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Married and lonely chat rooms

Does such a thing even exist? Particularly, the recent loneliness regarding recent events in the house. Unfortunately, every chat function I seem to find online is full of people wanting to talk dirty or masturbate.

Married And Lonely Chat Rooms

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He says he loves me, wants physical intimacy with me but literally is busy everyday until 10 or 11 at night and there is no time for companionship.

Married but so lonely. But they are words not actions. We have gone to a marriage intensive, counseling, etc and he changes for a brief period but then goes back to his solitary lifestyle. I pray you will allow Him to grow closer to you because when that relationship is correct all the other ones will fall into place on God's timing. Read each scripture together and challenge, take the challenge then have an open discussion at the end of the day.

Remember prayer is not much without works. If you are a Christian and need encouragement and fellowship, we're here for you! I can here you are willing, but what has his response been to you telling him to stay home with you instead or come out with you instead?

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God bless and I pray everything works out for your marriage. You can also start or participate in a Bible-based discussion here in the Christian Chat Forumswhere members can also share with each other their own videos, pictures, or favorite Christian music.

Search titles only. Try meetup. Not just you and not just him, but sit him down and ask him to do it with you. Thank you.

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Search Everywhere Topics This forum This thread. But they too are probably trapped in a cycle of emotional disconnection and they too feel helpless to break it.

I have come to a point of great peace through this process and I know He will do the same for you if you trust Him. I know how painful the loneliness, and isolation can be, but it has brought me to a deeper relationship to Him.

He has this peace for you, as well ,and I can guarantee you will find it no where else. God give me wisdom. I have even told him I am tempted to have an affair. Not even stopping his interest but just putting slot more you into his travel. HyrulianHeroine Guest Oct 25, Have you voiced your concerns at all?

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Hello Married and so lonely, I can relate to what you are going through I am married and my wife and I are having a very difficult time right now. No marriage is perfect, but no marriage should be as if each party is single either. He just dislikes being with anyone. Search forums. I feel very discouraged as I have prayed for over nine years for things to change, for God to change my heart, change his, heal our marriage and still he is as cold as he was nine years ago and as much committed to his single lifestyle as he ever was. Musicalblood Guest Oct 25, Not the works of others, but your own as well as the Lords.

I have learned to be content though knowing that God will see me through no matter what. But research clearly indicates this is not so. If he is home, he is behind a television screen, computer or magazine. If your hubby is in the other room watching their Married and lonely chat rooms show, sit next to them at the start of the show and just give it a try, talk about it together. Raven Guest Oct 25, How does one respond in a Christian marriage to a husband who is so busy with work and his own hobbies that he spends no time with his wife?

I have told him how I feel but he does nothing different. Oct 12, 0 0. I do not want to live as if I am single but he does. I feel I have gone more than half way This is a man who I believe only wants to be married so he does not commit sexual sin. I do appreciate your prayers loganx. Thank you again for your suggestions, I truly appreciate you taking the time to share them. I have immersed myself in his interests, his career, his world and he takes and never gives. Want to know what the Bible says, and how you can apply it to your life? It has been discussed at the marriage intensive, in counseling.

I'm sure he's doing his part, as should you. Try to initiate conversations that are not about transactional details. Thread starter Raven Start date Oct 25, Christian Chat is a moderated online Christian community allowing Christians around the world to fellowship with each other in real time chat via webcam, voice, and text, with the Christian Chat app.

I have asked for him to look at the Love Dare with me. As I said above, yes I have told him. He scoffed at it.

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There is always someone like you to kick others when they are down. I am tired of being alone every night and every weekend. Everywhere Topics This forum This thread. He lives as if he is single. Thing is you want what you want and he wants what he wants. I know the answer but I need some practical ways to deal with this. Fortunately I have been down this road with her many times and I see all things coming from God and trust that He will turn all things to good.

This is the reason I don't go places like this for support. I have never denied him physical intimacy even when I do not feel close to him. He is very aware of my feelings. Good luck to you either way. Along with the above, im sure one of your counselors have done this with you as there have been tons of them and sessions, sitting you both down and having you cut out things that don't need to be there.

Neither of you seem willing to take the jump into each others worlds and immerse yourselves in each other as you would when you first met. Log in. Although she has issues with anger, bitterness, and disassociation with me she has an against personality so she is not supportive very often, and sees me as an obstacle for some reason.

Thank you! Raven said:. Does God expect me to live in this? After the show, tell them what aspects of the show you appreciated even if the show was horrific—find something! If you truly feel he is not in it for the right reasons, not truly in love with you, only with you to not commit sexual sin, then honestly in my opinion nothing could make me stay with someone for the rest of my life that truly does not want to be with me, and is not willing to take steps to make a marriage what it should be.

He is very legalistic and rigid in his beliefs. If you are not a Christian but interested in knowing more about Jesus our Lord, you're also welcome! I truly appreciate all of your suggestions and honestly, I have done all the things you have suggested. We have been to a week long couples intensive with counselors from National Institute for Marriage, we have attended a private christian counselor off and on for over five years.

I need prayer for God to give me wisdom.

I wish there was something else, some magic formula that I have not tried but I'm exhausted. I'm logging off soon so a few tips, take the initiative. He takes trips alone, spends the weekend alone. I don't believe he is having an affair. I tried it alone to no avail. I am at the end of my rope. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. He says he is content in our marriage but I am miserable and seriously being tempted to seek companionship outside of the marriage.

us! I have prayed and tried to do everything I can think of to make our home a pleasant place.

He is very socially awkward and prefers his own company. I hope God does bring me to that place as well. Search Advanced….