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Max cheated on jenna

Well, Miss Marbles, has exceeded my wildest expectations in regards to her sudden candidness, laying out a fully explosive barrage of Twitter statements that exactly sum up just who she is talking about.

Max Cheated On Jenna

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Jenna and Max used to live nearby the bar where Julien worked. Then Jenna and Max broke up, but decided to stay friends and keep doing YouTube videos together. Jenna is officially leaving her t channels with Julien. The duo shared a podcast and Twitch channel under the name JennaJulien. Not only does she boast He is best known for wearing exclusively sleeveless T-shirts, as well as his massive beard.

Years old: I'm 44 years old
I like: Hetero
Eye tint: I’ve got cold gray eyes
Hair: I have got reddish hair
What I like to drink: Vodka
Other hobbies: Looking after pets

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Offers may be subject to change without notice. It appears they don't talk, and they certainly aren't friends. Their relationship was relatively short-lived compared to Jenna and Julien, but for the time they were together, they did make some fun videos together and enjoyed making people laugh.

Who is jenna marbles' ex-boyfriend?

Distractify is a registered trademark. But since we don't know the full story behind what happened between them, that might be for a very good reason. If you're curious about Jenna's love life before she apparently found her partner for life, we've got the scoop.

All Rights Reserved. Besides, Jenna is extremely happy with Julien, and it's rare to see them apart — even though Jenna isn't living much of her life online anymore.

So, while Jenna does have an ex and probably several others before him, because people date! They met sometime after they went to graduate school in Boston. Right now though, who's jonesing for another episode of the Jenna and Julien podcast that was unceremoniously canceled? Eventually, the pair broke up, allegedly because he ended up cheating on Jenna.

There doesn't seem to be much love left between the exes at all. Many of the videos they made were similar in nature to the ones Jenna makes with Julien now. So who was Jenna dating before?

And no, before you ask, Jenna and Julien haven't broken up. It certainly feels much longer since they feel so natural around each other. It appears many of the videos Max and Jenna made have been deleted from both of their channels as well.

That's why it may come as a surprise to know that Jenna and Julien haven't been dating most of their lives. She isn't on the prowl for someone new. He's her most recent ex-boyfriend.

Watching Jenna Marbles and boyfriend Julien Solomita on YouTube feels like watching two veritable soulmates hanging out. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

[updated] jenna marbles hints at infidelity with cryptic tweet

Jenna doesn't air a lot of details about her private life, but it seems from several individuals in the knowJenna essentially cut Max out of her life and carried on. Here's everything we know about Jenna's relationship with ex Max and what happened between them, because obviously he's her "ex" for a reason, right?

They have only been dating sincefor seven years. She had been friends with Julien prior to her breakup with Max, who helped her make some of her videos. Perhaps one day we'll learn the truth about what really went down.

Jenna marbles, never pregnant mother getting married to boyfriend on condition & it's cute

Ten out of ten Kermits miss it. It's good to see Jenna thriving, however, even if she's taking some time to better herself right now. She has retired from her YouTube channel of course, but she's still very much enjoying life with Julien, as far as we can tell. You may be surprised to learn Jenna was ly with another popular YouTuber before Julien.