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I want my step dad to touch me

The following is only a single puzzle piece of my story. The other pieces are still too tender to reveal.

I Want My Step Dad To Touch Me

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Years: 28
Where am I from: I was born in Canada
Tone of my eyes: Huge dark
I like piercing: None
Body tattoos: Yes
Smoker: No

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I urge anyone who suffers abuse, rape or depression, to speak out, please do not suffer in silence,do not let any more of your life be taken by these vile cretins, do not let them win. I got help, I saw a psychiatrist again and started to pull every bit of my life back that I had been stolen from me. I went to my doctor, got in touch with local groups. He even held a gun to both my mums and my head.

He stuck his hand over my mouth and told me it was OK. That is was just a game of tickles, he insisted that I relax and go to sleep. I was taken straight to hospital to be told I was miscarrying. You could help us share the blogs love to helping others by sharing via the social sharing buttons. I was 10 years old and never had much of a good start to life.

Who were they kidding? I had my prince and my princess and I knew I would do anything on this planet to keep both them safe. I sat every night rocking back and forth on my bed in tears, just crying why me? My mom saw the marks on my arm and marched me to the doctors.

We were moving away to yet another refuge. I was supposed to be happy but I was petrified. I wanted to this for my baby and that alone was enough to push me through. The police turned up and Mark was taken away.

My mom was also expecting a 2nd child with this man, another brother for me. Nothing outside of her can really hurt her and it is no reflection of her value as a person. I started to realize I was not alone. I thought at last my life was good, until one night. I was ten now surely I was safe.

Mum and Mark were arguing lo and things in the house were always heated, they were in middle of a full blown row when I collapsed, I just passed out. A few months later my mom had my brother, nothing had happened since that night so I thought it was all over.

I wanted to scream and cry and tell this lady what was going on but I was scared because no one would believe me right?

I knew in that moment I had to change fast but how? This had been going on since I was 5.

This is where the depression started. I was put onto Epilem Chrono tablets; here I was in a new town again trying to settle in. School started reporting my behavior to my mom who was called in about it, I was sat down with both my mom and step dad in the room and asked why I was doing it.

I was 15 before I openly told my mom about what happened, she was shocked but supported me. I woke up after 3 days in hospital, told I was lucky to be here, lucky? This baby was my saviour, he was perfect 6lb 14oz of perfection, being a mom came naturally. Self-harming became my only escape. This was it; we would never get away now. I loved every minute, it kept me busy, it kept my head thinking of everything apart from my past.

I looked across and he stared at me with pure evil in his eyes. I was referred to councillors who visited and took me out for the day once a week. Days after my 16th birthday day I was out with mates one night when my whole world came crashing right down before me again. My mind started racing, I started to cry.

The abuse aggravated what was already there. I cried and cried. Everything from then on is a blur; till I come round and paramedics were there with a paper bag. I could see no end to all the crap inside my head. We had moved from one refuge to another as he kept finding us.

I sank lower and lower into depression and self-harm, there was just no way out this black hole. That night I was woken again by something tickling my leg, I instantly reached down to scratch it, I remember feeling scared and thinking it was a spider.

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I was hyperventilating and struggling to breathe. I was placed in homeless accommodation and continued to drink. My dad always beat my mom black and blue.

By Dennis Dale Allen posted on 30 December at About the author Therealsupermum shares View profile View Blog. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me. This time though I felt scared. My life at home had calmed down and it was like everything fell together. It was living torture. After having my 2nd child I got diagnosed with PND, I struggle daily with depression especially nights when the children are in bed.

We were going snorkelling on a little camping holiday; this was going to be great. Family Magazine Authors. He placed the stick in my hand and started moving my hand up and down. I was relieved, this was it I was free of this man but I was definitely not free of the depression and mental scars he left with me. I was going on 13 and I was severely depressed and on the verge of just wanting to do anything to die. Because the relief it gave me was immense.

It sounds like this girl had problems to start with. Therealsupermum shares View profile View Blog. I overheard mom telling a friend he raped her. I have full permission to share her story. Back to Featured Articles on. I look back now and I wish I screamed. The holiday approached and I sadly left without my mum, just me my brother and our step dad. My mom had met a new boyfriend and everything seemed perfect, she was pregnant and I was getting the little brother or sister I craved, as I only have a bigger brother.

I hated myself more than ever before. One night I decided to take some ecstasy with friends, the next morning I doubled over in agony, gushing with blood. I was depressed severely but did I want to die now? I hope someday she realizes that her value comes from within.

This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mom who is either a member of my Facebook mums group, a Twitter follower or has been submitted to me via. I wanted to go home I missed my mom I cried to him, but it fell on deaf ears. I had to get myself out this hole. Next morning everything carried on as normal, nothing was said. It was impossible.

I was drinking lo and coming home drunk, my mom had enough so I was out. We finally got our own house and started to make new friends. I was in total shock. Was I wrong to do so? In all Magazines Search for user. In November I pushed my gorgeous baby boy into this world and I knew in that moment my life was not over and dead like I thought it had been, it was just beginning.

I often sit and silently ask them questions that truth be told will never be answered. I did a test and another and another, all positive.