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Reform school spanking stories

Reform School Punishment Maria, until this moment, had decided that this reform school wasn't so bad of a place. Three months ago, on her sixteenth birthday, as a matter of fact, she and a friend had decided to celebrate by buying a bag of pot.

Reform School Spanking Stories

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The pair of young twins Mitch and Tommy Collins are spoiled rotten by their mom and dad and they tend to get themselves into a bit of trouble. Colton molds Bryan into not only being his own personal sex slave, but also a boy for hire.

Two Boys in the Reformatory by Caliban. Liked by 3 readers.

Mt — non-cons oral — humil tort med cbt spank dental torture. Approximately one of seven males have been sexually molested before the age of Mt — Mdom cons oral anal — bdsm chast toys. Two thirteen year old boys are sent by stern juvenile court judges to the brutal but politically correct Alexander X.

Stevens School. He finds himself at the mercy of three sex starved female pedophile inmates whose wildest fantasies have just been realized.

(****, m/fff, severe, schoolgirl, nc)

This story is about a punishment for some of those little crimes that the boys commit. These stories are free for you to enjoy. Finished story — Work in Progress — Story was never finished — Status unclear. Fourteen year old Jimmy Swensen is out of control and his father sent to a very special school, where some of the discipline measures are quite harsh, but no permanent physical damage.

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The Institution by Backwoodsman. Liked by 6 readers.

Mb machine-b — punishment mast — bond humil diaper pain. The boys run away, only to be recaptured and returned to the reform school. We follow the life of Bryan, from age 8 until age Bryan is a highly intelligent but terribly lonely 8 year-old boy, when he is spotted by 12 year-old Colton. Gltoyvic by Sarge. Prison doctor makes things right and adopts boy, castrates brother. Mt tt — non-cons cons oral anal mast — humil spank castr. Liked by 7 readers.

Later, when Bryan is released we follow him through the hardships of love, abuse and hood that just won't ever end! The older one has to serve his white classmates orally in the next class. A teen enslaved and sent to another family by the court refuses to follow orders and is sent to a notorious place to teach him respect. For the next seven months he undergoes rigorous training, both physical and psychological, at one of the best slave training schools in the country.

Liked by 14 readers. George Protheroe's Vengeance by Martlet. The Trip to Adventure Camp by Sarge. Liked by 5 readers.

Black Circle by gaki-kun. Liked by 2 readers.

Reform school

Johan de Beer, a year-old white South-African boy, got busted for lifting a box of condoms and is sentenced to six months in a private correctional facility operating on a working farm in the Northern Transvaal. Charlie a 6 year old rejuve is starting his new life as a Black Circle Penny following conviction.

Thirteen-and-a-half-year-old Paul Gaston lives in a society where homosexuality is not publicly tolerated. When young Paul is caught engaging in exploratory sex play with age-mate Chris, he is immediately arrested and sent to The Institution, a strange reform school where homosexual practices are not only permitted, they are part of the curriculum for boys ages incarcerated there. Boys' Detention Centre by Mich Boyle. They then suffer the rather unjust desserts of prolonged and severely painful punishment as part of a secret government research project to study pain endurance. Liked by 8 readers.

Liked by 12 readers. Link to story: One Part. Not only does he discover insight into his own motivations and needs, but helps few of his comrades along the way.

Punishment in the border town reform school

Liked by 22 readers. Mb — nc anal oral Fdom — age-regress spank enem humil.

Happily, Chris, Paul? If successful, he will be allowed to permanently relinquish his status as a free citizen and be allowed to bond with a permanent master according to the country's Consensual Slavery Laws. While still serving their terms, boys are also hired out to private clients with varying tastes and proclivities. A year-old who is subjected to relentless bullying lashes out, with terrible consequences for himself and his younger brother, but justice eventually prevails.

On transfer to the boys' detention center he finds that the female wardens are just as keen to have there way with the cutest boys in the prison. Set sometime in the indeterminate future, "For Your Own Good" is the story of a boy with a rough past who faces an even rougher future when he's sent to a rehabilitation facility for delinquent boys read "prison" to receive radical treatment that is "for his own good.

While on a trip to a camp, 10 boys find themselves at the mercy of a group of boys who recently escaped from a juvenile detention facility. Sentenced to a six-month term, Paul learns also that he is expected to work as a homosexual prostitute Reform school spanking stories released?

Bryan ends up in a detention center for boys, where he again has to submit an older, stronger boy. A Different Kind of School by Dirt. Stevens School Runaways by Platypus. Fb bb — Fdom reluc piv mast oral — first spank. Hell's Gate — where bad boys get sent after everyone else has given up on them.

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Bryan Willowsby by P. For Your Own Good by Paolox. Liked by 10 readers. However, mentally that may be a different matter. Mt — Mdom anal — spank Mt — prost anal. Mt tt — cons mast oral — spank. Worldwide 2, children will be physically and sexually abused today. Two black boys, 16 and 13 years have to strip naked and fuck in front of a class of white boys.

Master chris collection

Liked by 1 reader. Johan by Koos Smit. Mt eunuch — oral mast — med castr null mind control interr. Twelve year old, blonde and perfect, Shane Byrne is sentenced to three years in a boys prison but is held in a women's prison for his first night whilst awaiting transport to the boys' facility. Links to story: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. A story about the TK Institute, a juvenile prison for boys at which one Doctor Jasper Savage conducted insane tickling-related experiments on the boys.

A boy gets framed for rape by his stepbrother.

Punishment in the border town reform school

Mt Mb tt — Mdom nc mast oral anal — tort bdsm spank cbt chast humil. He has to do hard farm chores with a lot of punishment and sex with the other boys. Hedgewick Academy by Justin Davis. Approximately one of four women in North America were molested in childhood. After one year, his father will get back a totally different boy.

Liked by 11 readers. Liked by 16 readers.

A young teen, against the wishes of his parents, petitions the government to be allowed to choose the education that he believes will be best for him. In this story we follow the experiences of two youths in Nebraska, Martin 'Shorty' and Terrence 'Whitey'prisoners in a tough state penal institution for juvenile offenders.