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Mario lopez dick size

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Mario Lopez Dick Size

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No way that Phelps pick is real. If his dick was that big soft then he wouldn't look like he has a vagina when he wears a Speedo.

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As for the rest we can only guess. I remember a queen once accusing a straight acquaintance of every vile act short of orchestrating the holocaust. He is getting old and so his the attention toward him.

Also, no surprise, Jan Michael Vincent. Demi Moore should have had more sense than to hook up with the guy. It makes no difference to me. Of course there are many exceptions. Colen Farrell is only a little above average I am right at 9 so his is little compared to some of us. Maybe one day we will all love ourselves enough to then love others. Why does it entertain us so?

I have never understood the fascination with big dicks. Was at the urinal next to him at Lincoln Center the reception for Winds of Warso of course, I looked. Some are showers and others are growers. He was very masculine and nice muscular body not overly muscularbubble butt, blonde, great kisser and great conversationalist. I mean, that is something that every guy should know. Hell, you could fit 1, Mexicans in that thing too.

Growing up, my brother convinced me I had a micro dick.

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The Partridge Family star turned radio host Danny Bonaduce grossed everyone out when he got completely naked and showed off his manhood, or lack thereof, along with his puff of orange pubic hair at the Erotic Ball in San Francisco in I faked the whole thing. I really felt sorry for him; I still loved him though. Whatever happened to the rule against kissing adn telling?

Something seems quite sad to me about how we entertain ourselves by degrading people. Thanks bro, for years of inferiority complexes in that department, although like Hudson, it probably saved my life.

Whether some of these guys have gone on record about it or not, this is a tacky, mean-spirited, superficial post. Thumperlndy: You are telling people to be kind, yet you have no problem expressing your racism. Murphy might just be getting even, tough it would not surprise me that he is small. Homophile : For actual personal usage, girth is my problem.

This is why Nick Cannon is a surprise to be on the list. But, my own insecurity to to measure up to Porn Star standards have always kept me a wallflower. The Latin crooner has joked about the size of his dong for years.

Usually his type, 6 feet tall, slim defined body, kinda skinny legs, tends to be well endowed. Or the entertainment energy more broadly? And it cuts deep, it goes to his deepest insecurities. Had to reread your post five times to understand what you are trying to write…. Okay, nobody cares not even mebut for the record, Barry Manilow. And, the opposite is true as well. What the hell does that mean?

Never been a big fan of his except in his younger days when he has long hair.

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This is true. Penis size is very over-rated if you ask me. And my larger than average friends are all dead now, some because of AIDS others OD-ing Drugs do to a lot of sexual activity, so we should count ourselves Lucky. And trust me or I think that most or it not half of the men listed here has experienced in the sexual habits, admit it or not.

The average penis size is 5. And most men, hung or not enjoy oral sex. Or did you do that already? Ashton I am sure has more than average, just his built shows that.

This was the one of the only women he is actually confirmed being with, combine this with the homophobia and to me its clear he is a closet case. That Bonaduce pic…well, I give him credit for being brave enough to show that micro-nub to the world.

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Most of the other celebrities make sense: Jon Gosslin is half Asian, as far as I know and Asian men do have a smaller penis by average. Most are average just like the general population.

He never knew I was looking. Of course, personality goes a long way too. What is the point of this article anyway, to make guys feel ashamed? Now, Colin Farrell…. Nice, hung, fleshy, looked fat.

Overly sexualized guys are too much into the measurement tape that measures from the ass to the mushroom. If you are in the class of men with penises shorter than 5. He paid attention. The way Colin Farrell treated the girl in the sex tape was… by far… the biggest turn on for me. Very much a grower, not the donkey dick shower that he is.

I really felt sorry for her; I still loved her though. Penis size — what an idiotic concept. Brad has such a attitude and a cheater so I lost respect for him.

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Also, why does no man ever mention the big vagina. I would never discount a relationship with anyone based on that sole factor. I am more concerned with the size of his heart. That mindset is just very, very sad. Get back to the gym then. And he does have the richest, most successful wife in show business so he must have something going for him. Although, Mariah Carey seems to be happy with it. Ashton is awfully good looking but a bit of an ass. Good looking men explore and hung men like oral from male or female. I used to live in the same apartment building on CPW and he was a floor below me across the air-shaft.

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I have to say that I find something incredibly sexy about an attractive muscular man with a smaller penis. One of my most satisfying experiences was with a guy much shorter than me with a small penis. What does it matter if you fall in love despite size? Why in the age of the classy Phag the Gay Gentlemendo we even care what any man has in his drawers?

Some penises are bigger than that.

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Others are smaller. Because our egos are so damaged that we need to debase people in order to feel better about ourselves? He was just so respectful, in tune. Pistolo : I usually agree that the ex-wifes or ex-girlfriends are probably bitter.

Ashton has a bit of an ego problem. Kangol : yes, i must agree… But, this is NOT the forum for this kind of topic. He was naked a lot. I guess till then we can expect plenty of this. I must comment on why is this article relevant? We met online and only met once but it was definitely memorable. I actually find giant oversized penises to be a turn-off, so I would take these guys any day of the week.

After his brief fling with Murphy, he told the gossips that she was easy to bed, which showed us more about him than about her. Not a fan of bi-racial sex tapes, but I would agree he is pretty hot at providing a good fuck.

Nice bod, nice and hung. A guy I knew in college was actually kicked out of bed for being too small. Anderson Cooper was interviewing Sean Combs I think and the conversation got around to dick size and Anderson said his was very small. Just saying. Or pro sports? Count me in that group.