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I love when my boyfriend eats me out

It's crucial that both partners in any relationship be satisfied to the best of each of their partners' abilities. Sure, love is the most important thing but that does not negate the need for sex.

I Love When My Boyfriend Eats Me Out

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That's what I can't figure out. Maybe the fact that its all wet and sloppy turn him on?

Years old: I'm 50 years old
Ethnic: Bolivian
What is my gender: Girl
Hair: Honey-blond hair
I speak: Spanish
My favourite music: Dance
I like: Sailing

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Sailortoheaven Xper 4.

I know that if I eat her out she is going to cum at least once. Is this still revelant? Because he likes you and has not had that mush puss before. It really turns him on.

After 25 years with my ex wife I have been able to try it on 3 other women since I started dating and they have all said it was beyond great. We have amazing chemistry and things are going well. I like it when a guy goes down from the multiple orgasms.

That's what I can't figure out. KeepitHOT 64 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. I just started dating this guy about 2 months ago. Most of all if your woman is enjoying it moaning and moving involuntarily it all just exquisite.

What to do when your partner won't go down on you

He probably being honest and just likes pleasing you. Many woman don't understand this so don't worry it very basic. I wonder if theyd even go near there if it wasn't for us getting pleasured lol. Is he enjoying it because I am or for another reason? He says he loves my pussy and he gets really excited while going down on me.

18 extra sexy things he wants to see you do while he’s eating you out

Yes No. I had six orgasms then he asked if I wanted more and I felt bad for saying no thanks, because he was just having a blast but I needed to stop but I was on the verge of passing out and that just would have been awkward. I have no issue with this he's really good at it but I am curious why. Just when he hasn't been able to do it for a while he goes a bit crazy hahaha. Show All. What is more important than beauty in attraction. Or, make it a really personal experience and see if he's in it for the intimacy instead. Share Facebook.

18 extra sexy things he wants to see you do while he’s eating you out

So just lay back and enjoy! I'd MUCH rather get my partner off than get off myself. So to answer, he enjoying it because you taste and smell arousing AND because you enjoying it too. I asked a guy the same question once and he told me because he likes pleasuring me. Congrats on finding a guy who is capable of appreciating that.

I imagine that's why he enjoys it too. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

The actual act is using all your scenes and drives you to a huge sexual high. Why does my bf love eating me out? Besides most women cannot cum from penetration. Add Opinion. I consider myself a pro at it. I mean sure I will cum but I will still feel kinda empty. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Also it is just about the most erotic think you can be allowed to do to a woman. The sex is great but he loves eating me out.

Oral sex doesn't affect me. is this normal?

He's probably one of us guys who is more mechanically oriented, and really enjoys a skilled job done well. Probably not.

Think of yourself as a meaty machine and give him lots of feedback as he goes. It's my favourite why to make my wife orgasm. I'm that way.

To me I am not really satisfied if I have sex and do not get to eat her out. Related myTakes. Like guys can't really have consecutive orgasms so they don't understand and sure they are fantastic but they do take a lot out of you! Xper 5. It sounds like you found a keeper. Learn more. I love how enthusiastic he is about oral though because it's very intimate, like I was grabbing the bedsheets and freaking out and he reached up and grabbed my hand and it was really sweet. Michael-in-SC Xper 7. We are sexual animals and a woman's scent and natural taste have massive desire to guys who are in tune with there senses.

Its just exactly as he said, i don't think there is other reason. God he really took his time teasing me this time and he was down there for probably over an hour. Your welcome and Thankyou for the MHO. I love eating pussy.

Us kind of guys like the challenge of manually cranking out a good orgasm. There is also a work reward thing going on the more you stimulate a woman the more she gets turned on by opening up and giving more scent and juice.

I bet your pussy is awesome. Maybe the fact that its all wet and sloppy turn him on? That makes total sense.

Good luck! Thank you! Firstly she has to let so just opening her legs and allowing you to and touch you is wonderful. Dignifire 52 opinions shared on Sexuality topic.