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Neverwinter favor of sune

This is a repost of our original event guide from Adventurers of Neverwinter are currently celebrating the fourth Jubilee event along the Sword Coast.

Neverwinter Favor Of Sune

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The Summer Festival is one of the big seasonal events in Neverwinter. On all platforms players can enjoy the sun, water games, and tons of rewards! For all those new to the festivities or those that tend to get lost between shooting water balls, killing trolls and doing Sahha, we have a guide for you! This write-up covers the structure, currencies, and all rewards! Players can travel to the Summer Festival Ground using the overworld map. Any activity related to the event takes place there.

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Guilds can celebrate the summer solstice together by having a feast in their Great Hall. This year the game will celebrate its anniversary with a series of special forum events and exclusive rewards.

Tagged in : announcedeventsgamesNeverwinterOnlinePerfectSummerworld. Dungeon Marathon: Season 3 June 29 — July 26 : For the third year in a row, Swordsman will have a competition where the goal is to complete the most dungeons.

Players can look forward to hide-and-seek games with the GMS, prize draws with exclusive rewards and an exhibition of fan art. Players can follow this tradition by taking part in classic challenges such as the Summer Feast, Hungry Trolls Competition, Water Fight, and the popular Sahha ball game. Forsaken World Celebration for the 6th anniversary June 1st — 30th : Forsaken World will celebrate its 6th anniversary with special events throughout June.

Players will continue their journey in the world of Jianghu and become aware of their divine power. StarTrek. Wraith Hunter July 5th — 19th : During this event, players will accept a quest from one of the Wraith hunters in one of the great cities in Perfect World, in which they will have to kill one of five random bosses.

Returning Bosses June : The toughest bosses in the game have returned! You can about the individual events below. Swordsman Jianghu Tournament: Season 2 Starts June 8 : In the second season of this PvP tournament, players can take part in a gigantic arena battle and prove that they are among the greatest of all fighters in the history of Jianghu.

Players can hunt aliens with their friends for two weeks to earn a special statue for their home. The winners can look forward to points and exclusive rewards. She will lead players to various hidden chests that they can dig up to earn points for rewards.

If the heroes of Perfect World achieve a victory over these opponents then they will receive special items such as low level dragon balls, sealed aeropods and much more. Share Article:.

This is an exciting challenge that combines elements of a hoverboard race and a floater flight. Players from different servers compete against each other in a series of weekly competitions for great rewards.

In the course of this, you can secure special rewards, among other things.