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Nasty valentines poems

Rude Valentine's poems may seem counterintuitive to the holiday spirit of love, romance and affection that surrounds Valentine's Day, but for couples who are not into schmaltz, the rude poem may just be the way to go.

Nasty Valentines Poems

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Worry not, because Metro. Roses are red Violets are blue My knickers get wet Just thinking of you. Hearts and roses and kisses galore, What the hell is all of that shit for? People get mushy and start acting queer, It is definitely the most annoying day of the year.

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Roses are red Vioets are blue I've got a knife Get in the van.

You look handsome,you look sweet, Sit down over there,take a seat. I love you more than words can say, I love you more each passing day You're my life,you're my best friend, My love to you won't ever end. Not particularly romantic nor poetic- just still makes me chuckle! See last answer.

Dirty valentine poems

Tonight we have some games to play, What happens now you have no say. When we're together, You set my world on fire. Other seasonal chat Father's Day card. It's my turn,you are the guest, You get naked and guess the rest. Birthday gift ideas from baby to daddy Help See chat rules.

How about Other seasonal chat what do you men want for valentines day? In answer to Graham P Other seasonal chat What does a man really want for Valentines Day? Other seasonal chat Valentine Rhymes Can't find your answer?

In answer to Ali32wof. What gorgeous ears you have, the better to hear me moan What gorgeous eyes you have, the better to see me naked What gorgeous mouth you have, the better to taste me with. Search for a thread.

Funny dirty valentine poems

As a teenager I recieved a card which read 'roses are red Violets are blue I just really Wanna screw you'! Other seasonal chat Did anyone else not get anything for valentines day?

Violets are Blue Roses are Red Take off your clothes and take me to bed! Other seasonal chat Valentine Poems. I've Googled poems before now x.

I really do love you, You're my hearts desire. Other seasonal chat Ideas for Valentines Day for an unromantic husband. I'll love you for every day of my life, I love you around the clock, I love your body, your mind and your soul, and not just your massive Violets are Blue Roses are thorny Be my valentine because I am horny! Other seasonal chat School anagram quiz for valentines day answers??