy regarding Carol Berg, I am now reading and enjoying Son of Avonar. A self-aggrandizing one who keeps giving talents and skills to his characters with no justification or explanation as the series progresses, and whose main character resembles him suspiciously. In the good way male submission is based on protection, service, and love of the females, and female domination is based on protection, nurturing, and respect of the males.

Drives me crazy too.

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The story skips merrily along for two hundred-odd s, fast paced heavy fantasy with exciting twists, daring turns, sword fights, perky heroes, and is in the middle of the grand plan to beat the bad guy when it falls smack dab into the middle of a perfect femdom fantasy. Address:. Name required. BBW Tube permalink.


You are commenting using your Google. Unless, of course, the damage is already there and I just get to play with it.

The Mord Sith. You know how heroes often get threatened with torture, but are always inconveniently rescued right before we get to see the torture? The culture of the series is super matriarchal in a good way, except where it gets perverted. You are commenting using your Twitter .

Race, class, and gender in kuwaiti women's fiction

required Address never made public. Denna overcomes her conditioning to find love, and love is what allows Richard to get with Kahlan. They could draw blood, break bone, raise welts, or not cause any damage at all with an equal amount of pain by the lightest application of their agiels. You are commenting using your Facebook. It was one of my most formative experiences as a young reader, dominant woman, and sadist.

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Or, they could just hurt their victims with their minds. Another fantasy genre series that very obviously revolves around female domination and male submission is the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. Maybe, along with Carol Berghe will also try to sue me for libel. Anything else in the series sucks.

Low-tech sustainability AND agiels. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. You are so intelligent.

Thus her power has no hold over him, because he already loves her that much. Way to ruin a good thing, Anne. The entire point of the trilogy is the battle to eliminate the perversion of the matriarchal dynamic, so men can submit like they really want to in their souls without fear of being tortured because the women are afraid of their power, and women can make the land healthy again and have super good sex with their submissive consorts.

In a women-ruled country, the men struggle for power in to a literal battle of the sexes

I was thinking last night after I wrote the post about Carol Berg, about a list my friend had me write up of the 12 to 14 most influential books we had ever read we kept adding slots. For once I want to read a nice happy story about how Richard and Khalan buy a farm and grow organic vegetables, or something. Mortified, not only because I consider that book and all others spewed forth from the pen of Terry Goodkind to be singularly bad, but because of the specific parts that had influenced me, at the tender ages of 10 to Namely, the torture parts.

Then he murders her, very gently, and very sweetly. Richard begs — repeatedly — for mercy.

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It makes my innards squirm. I adore this trilogy. I chalk up my preference to cause immense pain but cause minimal or no damage up to this. Notify me of new comments via. You are commenting using your WordPress. So, maybe Terry Goodkind is a submissive. But you get to read both either way.

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Honestly, despite the general crappiness of the book, that scene is incredibly beautiful and poignant. In the places where the culture is perverted, male submission is living in terror of being castrated, whipped, or forced to wear a Ring of Obedience, a cock ring that can hurt your entire body, and taking out your frustration at your oppression by raping and breaking weaker females, just like the ruling women want you to to protect their power base.

My childhood memories of this segment of the book make it seem way longer and more intense than it seems to me today. Damage beyond marks squicks me.