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Hulk sex stories

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Hulk Sex Stories

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It was a quiet Friday night at Avengers mansion almost everyone was off doing their own thing. Bruce Banner was in his room reading quietly and Black Widow was in the training room exercising. The rooms AI suddenly set the exercise to maximum and Natasha started fighting for her life. She managed to make a good go of it for fifteen minute before she lay in a heap and the AI was about to deliver a killing blow. The Hulk suddenly burst through a wall ripping out machines and destroying the training room. Black Widow will be fine most damage is superficial she is only unconscious from her body being totally exhausted from the fight.

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Hulk stood up and turned toward Natasha.

Hulk grins as he sees her throat stretch. She doubles her cum slurping efforts and pants in between slurps. She finally catches her breath. He bites off the shade and light bulb and spits them out. He brings her head toward his now erect cock which he holds level with his free hand. Natasha was afraid before, Hulk sex stories she was on the verge of panic. Then his thrusts get closer together and harder.

She tases the hand holding her but this time Hulk is ready and would not let go. Wheezing and trying to catch her breath Natasha pulls herself out of the puddle of Hulk cum. Once again Hulk grabs her by the neck and shoulders, but this time from behind and pushes her head to the ground in the puddle of Hulk cum. As he does he hits his head on the ceiling lamp. He powers down the whole deck. His skin turning green.

He turns to the puddles of cum on the floor. Hulk moves to a corner and sits down. Natasha comes to. Hulk stumbles and fall backwards, breathing heavily. She pulled with all her strength. Hulk throws his head back in preparation of his ejaculation.

Banner was gone all that remained was Hulk. His tempo builds to an inhuman 3 thrusts a second.

She realizes Hulk is lubing her asshole. His mushroom tip engorges and hardens. Once again he grabs her by her neck and shoulder. Caught off guard Hulk drops Natasha. One huge finger then begins pressing against her sphincter. The force of the ejaculation almost forces Natasha off his cock if not for her teeth getting caught on the head of his cock.

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Cum dribbles out her pussy. His tongue thrashes side to side pressing her walls. Natasha gasps at the rivers of pleasure flowing from her loins. Hulk opens his mouth and sticks his tongue into her pussy. The Bridge of the Helicarrier, the guy playing Galaga notices a massive power drain on the deck Hulk is raping Natasha. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts?

Then another. Register here to post. Crying, she turns face down into the cum and begins slurping and sucking it up. The force of the blast throws her against the wall and knocks the wind out of her. His feet bulged and split his shoes. Natasha struggles.

Introduction: Loki's plan to unleash Hulk on the Helicarrier has come to fruition. Natasha grunted, and shook the stars out of her eyes. Natasha panics. Natasha laid deathly still, holding her breath, hoping. Without breaking tempo he grabs the lamp and tears it from its ceiling mount. Banner is on his knees hunched over. He gathers as much as he can. His pace quickens. She looks down at herself and sees sperm crawling over her chest and arms.

His cock becomes instantly erect. The Hulk sex stories of cum crawls and churns in front of her eyes. Hulk realizes his cock is her pussy. Natasha thought if she lay still maybe Hulk would ignore her. He continues thrusting. She shudders in disgust.

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With Natasha trapped on his cock, Hulk takes his hand off her neck and shoulders and pinches her nose shut. He can feel his orgasm coming. He starts with a light thrust of the hips. Hulk lets her go but as he does, she gets blasted in the face and chest by his cum.

He makes several trips. She attempts to flee but Hulk catches her around her neck and shoulders with his free hand. She whimpers as she continues to slurp up the Hulk cum. With no options left she throws an uppercut, tasing him in the dick right where the shaft meets the scrotum. Posted Fri 3rd of August Report.

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Hulks tongue was the size of large cock but just as dextrous as any tongue. Hulk has an idea. Not content he continues to push. She thinks she has a concussion. He continues gently for a little while more. He also starts cum blasting into her mouth. Natasha stopped slurping cum and began grunting and moaning herself.

Using his teeth he strips the the protective sheet off the wiring exposing the naked wire.

She then passes out. As he nears climax his hips get into it. Hulk roars with pleasure.

Natasha bolted. He shrugs his shoulders. As he cum he pushes the entirety of his cock into Natasha. His cock forces its way into her esophagus. She can feel them flop about on her face. Hulk pulls her ass up, and effortlessly tears the crotch of her jump suit open.

Grabs her by her ankles and holds her up against a wall upside down. She screams.

Hulk tore what was left of his pants off revealing his gargantuan cock. His shirt tightening.

Cum pulses out of her mouth with each muscle contraction. Hulk transferred her to his other hand, turning her around in the process. Then she realizes what she is looking at. She begins to swallow.

The sight of his cock passing down her throat only makes him more excited and he reaches full erection. Hulk bends over and runs two fingers through the puddle of cum. Natasha tried to stand up but her foot was trapped under a pipe.