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Loki x slave reader

Originally posted by tranquility Anonymous said: I would like a one shot in which the reader is slave of the Grandmaster and he fills her with luxury and gold and she ends up falling in love with Loki who negotiates it for the reader to be his.

Loki X Slave Reader

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Masterlist can be found here! I hope this satisfies your request and if anyone else wants something similar to this, my requests are open and when I have it done your ask will be answered! Summary: An Asgardian girl named Thea is tasked to be the new servant of prince Loki. It is only when she arrives for her first day of work that she realizes he intends to have her do much more than clean his chambers. He intends to have her in every way possible, and who is she to say no to her majesty…. There had been a change of schedule for the Asgardian maids.

How old am I: 39
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Tint of my iris: Clear hazel green
What is the color of my hair: I have luxuriant brunet hair
I like: I like drawing
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That Loki considered you an acquaintance of sorts but would never share your feelings. You frowned glancing between her and the screen. The car ride passed uneventfully, you and Loki having plenty of the finer details of the mission to discuss and plan. The limo finally rolled to a stop, the door opening as the two of you scrambled out. The lodge itself exists in a weird jurisdiction and since the portal is believed to be magic in nature, we need your partner to investigate it.

Ten minutes later, you were rushing into the briefing room where Mariah sat at a long high-tech table, a TV screen displaying a mountain lodge behind her. Still, something about separate briefings disturbed you.

You winced internally but you knew you loved a good challenge. Now come here.

Fanfic collection — the pleasure slave: loki x reader

All you knew was that you were grateful to not be eaten alive or killed in the gladiator pits. Even threat of returning to prison on Asgard hardly bothers him. Sunbathing could be fun. The masked creatures around you slowly stepped away, wary of this woman. The woman walked down the ramp of her ship to you and grabbed you by the neck of your dress, it tore even more, revealing your breasts to her as you quickly tried to cover yourself, face flushed with embarrassment. You crossed your arms over your chest and timidly followed after her, perhaps this would be better than being food, you hoped.

He will know if you fail to please his guest.

Darling_pet's reader-inserts — a servant’s wish (loki x reader)

We have wedding pictures as well as several witnesses that can attest the validity of your wedding. The lodge seemed familiar in a dreamlike way, but nothing truly stood out. He cupped your cheeks gently, tilting your head to look up at him. You hesitantly took it, allowing him to pull you to your feet and lead you to the bed. Sleeping with Loki, or rather sleeping with Loki had only briefly crossed your mind.

Warily, you took it from her, examining it carefully. Your hands came up to protect yourself but before they could strike, the loud roar of engines sounded overhead and you looked around. At his throat was a small emblazoned V shape. The god of lies title and history inspires a great deal of understandable distrust. For the past half hour, the limo had been winding its way slowly upwards through a forested mountainside and it had at long last shown s of nearing a massive resort.

You grit your teeth, that was the bitter crux of it. A ship landed and a woman, holding what you assumed was an alcoholic beverage based on her eyes, came staggering out. He had long black hair and fierce green eyes; pale skin with sharp cheekbones and a high forehead.

Loki nodded curtly, that smile once more returning.

You could feel your cheeks heating in a blush at the close proximity, you had been this close before and managed to hide your feelings, why was it suddenly different? Your mouth fell shut and you stayed quiet. You practically flew out of the room, rushing down the many stairs and out to the waiting limo that Loki sat in, already looking annoyed.

You had seen a of bodies being dragged away from the fights and you knew you would have been mangled beyond repair.

Multi-fandom imagines — mine

You silently admonished yourself. Hopefully the travel time would be long so you and Loki could fill each other in on anything that had been missed. Mariah held up a sheet of paper. Sorry to do that to you, only way they could think of apparently. It slid open and the guard shoved you in, you fell to your knees as the cuffs clicked and fell from your wrists. The look he gave you was so intense, you found yourself turning away, if only to hide your blush.

You reached for your phone and opened it, noticing a barrage of pictures featuring you and Loki photoshopped into a of wedding poses. A collar was placed around your neck roughly, you were bathed and washed, hair cleaned and tended to and all manner of makeup applied to your face to beautify you for this special guest. It would be hard to get around not sharing a bed but two mature adults could handle that surely, but if anyone noticed? Failure is death. Through tearfilled eyes, you looked up at the lavish room in front of you, a large bed with gold and blue accents, though it looked like green had been added as an afterthought.

Loki leaned against you, staring down at the pictures. Loki, god of mischief, currently tasked with aiding SHIELD for glorified community service and thus your partner on most missions, would be debriefed separately?

All the while, your hands were cuffed together, strong magnets holding the metal bonds in place as though they feared you might attempt to flee. We have reason to believe a magical portal of sorts is open in an underground area. You closed your eyes, praying silently for patience, strength to make it through this mission, then slowly opened them and beamed at Loki.

By the time your conversation ended, you were becoming pressed for time. You raised an eyebrow.

Midnight swims on a clothing optional beach. To have to openly act as though you were madly in love with him, only to return to hiding your feelings would kill you. His arms were crossed as he glared sullenly out the tinted windows, fingers tapping in time to some unheard beat.

You furrowed your brows, surprised by the sincerity of the compliment. For your part, you were too stunned and amazed by this colorful world to full comprehend the gravity of your situation. No harm will befall you. Gamma levels are off the charts. You stared at the screen blankly, searching your memory.

No sense in worrying about it now though, time was ticking and you still needed to shower. You gazed at her warily. He wore blue leather armor, and a blue and gold cape. I would never take advantage of someone in such a way. Plus with your busy work schedule, dating really had taken a back seat to your plans.

Think of it as a working vacation. His long hair brushed against your cheek and you fought back a shiver. Apparently her reputation preceded her. There in crisp new letters, ed by the state of New York, lay your full name married to Loki Laufeyson.

Loki straightened up, roused from his bored stupor and followed your pointing finger out the window.

At least no one will check on whether or not guests do, right? You knew better than to ask questions though, Mariah would just end up repeating her orders. Officially they prefer 24, but occasionally travel gets interrupted and they felt like expanding the inclusion list. You were starting to get a headache, she seemed to be hinting at something without daring to say the actual nature of what she meant. And so Loki and you talked for many hours, late into the night. Please, he seems to like you.

— little pet | loki x reader (drabble)

It had been a small, private affair apparently, contrasting notably with the amount that would go towards the honeymoon but it was evidently about the two of you and no one else. You tried to wipe away your tears so you could see better, so you could see this strange man you had been told nothing about. A loud ringing from your nightstand roused you from your deep sleep. Loki left first, turning around and offering you his hand to help you, placing a gentle kiss on it before allowing you to straighten up completely out of the car.

Over the next hour you and Loki shared the various information regarding the specifics of the mission finally coming to the part you dreaded most. Your eyes opened instantly, years of training instantly putting you on alert as you recognize a mission briefing call.

Tears filled your eyes as you walked beside the guards, hands still cuffed in front of you. Much of your clothes had been tattered when you landed in the garbage heaps surrounding Sakaar; they barely afforded you any sense of modesty.