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Merman x human

Summary: You make the acquaintance of a very curious but equally as cute merman one day.

Merman X Human

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It still took me a good four hours to edit this into what it is now. Get comfortable, grab some water and a snack, because this is words of traditional merman not a gorgeous Shape of Water creature this time x female reader. Meet Tallis everyone!

Years old: 21
What is the color of my hair: Redhead

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He open his mouth, but closed it again. He froze his movement upon seeing you sit up. He lifted up a hand and pointed to a plant on your desk. He never speaks, he just nods and smile to everyone. Your hand dropped down as you looked at him.

He was bent over and you could hear him muttering something under his breath.

Human/merman sex

It was like he was waiting on your permission for something. He changed into a black suit with a green tie. Keep reading.

He had mocha skin with dark chocolate brown tribal marking on his neck. With the sunlight on him, you were able to get a better look at him. You glanced at your tiny plant to see it was bent over.

Next was a picture of him looking at the camera with a face of shock. Midnight slowly crawled forward and threw both his legs inside your room causing him to sit on the window sill. Midnight Mask jumped at the sound of you voice.

It has been snowing all week with no of stopping.

Of course the Internet blew up with controversy. Since the blanket was so big, you had to look around it to see Midnight. He seem to be the plant whisper here. Then four months later, the first picture of him in the night arouse.

They would sputter nonsense about a nature bending man attacking them. His black suit was different from the last picture you saw of it.

It started two years ago in the late fall when news reports began to come out about something odd happening. Midnight just stared with his black eyes widening. You took a step forward and strain your neck to hear. Why was he having a bonding moment with your plant? People said it was fake and was made with photoshop while other made theories that he was something that escaped from Area You could not click on anything on the internet without seeing something about guy.

You blinked as your tired eyes adjusted to the harsh artifical light. He had on that ature black mask that had an irodescent blue shimmer to it.

He had a dark green hoodie that pooled around his shoulder. His ears were turning red along with his cheeks as his eyes drifted down. This week has been so hetic at work causing you to come home and just sleep most of your night away.

Vielleicht gefällt dir das

Something small for your first apartment. He just wanted people to acknowledge him. He stop moving and stared at you woth those iridescent black eyes. His hands diligently reached for the bottom of it and lifted it into his arms.


He gave a wave and just walked away. He turned around to give you another awkward thumbs up before looking at the window.

Criminals would just be dropped off infront of police stations wrapped in vines. He had long white hair that was pulled up into a bun with brown sticks holding it together. You jumped up and wrapped your hands around the fabric.

His dark green gloves was lightly touching the one leaf of your plant. But the unordinary thing is you waking up in the middle of the night to see Midnight Mask half way through your window. You had fallen in love with a mer person and it was time to meet the parents.

Everyone was shock as he just swiftly walked into the middle of it and stood there. He looked back at you with a confused twinkle in his eyes.

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You glanced at Midnight Mask for a hint of how much it may need. Some called him the real life hero, but the thing was, no one ever saw him. The lamp that was usually on above it was turn off, making the plant blend in with the darkness of the room. It had taken a lot of work to get ready for this day.

It was this man in a pitch black suit with vines wrapped around him, hidden within a tree. His skin was light brown with dark swirls going up his neck. His suit was sprinkled with snow and you could see him shivering.

Midnight just gave an awkward smile and a thumb up. Apparently there was this man running around at night and stopping crime. Yanking it down, the blanket landed safely in your arms, although slightly coming undone. Light flooded the room causing your eyes to water. People respect his privacy and just let him be. It was quite thick, so it should Merman x human some warmth. You open it swiftly with your eyes already going towards the top. Why did Midnight Mask come into your apartment late at night? He open his mouth to say something, but closed it.

Soon, people were celebrating the comic book hero come to life, while some were scared of this magic wielding stranger. This one was black with the left leg being a dark green. He quickly backed away from the plant and stood next to the window. You stopped infront of him before presenting him with the blanket. He just left. The tips of it was turning to a yellow.

He appear to be above 7 feet and towered over everyone.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The cold air started snipping at your skin causing you want to crawl back under your covers. The final pitcture was of him being wrapped in a wave of vines.

He was laying on the tree with his arms folded behind his head as he stared up. He had a black mask that shimmer from the flash of camera. You turn to see Midnight standing akwardly near the window. Walking into your room, you noticed that Midnight Mask had moved from the window to your desk.

His long white hair was pulled up into a bun with vines holding it together. He was still shivering with the snow slowly melting onto his suit. Of course, Calix wanted to make a day of your underwater trip, seeing as the potion lasted from the time you submerged yourself under the water to the moment you popped above the surface and breathed air again. Sitting on the top self, was an old blanket you used in your youth years. His arms were crossed across his chest.

It was one bedroom and one bathroom. Glancing at the open window, you hoped he would get the hint. Midnight Mask nodded his head while still gripping his sides. Crazy, they were called, but it kept happening.