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I fucked my drunk sister story

Hello everyone, my name is Anuj and I am from Gurugram. This story is not mine but of a fan which he sent me on my .

I Fucked My Drunk Sister Story

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It was just after one in the morning and I had just shut off the TV, getting ready for bed when the front door slammed open and Sherry almost fell through it. She started swearing while trying to extract the key from the lock but only succeeded in bending it, I saw her predicament and went to help. My sister was smashed. I managed to pull the twisted key from the lock then tossed her the entire set of keys. They bounced off her left boob then to the floor where she stared at them without care. My goddamn watch is all fuzzy.

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She then began to slowly move her finger in and out of her snatch while the thumb of the same hand began to flick up and down on her clit. I was now moving in and out of her to just passed the head when I felt an obstruction of some kind. I pulled out of Cindy and began to rub at her slit with my fingers, then transferring her pussy juice to my cock shaft I managed to get myself thoroughly lubricated. Cindy popped open a beer and handed it to Mary, then opened one for herself.

I pulled open the front door just as Cindy was about to ring the bell again. My sister Mary and I waived goodbye to our parents as they drove down the drive. She had nice tits that I had been trying to get a peek at for the past three years or so. I looked forward to ogling her tonight, too.

They would be gone for the entire weekend so my sister, who was 16, was left in charge. Instead, I waited a minute, then began to slowly thrust in and out of her. I reached one hand around her pelvis and began to rub at her clit.

My drunk sister

They settled into the living room and were watching some movie on TV as they ate their pizza and drank some beer. This time when I got to the tight spot, I grabbed her hips and pushed harder. This felt pretty good and I could have cum this way in a few minutes, but I thought I would never have a chance like this again, so I began to push the head of my cock into her pussy.

Just as I walked out into the hallway, Mary opened the bathroom door to yell at me again. I went back up to my room and sat back at my computer for awhile. Soon she was moaning loudly and then her hips gave several quick snap thrusts as she let out a long low gurgle of pleasure. I turned off the light to my room and quietly crept out onto the landing overlooking the living room. Cindy unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her large ripe breasts to my view, then she stood up and pulled off her panties.

I added a palm full of spit and entered her again.

Extending her middle finger, she ran it up and down her slit a few times then stuck her finger up to the 2nd knuckle inside herself. Mary looked at her kind of funny, but left the tape running. After awhile, the woman on the tape was really going crazy as the camera got a close-up of her finger- fucking herself while moaning out loud.

I froze. As I was going to head up to my bedroom before I got caught, I turned off the TV, grabbed the throw blanket from the back of the couch and lay it over the two sleeping girls. The girls were rummaging through some boxes of videos, looking for something to watch. As I stared at her tit, the nub in the center of her nipple suddenly sprung out as it hardened. I cruised some porn sites for awhile, then decided to see what the girls were doing.

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Neither of them moved a bit, they were both passed out cold! Mary nodded, so Cindy got up unsteadily and pulled my sister down to the floor. Mary reached down and fiddled with herself a moment, then brought her finger to her lips and tasted herself. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at her. Bending over my sister, I began to lick and suck at her tits. Soon she began to match my movements and her arms came up and pulled me down to her.

I woke up early the next morning and crept downstairs to check on the girls. I went and got some toilet paper and came back and rolled Cindy off of my sister, then began to clean her up where a little blood and semen was leaking out of her pussy. The camera panned back a little and she raised one of her tits up and bent down to suck her own nipple.

I could also see the points of her nipples where they poked at the fabric. At the same time I could feel her pussy muscles rhythmically grasping my cock all along the length of my shaft. As her arms went around my back, her legs wrapped around my ass.

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She stopped fingering her snatch and using both hands to hold both of her tits up she switched from one nipple to the other and then back again, her head quickly shaking back and forth. As I thrust down into her, her ass would come up to meet me and her legs and hands would pull me down into her. I could tell by their voices that they were already pretty tipsy from the beer.

I flushed the toilet and walked back across the room, whistling. Cindy tried to stand up and fell over on top of my sister.

Both of them were still passed out on the floor naked. Cindy lifted one large tit up to her face and began to run her tongue around the nipple until it was good and wet, then she began to suck on it. I grasped my rock hard dick and began to rub the head up and down her wet slit.

A teenager takes advantage of his drunk sister and her friend

My sister chugged the beer she already had and took the one that Cindy offered her. After the usual FBI warnings at the beginning of the tape, the scene cut directly to a naked woman sitting in a kitchen chair in the middle of a bare room. At first, Cindy gave no response to what I was doing, then after a minute or so, she began to swivel her hips to match my thrusting and started to breath heavier.

She immediately began to buck and thrust against me, then her whole body stiffened up and she ground her cunt back against me. From where I was hiding on the balcony, I could see the girls from straight ahead and the TV at a slight angle.

I got up, ran upstairs, stripped naked and was back next to them in about 20 seconds. When nothing happened, I rubbed at both tits and pinched at her nipples.

Drunk sister

This was to much for me and I grunted and began to shoot cum up into her sucking snatch. The shirt covered her up front and back, but was cut high on the sides, almost to her waist and the top few buttons were undone down to where she was just showing a little cleavage. The girls were quiet for a few minutes while the woman on the video finished herself off, then the scene cut to a different woman and a man lying on a bed, naked, making out. Soon both girls were squirming and moaning, with hands groping everywhere as the licked each other towards orgasm.

This time, when I got to the tight place, I just rammed passed it. However, the fabric was kind of clingy so I could see the contours of her tits as they jiggled nicely as she moved around. Cindy was running her free hand over her tits, moving from one to the other, pinching lightly at her nipples and then pulling at them.

Mary was watching closely as was I and I saw her run her tongue around her lips, then she began to rub a hand at her own dark curly pussy. Her nipples hardened quickly in my mouth, but she never came close to waking up. After resting a minute until I got my breath back, I began to slowly disengage myself from her. With the way her pussy was warmly grasping the entire length of my cock, I could have cum right then. Well, one tit anyway. I was up in my room, playing a computer game, when I heard the doorbell ring. When I managed to get free of her, I proceeded to clean her up as I had Cindy.

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She was kind of shocked, too, because she just stood there for a few seconds. Now that it was over, I began to panic. I guessed tomorrow would tell. The woman on the tape began to masturbate, using one hand on her pussy and the other rubbing her tits.

Benefits of drunk sister

As she leaned out of the door to shout down the hall at me, I got my first long awaited look at her tits. Cindy slowly ran her hand down her stomach until she reached her curly blonde mound. I ate slowly so as to spend as much time as I could watching them out of the corner of my eye. The obstruction was still there, but not as bad as it had been. As Cindy kicked her panties off, she slipped and fell backwards onto the couch, halfway between sitting up and laying down.

She was only a year older than I was, but since she was older she got to be in charge. As I cleaned her up, my dick began to get hard again. Let me tell you a little about us. Suddenly, I slipped all the way into her and Cindy let out a groan.