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Is cum vegan

May that special someone bless you today with all the fellatio you can handle, followed by some great dinner. What if you have forsaken meat in every form? Facialist Andy Millward tells Metro.

Is Cum Vegan

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For a vegan, the thought of million of those bad boys sliding down their throat might not be a turn on. I am newly a dedicated Vegan. Can I swallow the products of a human body without morally violating my vegan code? First, a definition. Vegan, according to Vegan.

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Whatever the reason, we ignore this amazing, incredible tiny organism for what it is. But should orthodox vegans indulge in this animal product?

Meet the gay vegan and vegetarian community in 32 animal-loving Instagrams. So my opinion, arguably, is irrelevant. It was not humane and in an effort to be a more ethical consumer, aligning my actions with my intent not to cause harm to other living creatures, I stopped eating them.

We can all become parents. Eating pussy [is better] than eating animals any day.

It immediately provoked such fervent debate among a gaggle of gays. The motivation behind being vegan comes down to stopping animal cruelty, doing better for the planet.

Some people ignore the fact that semen is literally a living organism and see it merely as a gooey, fun byproduct of sex. Though not many people talk about it, most of us love sex.

Cookie Policy Privacy Policy. Not to mention the fact that most of the time we engage with and consume semen we are doing so under a set of circumstances that would prohibit it from creating a life form. Or chew your nails or lick a paper cut to clean the blood off. Straight, gay, bi, trans… we can all be parents.

In other words, eggs could be chickens if they were fertilized and incubated, just as semen could be a baby if it reaches a fertile egg. It does nothing to support harmful meat, egg and dairy industries, after all.

And no animals are harmed or exploited in its production. Quite the opposite, in fact…. There are bodily fluids all through your digestive tract.

Like, to really get crazy, kinky and dirty into it.