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Funny lifeguard stories

Being a lifeguard is a fulfilling and rewarding career but don't just take our word for it! Below are just some of the reasons our lifeguard have told us they love their jobs:.

Funny Lifeguard Stories

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They hugged each other, cried, and looked out to sea as flowers piled up at the base of the lifeguard stand where Keith Pinto was killed by a bolt of lightning Monday afternoon. He took it really seriously. He always had the people in the water's safety in mind. He knew he had to protect them; that was his job and he did a good job at it. It almost feels unreal; I was just with him a couple of days ago. Police say Pinto was one of eight people struck by lightning shortly after p.

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That was fun.

Me and the other guard on my side of the pool were really confused as to what it was until a supervisor came over and yeah. Guarding Lives and Secrets When you think of summertime, you think of the beach, or, at the very least, of the pool or lake.

As I turn I see her squat down and just relieve herself through her swim suit. Swimming freely is the perfect way to cool down under the hot sun, but it comes with its own dangers, namely drowning.

When you think of summertime, you think of the beach, or, at the very least, of the pool or lake. Sometimes, lifeguards have to deal with much more humbling problems, such as faulty bathing suits or unidentified floating objects that can clear out an entire pool. Right then the swim was called, I made sure my water was clear, and I walked away and clocked out. Thank you for voting!

Redditors turned to lifeguards from beaches, pools, and water parks and asked them to share their embarrassing stories or hilarious tales, and this is what they came up with. Continue Reading.

Luckily we have lifeguards, those perfectly-bronzed, scantily-clad saviors of summer who keep us safe all summer long, always looking perfectly coiffed while doing it. Second or third day on the job near the end of a swim a little girl runs over to where we keep our mats and pool toys.