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Pokemon tickle fanfic

Just wanted to contribute a cute fic for my first ever fandom!

Pokemon Tickle Fanfic

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The event happened like all other instances. The squad were all gathered around the camp, enjoying themselves and the brief moments of relaxation, when our favorite champion to be decided to start some mischief. Ash stretched his arms out, popping the ts in his spine. As he lowered his arms, his hand quickly darted out and poked Clemont in his side, grinning when the Kalos leader let out a squeak. Clemont whirled on him, his cheeks staining pink with mild irritation.

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This seemed to convince the beast to keep going because the trainer soon felt a curious lick right at the beginning of his left underarm. Silvally seemed to ignore him, because the pokemon did not stop.

If a miracle happens, I might even write something on here. This was almost the fifth time that he lost to that stupid trainer and his pokemon. It's said to have happened before xx. Anyway, this is based off the cute picture below. So, please enjoy, and I really hope you guys liked my attempt at this fandom for the first time XD. Gladion was…frustrated.

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G-get out! Gladion let out breathy giggles, as he finally let go of the hoodie covered head, and tears finally clouded over his eyes and left their marks on his flushing cheeks.

Gladion twitched and tensed his fist against the bed covers as his breathing soon began to hitch from holding in his laughter. I usually only reblog cute content that I enjoy.

Gladion opened his teary green eyes, and lightly glared at his smug looking pokemon, who looked like it was smirking. Rubbing the grey fur again, the blond cuddled closer to his pokemon, not really caring about the small kisses the pokemon gave him.

Glancing down again, the pokemon noticed that the usually frowning blond had a small gentle smile on his face, and for once, he looked peaceful instead of angry. My Stuff Submit. What was he missing?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This was just something that came to my head after playing through pokemon moon, and falling in love with Gladion. Not to mention having to hear that loud as hell trainer that was always too happy for life was annoying as well. Hey guys! Sighing, the blond fell against his bed, and glanced over at his sleeping Silvally that was lying in the little bed that he had set him up with. The pokemon chirped a little, and slowly stretched up, moving to stand next to the blond.

Letting his eyes slip shut, the blond let out gentle puffs, and giggled softly when Silvally pressed loving kisses to his neck. Kicking his legs harder under his pokemon, the blond felt tears glisten in his green eyes as Silvally licked across his ribs, and down his sides.

Gladion let go of the pokemon, and covered his eyes. Not there! Gladion froze for a minute before the shocking feeling of the tickles he was feeling flowed through his body as he arched and shrieked as loud as he could.