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Reddit masturbation tips

The ones who travel furthest for self-pleasure say that, if they edge long enough, they fall into a mind-numbing trance where nothing matters but nutting. Like anything worth accomplishing, gooning takes practice. To get there, though, redditor JoiJunkiea year-old Southerner, says one must first master edging.

Reddit Masturbation Tips

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This is nothing new: Almost every guy masturbates. And recent research continues to remind us why it's a good idea: The release of dopamineendorphins, and oxytocin during masturbation can help with everything from relaxation to insomnia to good metabolism. The activation of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels create internal genital toneprevent sensory damageand might treat erectile dysfunction issues.

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And if you have anything to share with the class, we welcome that too.

If you see a field of pumpkins you are going to look at them differently after you read what ErnestGetsElected said. Reddit put it out there and asked people what made their orgasm so intense it left a long-lasting impression on them because of course they did and the answers were enlightening, interesting, and some were very, um … creative. It is so refreshing having someone who cares about your pleasure probably more than their own!

Goddamn drowned myself into that water. I did about half the time with partners.

For the single dudes I lately discovered using a vibrator on my frenulum to finish myself off also produces one hell of a nut. Had a third smaller orgasm, he dried me off, and took me back to the bed where we cuddled.

Reddit thread: 'at what age did you lose interest in masturbating?'

Um, sounds like they went for a magic carpet ride. I got high and started dragging my feet along some shag carpet, just scootin around the room slowly. That was probably the best orgasm till date.

Wew lad, makes my eyes water thinking about it. Before him I was usually satisfied IF I orgasmed once. Woman on top and we had both climaxed, he was gently playing with my nipples and I was rocking back and forth rubbing my clit on him when he started to get hard again inside me.

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It left my whole body weak and I laughed-cried afterward. It was this slow building orgasm that went on for several minutes and left me shaking and weak.

WhiteTrashRSA has some tips for people with a frenulum that little ridge of skin that connects the head of the penis to the shaft. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics. One time she let me cum while balls deep down her throat.

Something about him growing while I moved on him set me off. It was amazing.

I tried reddit's best sex advice—and it was surprisingly good

I came so hard I fell over and crushed the pumpkin right in my room. The thing is, humans are sexual creatures. Also, they need to be a team player and share their weed source if they are going to post shit like this. Edging can be a great way to enhance your orgasm no carpet or pumpkin needed.

Masturbation: you’re doing it wrong

And then it hit me— I was coming. It took weeks for the smell to go away.

It felt so good that I continued for over a half hour, just thinking and babbling and giggling to myself like an insane person, until suddenly I had to stop because my body went rigid and I felt a kind of … sudden seizing, as if I was going to sneeze violently. But, cheers to seven times. Hopefully these tips will get you started, if you know what I mean.

All the little jigglies in the middle along with the tight hole I cut into it and rubberiness of the condom ruined me for pussy. But also, my vagina hurts thinking about that. This will never happen for me.