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First time bj stories

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First Time Bj Stories

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All my friends had gotten head already and I was really anxious and extremely wasted, so I panicked and solicited a questionably very old streetwalker. Worst part, though? No camera, no cum. My more experienced friends had given me a slew of tips—cover your teeth, incorporate your hands, look up at him while you do it. I was well-studied.

How old am I: 42
My orientation: Hetero
Color of my hair: White
I like: Riding a bike

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Not knowing what the protocol was I just kept looking at him stroke his cock while I did the same to mine. Was I a bit nervous? That all changed after moving to North Carolina.

I was curious but a bit self conscious as to what I might see, or who I might see. I was savoring my first taste of a strangers cock, and it was really good. It felt like everyone in the place was looking at me, knowing what I was going to do. I have been in adult book stores many times before, but never ventured behind the curtains. After about half an hour, and after a few of the customers left, I got up the fortitude and went to the counter and asked for five dollars in tokens. What if he tried to fuck my ass, or worse beat the shit out of me for being a fag.

Being new and really nervous I just proceeded to give myself the unguided tour around the enclosed room of booths. This is a true story of my first visit to an adult book stores movie theater and of my first blow job. Without delay I got down to work. First time bj stories to this point I never had a reason or desire to go behind the curtain. Looking up at him, I pulled his pants down to his ankles.

I looked at the mirror a bit more closely, and discovered a button. He was moaning softly while reaching down and running his hands through my hair. Instantly I got a huge smile on my face as I seen that nice cock standing up right in front of my face. The video area was like a maze. I stopped right inside the door and looked at the video menu hanging on the wall, at the same time letting my eyes adjust to the new lighting conditions. With every lick, every nibble I began to love the taste, it was just so enticing.

My response was to intensify my thrust into her.

My little sister gave me my first blowjob.

I found a booth that I thought would be OK, and went in to see if this booth had a glory hole. It was my neighbor, the booth that I shared a mirror with.

I took my tongue and swirled it around the head, licking up his flavored juice. I got on my knees and started to unbutton his jeans. My girlfriend at the time was a real firecracker in bed. All this talk always came to what we liked and would like to do. When I looked over there this time, the mirror was clear, like a window.

He caught me looking at him, and he motioned if he could come over. The more I sucked him the more I was getting into it, the more i was becoming addicted to sucking a cock. I discovered a xxx bookstore in our town and went in one day on a scouting mission. This was to be the day that I got up enough nerve to go and fulfill her fantasy. My first thought was…wow it is dark in here.


Closing my window, and with my pants down I just turned around and unlocked the door. With the idea of making her horny and happy I started pondering the idea of actually finding a way to make her fantasy a reality. The pre cum was kind of sweet, with just a bit of tanginess to it. Not giving it much thought, I locked the door behind me and started feeding the machine the tokens.

I was getting into my stroking and watching some guy sucking off a good looking TV when I seen movement next to me. I had no idea what to expect, but when I seen these other men just standing around like vulchers circling their dinner, it made me a bit more apprehensive. I found out to my delight that they indeed did have a video booth area.

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I found a movie I wanted to watch and started to pull down my pants and stroke my cock. I was excited about what was to cum, so to speak, but at the same time really nervous. After parking, I got right out of my truck and went straight in, before my adrenaline quit and I chickened out.

That night we had some really hot sex, with her asking me, about every 5 minutes if I would really do that for her. When I got to the back, there were 3 or 4 guys leaning against the walls outside two different booths, smoking cigarettes, but not talking to each other. When I looked up I could see there was lust in his eyes.

All my worries were for not. I started by gently licking up and down the underside of his dick, occasionally licking one ball or the other on my down stroke. I notice at every corner there were doors that went into little rooms, or booths.

It said something about pushing it to see your neighbor next door.

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The recurring theme that always came up from her was that she would love to see or hear about a guy sucking off another guy. I took the tokens and proceeded through the swinging door. As soon as he was in the room, and locked the door behind him, he had me sit on the padded bench. Was I suppose to make the first move and start playing with him. I had no idea what it was about, or what it was.

Shortly after I put my tokens into the machine, I heard a door open and close. You had to turn either right or left then go back up again. She had to work the overnight shift a few days later, so I thought it would be good to get out of the house the next day and just let her sleep.

He got off his seat and moved closer so he could get a better look at it through the window. She was really kinky and bi sexual to boot. I would learn later the corner booths were a bit bigger and had more seating in them. His eyes were closed as he enjoyed the ministrations I was performing on him. I was very nervous and actually circled the block a few times, trying to build up my courage.

With my new discovery I went back and told Liz. To say that it got her excited that I actually was thinking about doing it for her, would be an understatement. Hers up to that point were a bit more wild then mine. He started to lick his lips seductively. When I was facing the screen watching my T. As good as it felt, that is not what I came in here for, I came here to be the giver of a blow job.

Was I suppose to feed tokens into the video machine since he came to my booth. Finally on the 3rd or 4th time by, I forced myself to pull into the parking lot.

My first blow job

It made it a little easier for me to get in the mood and build up the courage to go through with it. Sucking his cock was not just bringing him pleasure but it was getting me hotter and hotter. To my disappointment there was no glory hole. The good thing about him taking the lead, was I knew what he expected. I looked over and seen a shadow there.

We would always talk about our past sexual experiences. I was getting into now myself, humming while I started to suck his cock farther into my mouth. It was close to noon when I came up on the book store.

Although there was a large mirror in there. So with a do or die attitude I picked him up from the floor and sat him down.