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Ignis glasses quest

Hey guys! Camping event?

Ignis Glasses Quest

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Thanks to our guide, these quests will have no more secrets for you!

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How to get Moogle Charm? You have to listen to Ignis' commands and stir the contents of the pot.

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Gladio will propose a race in order to keep the prince fit. A quick and easy quest. From time to time, upon camping in specific places, one of the companions will approach Noctis. At the start of the quest you have to collect three mushrooms in the forest.

A cat to feed

Completing this task will reward you with Big Blaze Bahamut Lure. General information Attack.

Once it's done, quickly get away from the combat area for the quest to be completed. Release Dates. During this quest Noctis will be helping his friend find his lost glasses.

Case of the stolen specs

How to unlock access to Chocobo? Like with the race with Gladio, the reward is always the same, regardless of your actions. Follow Gladio and together look for a flower for his sister. A quick quest.

A quest in form of a simple mini-game. Game Guide. At the end of the search the companion will help Noctis to get to the higher ground and the quest will be finished. How to unlock Stacked Ham Sandwich?

After a short while they will find the glasses, guarded by a wild Chocobo. The prince will offer his assistance in recovering them - this will start a mini-game in which you have to sneak and avoid getting detected.

Main storyline. Another simple mini-game in which you have to press specific buttons.

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You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this. Menace Beneath Lucis. Game Guides. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

You should also develop Noctis' fishing up to level Your task is to catch a gigantic fish. Table of Contents. The most difficult quest of this type.

The quest will end with a photo of the pair. Basics Acquiring resources and creating spells Catalysts. Side quests. Justice Monster Five mini-game. You have to be extremely focused, as the task is difficult and it's easy to break the line. Optional dungeons. Chose specific poses at the appropriate times and let Prompto take the shots. This will result in a short and simple quest, always rewarding the player with 20 AP. Below you can find a complete description of all of the available Tours in the game.

You need the best fishing gear and Giant Needle 10, Gold Gigantuar lure.

Head to the specified area, where a scene between Prompto and Cindy will take place. The quest is trivial and you should quickly finish it. Games Encyclopedia. Controls General tips Magic Elemancy.

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The reward for this quest is 20 AP, regardless of the outcome of the race. Afterwards, both you and Prompto must head to the river, where the companion will propose a risky photo.

Final Fantasy XV Guide. Prompto will ask Noctis to be his model on the nearby pier.