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Pregnant fantasy stories

Savor the swoons and bring a happily ever after into your life with this list of 22 free online romance novels to read right now. Subscribing and managing your subscription. And for even more great — and The hero is a a guy named Garrett.

Pregnant Fantasy Stories

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Home pregnant sex stories. Oh how demure, reserved you look standing there before the mirror, phone in one hand, your blouse tucked under you titties and your other hand over your uterus low on your tummy.

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I'm in the gym. I felt his penis pulsation, his body shivering, I heard his moans in my ear and I felt a warm sensation gathering in my tummy. It seems that he was also a straight guy, but he always had such a fantasy. You can follow Sissy Kiss on other sites too! It felt very good! over 1. I told him that I have a very old fantasy about getting pregnant with a man, pretend to be his female and spend some time with him.

After a while, he went to the locker room.

The official time to show up in the chat is 8pm Eastern Time. He started to kiss me again, softly and slowly. Very short after, his thrusts became deeper and faster and his moans became louder. He had the idea to spend a weekend on a mountain resort, far from our city where nobody can recognize us.

The Image Gallery. Feel free to follow for sexy sissy fun! He stuck to my back with his body and I felt his penis aroused between my buttocks. He grabbed my hips with his strong arms to pull himself deeper in me. All happened very fast without any time to realize what was happening.

The biggest turn on for me is to feel feminine and being pregnant is the top of femininity! Sissy Kiss Boutique. I don't have a towel with me. While I was doing squats, I noticed that he is looking discretely at my butt. This way we will add some suspense. I will use the one that I use for the exercises. Shortly after that, he took his finger out, grabbed his penis, wet his tip with a bit of saliva, Pregnant fantasy stories put it on my butt hole giving me a soft massage with it to relax.

Find your special someone who loves the same things you do! He started go deeper and deeper in me. You can here :. It's taller and larger than me, very masculine and it seems gentle and respectful. The Latest Topics. I got very aroused myself and I started to breath heavily. After we got out from the showers, I started to wipe myself, with my back turned on him.

Golden wolf

When I noticed that, a small rush of hormones passed through my body. Random Chat. It was my first time. Sissy Kiss's Feminization Guide. You can try it. And I smiled at him. That's why I want to be pregnant. Corset training with steel boned corsets help a lot in addition with hormones to give us TGirls wonderful curves!

He hugged me and we stayed like that for a while during which I was feeling the warm in my tummy. Here is my fantasy. I felt very feminine, cozy and protected, like his woman. Suddenly, he tells me: - Hey, sorry to say this but you have a very cute butt! He was pushing himself hard in me, so I had to stand by the wall. It was a bit painful, but it felt so good, so intense, that I nearly cum in that very moment. I stood still and I said nothing.

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I licked a pregnant cunt

It felt amazing! After a while, he told me: - Sorry I came so fast. And then he grabbed me closer in his arms and gave me a kiss on my forehead. My heart was beating very hard because of that feeling, but I was also a bit scared that somebody could come in and see us. Is better to go home fresh. He wet his finger in his mouth and then he slowly stuck it in my butt.

Ripe for pregnancy

The idea seamed great especially that it was winter, and the environment will be very cozy. After our breathing calmed down, he gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek and he slowly pulled himself out from me. Advertise On SK. Site Rules. FantaSissy Dating. Romantasy has been the best place to get corsets in my experience. It's clean. There is only one more guy there, but I don't know him. He then gently pushed it. I also got naked and I followed him to the showers.

Sissy Dating. Suddenly he stopped, pulling himself as hard and deep as he could inside me and started to cum. Feminization Guide. Shortly I followed him there pretending that I finished my training. While I was dressing with the ''go home'' clothes, he asked me: - Aren't you used to take showers here?

He told me that he would really like to live this fantasy with me, especially that now I can be pregnant with him.

We dressed ourselves and started to talk about us with smiles on our faces. Forum Topics. Recover Password? I told him with a small laugh pretending I was surprised by his comment: - Ok My hormones gone crazy.

He quietly moaned himself also. I knew I had a quite feminine butt, so I slightly arched my back to have a more pointed out butt.

I already started to have a fantasy with him in my mind. I turned my face to him, and I gave him a passionate kiss on his lips. I always had a fantasy of having sex with another man and that was a turn on for me. The moment when the tip of his penis suddenly slipped inside my but, I moaned. I was quietly moaning from so much pleasure.

A real, and complete tutorial to learn everything about how to feminize yourself. We both continued our training. Suddenly, I felt his hands gently grabbing my hips and he gave me a soft kiss on my neck. The moment when the tip of his finger penetrated my butt, I was surprised by the feeling and I took a short and deep breath. Ann who is very experienced in corset training has a great guide for it.

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After a couple of seconds, his thrusts slowed down but became even more powerful and I felt him become very aroused. We both took the showers casually, but I was fantasizing in my mind. We both started to undress to change our clothes, but he continued to undress until naked.