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Navy man realizes wife lied during deployment

When U. Navy sailor Chris Daugherty said goodbye to his family in January, he had no idea that his five months deployment would end up lasting a lot longer. Being the wife of a military man is not easy.

Navy Man Realizes Wife Lied During Deployment

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Petty Officer 1st Class Chris Daugherty, a Navy cryptologic technician, was left in complete shock from the surprise his wife had waiting for him when he returned home after a seven-month tour on the high seas. He and his wife, Natasha, had ly dealt with separation while Chris was on tour. Although it never gets easier, both knew what to expect when he was deployed in January He was originally supposed to be at sea for only five months, but then the unexpected happened…. The U.

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When Natasha had met Chris at the docks that day, she had revealed to him that she was pregnant, but he did not yet know one vital secret about the incoming arrival. Are you serious? For anyone else, it would have been easy to sink under all the pressure. But the placard was covering something unpredictable underneath that Chris could never have expected.

What events could happen in the world while he was away that could delay him even further?

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She tried to make it seem that nothing was out of the ordinary, and that meant thinking outside of the box. At that moment, Chris stopped dead in his tracks. Thankfully, she was right. Her eldest had to be properly fooled. This tour took him to the likes of Guam, the Philippines and Vietnam. In the end, both Chris and Natasha were glad that he found out the good news about the pregnancy in person.

Despite the range of emotions that Natasha dealt with keeping the secret, ultimately she was happy Chris could be part of the process once he returned. Their fourth baby was due in August, which gave them about two months for something they desperately needed.


The Daugherty family members rejoiced as the weight of months apart had lifted and they now had a tiny miracle to look forward to. He and Natasha had promised that this time around there would be no surprises, but he still longed to be home. Natasha would inconspicuously hide her growing baby bump in photos she sent Chris while he was away. For families of members in the armed forces, tours of duty can mean months away from home. Ultimately, though, she decided the surprise would be worth it. They all knew Chris would get a deployment notice in the near future, but when?

In earlythe U. Navy shipped out Chris for another four-month round to the western Pacific. The video quickly became a sensation on Facebook and now has more than half a million views. Navy sailor Chris Daugherty was due to deploy in January Daugherty was initially expecting to be at sea for five months. She also knew that if she told her Navy husband, he would worry and be disappointed that he was missing out yet have no way to be there.

Having spent so much time away from his loved ones, Chris made a vow to put down electronics and spend more time face-to-face when he again returned home. The addition to his deployment had been made after North Korea began testing ballistic missiles. Would he be having a son or a daughter?

In the months after Chris returned the Daugherty family was able to fit some unforgettable quality time. The Navy man was at long last on the voyage home to jump back into the everyday reality of being a devoted family man. And Natasha expressed similarly heart-warming sentiments about the whole occasion.

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In one photo, she placed their toddler on her lap to hide her midsection. Still, no one, and particularly Chris, could have guessed just how Natasha was able to conceal her growing secret for so long. After five grueling months, Chris called from his station to tell his loving wife Natasha that his tour had extended by an extra 30 days.

Although Natasha had initially wanted to keep her pregnancy from family and friends to lower the chances that someone would accidentally give the surprise away to Chris, her growing stomach eventually became apparent and she rallied them to maintain the happy secret. After the sweet reunion with his children, Chris headed over to Natasha.

Admittedly keeping that information from her husband was one of the hardest things Natasha has ever done. The changes were small at first, but with each passing week, it became harder and harder to conceal the truth.

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Subtly smiling, she was holding a large poster welcoming her spouse back from his maritime duties. It was one of those friends who came to the Navy homecoming and recorded a video of the touching family reunion. At that point, I was extremely emotional.

With everyone waiting anxiously at their side, Natasha and Chris popped a bundle of balloons that revealed pink confetti! They would make video calls, speak on the phone and share photos online, but Natasha constantly worried that Chris would notice she was hiding something.

Although she barely had a minute to spare, Natasha Daugherty was in turmoil over the dilemma of whether to tell her husband something that would inevitably have a HUGE impact and change both of their lives forever when he returned. In addition, the Navy wife wanted to share all the fear and challenges that came with expecting a baby. The young Temecula, California couple had three young children and it never got any easier when deployment time came around.

Inevitably, a lot can happen and change in those months that a soldier is gone. Although Chris had missed the first 7. The couple wed inand after years of marriage keeping something of such gravity from Chris was extremely difficult and unprecedented for Natasha. What would happen to Chris and his unit? To keep afloat, Natasha was back home working two jobs and taking care of three little kids while Chris was serving his duty for the country. It was only about a week after Chris had shipped out, though, when Natasha started subtly changing her ways. As time passed, however, there was one person in particular back home to whom Natasha was EXTRA careful not to reveal her whole story.

Along with stocking up on diapers and completing some final touches to the nursery, the couple also fit in some adorable maternity shots. It was the one thing that Chris had dreamed of doing for all of his time away from home.

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Americans and the world could only hold their breath nervously as the government of North Korea began testing ballistic missiles over and over, with no restraint. They gathered their friends and family together for the happy event. The pair named their new baby Anara Rose, who ed her year-old brother, 4-year-old sister and month-old sister. The situation was intensified by the fact that the family kept in touch on a regular basis. With three children at home and her husband away in the Navy, Natasha Daugherty had her hands plenty full.

Chris and Natasha were able to do some much-needed bonding with their three oldest kids before welcoming the fourth.

Naturally, she had to keep sending Chris photos from home, both to keep him smiling while he was so far away, and to update him about their everyday lives. Chris was thousands of miles away from home and she knew to reveal the truth while he was so far away would just make him anxious and distracted. The couple was having another girl, and they were over the moon. At one point soon after Chris had deployed, the year-old Natasha had intended to come clean to her Navy husband, but ultimately she decided against it.

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Otherwise she would tell! That meant she had to be extra careful — especially around the other children! Actually, as well as the first surprise worked out for everyone, one seemed to be just enough. For how long?

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When a military spouse is deployed it can be excruciating waiting to reunite. And Chris Daugherty and his wife, Natasha, were no strangers to the sacrifices of that lifestyle. But what happens when a returning serviceman comes home to find out a life-changing secret that has been kept from him in his time away? In her attempt to give her husband the surprise of his life, Natasha had implemented some pretty clever ways to hide her pregnancy. Natasha and Chris Daugherty had first met when they were both working in the Navy.

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At the time, Natasha was working as an IT systems technician and Chris was smitten. But there was one big catch — and everybody knew it. The mother of three found it most difficult to keep up appearances of normalcy with her four-year-old. It was plainly obvious to Natasha that one of the very first things that the family would do after Chris returned home was to have a gender reveal party.

They impacted over the Sea of Japan. She was so excited about the pregnancy and wanted to tell Chris the good news in an. What they both have said of the events, though, will bring tears to your eyes.