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Killing the baby seals cadence

I'm not sure how useful of a post this will be, but it will certainly be fun.

Killing The Baby Seals Cadence

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Steamroller This is out of the red book, you can sing it at RTC : I'm a steam roller baby, just a rolling down the line I'm a steam roller baby, just a rolling down the line So you better get out of my way now, before I roll right over you It's just a little Woooo a little Hey!

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Chuck in a sampan, sitting in the stern, They don't think their boats will burn, Those damn gooks will never learn, Napalm sticks to .

I've been told it's not so neat, To catch gooks burning in the street, But burning flesh, it smells to sweet, Napalm sticks to. I googled them but didnt find the right ones.

Army and cadet marching and running cadences

The first time I heard one similar to this it went Running through the jungle with my m I'm a silly mother fucker I forgot my magazine. Eighteen kids in a No Fire Zone, Rooks under arms and going home, Last in line goes home alone, Napalm sticks to.

Shoot civilians where they sit, Take some pictures as you split, All your life you'll remember it, Napalm sticks to .

AF cadences suck compared to yours. Quoted: My plt sgt at ft bliss would use that cadence when we would run during my time there, to I remember the Napalm sticks to kids as having the word "because" shortened to 'cause in front of it.

Military cadence

CSM: "Alright. Confirm Cancel.

Napalm, son, is lots of fun, Dropped in a bomb or shot from a gun, It gets the gooks when on the run, Napalm sticks to. Good motivation.

Quoted: AF cadences suck compared to yours. I recall "'Cause sticks to kids" starting off with "40 kids in a free fire zone, one lone school teacher walking 'em home I'm sorry you had to be in the hell hole. Children sucking on a mother's tit, Wounded gooks down in a pit, Dow Chemical doesn't give a shit, Napalm sticks to. Gather kids as you fly over town, By throwing candy on the ground, Then grease 'em when they gather 'round, Napalm sticks to .

The baby seal song - found

Drop some napalm on a farm, It won't do them any harm, Just burn off their legs and arms, Napalm sticks to. Goods in the open, making hay, But I can hear the gunships say, "There'll be no Chieu Hoi today," Napalm sticks to .

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I've only seen it happen twice, But both times it was mighty nice, Shooting peasants planting rice, Napalm sticks to. Get the fuck out of here, retard. I didn't see him, Sergeant Major.

Navy cadences

You go your enemies pharmacy where the enemy buys their pills You splash them with some diesel And show them fire kiills! Sing your left right etc I got to talk to a CSM when I called that one a couple months ago.

Heres one Rape pilage burn and plunder This is the code that I live under See that mother smiling brightly Watch as she holds her baby tightly Put some napalm in its diaper. My plt sgt at ft bliss would use that cadence when we would run during my time there, to Napalm Sticks to Kids We shoot the sick, the young, the lame, We do our best to maim, Because the kills all count the same, Napalm sticks to. There were at least 10 different cadences like that, great stuff.

Quoted: Quoted: AF cadences suck compared to yours. This was my companies favourite in OSUT, though we always went to the enemys whatever to do the killin' You go to the enemys playground where the enemy likes to play You set out a claymore and you blow them all away!

CIA with guns for hire, Montagnards around a fire, Napalm makes the fire go higher, Napalm sticks to .

Killing the baby seals

Confirm Action Are you sure you wish to do this? Chorus: Napalm sticks to kids, Napalm sticks to. General ยป Hall Of Heroes. AF has cadence My wife and kids they hate me Greenpeace wants to rape me That's how I earn my living Killing the baby seals. Bombadiers don't care a bit, Just as long as the pieces fit, When you stuff the bodies in a pit, Napalm sticks to .

I'm a steamroller baby navy cadence

User Panel. Watch her scream as she tries to wipe her Napalm sticks to ribs Napalm sticks to kids!!!!! So the cadence would talk about how didn't have to worry about being ambushed 'cause napalm sticks to kids or it will be ok walking through the hootches 'cause napalm sticks to kids and stuff like that. Cobras flying in the sun, Killing gooks is lots of fun, Get one pregnant and it's two for one, Napalm sticks to. Flying low across the trees, Pilots doing what they please, Dropping frags on refugees, Napalm sticks to .

See those farmers over there, Watch me get them with a pair, Blood and guts just everywhere, Napalm sticks to. Register?