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He grinned wildly as he tried to wiggled his fingers inside of her, feeling his fingertips parted by the membrane separating her ass from her cunt. No ? Her sucking his dick had failed to get him off and she had no idea on how to save herself as he prepared to rape her. As he shoved his prick into her tight pussy again and again he bent down and began nuzzling her graceful neck, filling his mouth with the taste of her succulent skin.

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He put one hand on her lower back, just above her pale cheeks, and he shoved his first two fingers and thumb into his mouth, getting them nice and wet. The ease of the material tearing threw him off balance and his impending victim managed to wiggle herself free.

Plowing into Scarlett, Kevin was the happiest man on Earth, the feel of her body underneath him had his blood boiling with pleasure.

I do not know Scarlett Johansson or have anything to do with her. Giant steel shutters slid down, up, and side to side over every door and window of the actress's home. He pushed down firmly on her back as he pulled his wet fingers from his mouth and held them just above the juncture of her pale thighs, a small strand of spit fell from his fingers and landed on the lower part of her ass where it met the tops of her thighs and he heard her whimper in fear.

You must to do that! He used his free hand to Scarlett johansson erotica his hard prick to the entrance to her tight pussy and he shoved himself back in, causing her to scream out as he violated her once again. The technician still had his pants pooled around his ankles and his erection throbbed as it jutted out from between his legs, the swollen head dark purple and oddly enough seemed to be staring angrily at her. I do not own The Purge or the characters from it.

He stopped groping her firm breasts and began pinching and rolling her hard nipples, tugging them and yanking them around on her chest. Scarlett squealed through the discomfort of the technician's ridged prick violating her body. The sirens went off before the codes ed. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. He typed in the last of the computer codes and looked up from the keypad of the security system.

Scarlett looked over at the technician as she hugged herself. She tried to crawl away, her firm ass thrust high in the air as she scooted a few feet along the floor, her full tits rubbing along the slick wood. It was simply biology that made her pussy start to moisten as he began plunging his fingers in and out faster, the friction inside of her body forcing her tight pussy to get wetter and wetter.

He switched to the other tit, still squeezing both pale orbs as the starlet groaned and writhed underneath him. Unfortunately for his ego she just stood staring out the window. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason.

Tears fell from her beautiful face, splashing along the floor as she felt the technician crawl over on top of her, his hard prick rubbing along her exposed skin. Story Details. He moaned in pleasure at the taste of her as he eyed her now wet, vulnerable pussy.

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Her hands balled into fists as she gritted her teeth, reed to whatever the technician was going to do to her, accepting whatever her fate would be. They barely moved as he groped at them but felt amazingly soft. He pressed his shaft along the length of the valley separating her cheeks as he gripped the sides of her firm ass, pressing her cheeks against his shaft, titty-fucking her smooth cheeks. He thrust his tongue past her lips and caressed her warm, pink mouth while groping one of her tits with one hand and trying to shuck off his pants the rest of the way with the other.

I just get nervous sometimes. It was only about an inch of visible skin but it traveled all the way around her and Scarlett johansson erotica low on her hips as she paced back and forth nervously in front of her window. He looked up from his keypad at his sexy customer, her arms wrapped around herself for comfort had pushed her bra-less tits together and made them look even larger.

He placed his cock on her sternum and then wrapped her heavenly tits around his shaft, his eyes rolling back as he moaned in pleasure at the feel of her amazing flesh wrapped around his cock.

His nuts slapped repeatedly against her face as drool escaped from her mouth, covering her chin and his balls as he plowed into her award winning mouth. He spread his thighs wide, lowering his groin down so the tip of his prick was aimed at her mouth.

He was almost hypnotized at her glorious tits, barely noticing her hands slapping at him as his eyes feasted on spectacular chest. As the starlet began quieting down he pulled his cock out an inch and then slammed it back in, causing the trapped woman to grunt and it was the sexiest sound he had ever hear. With every thrust his cock slid down the back of her mouth, the tip of his shaft sliding into her clutching throat as his cum filled balls bounced wetly off of her chin.

Spots swam across her vision and she could hear the technician grunting on top of her and would have tried to fight him Scarlett johansson erotica if only she could remember how to move her arms. Share Story. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

He noticed her wide hips twitch and lunged at her before she could run, tackling her to the floor. She closed her lips around the technician's girth, rubbing her tongue along the big vein running underneath of his shaft as he fucked her mouth and she began sucking his cock. He released his hold on her hair and shuffled down beside her until he came to her firm ass. He gripped and squeezed her large tits, amazed at how firm and heavy they felt in his greedy hands.

He spread his thighs wide so he could sit up straighter and gripped her barely jiggling ass-cheeks as he pushed into her harder and caused her to scream out again, almost making him cum. He took her arms and slid them under her back, pinning them under her body as he moved up and straddled her chest, his knees keeping her arms from escaping out. The feel of her arms being trapped began to wake Scarlett from her daze. Scarlett johansson erotica climbed between her pale legs and laid on top of her, her warm breasts pressed against his chest as he gripped her wrists in one hand and yanked her arms up before she had a chance to swing out at him and pulling her tits up high and tight on her chest.

He let her move up and then gripped the waistband of her pajama bottoms and yanked down as she was moving up, baring her clean shaved pussy to him.

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Her lungs began to burn from lack of air because of his shaft slipping and sliding in and out of her throat, blocking her air supply. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you.

Finally removing his pants he started kneading her tits with both hands, amazed at how silky smooth they felt and how firm they were. Her wet cunt felt like heaven wrapped around his cock as he penetrated her again and again, her silky smooth ass pressed against his groin sent electric shocks coursing through him and her whining and crying had him on the verge of cumming. Scarlett froze as she felt the technician slide between her legs. He reached up and grabbed the collar of her shirt and with a strong yank he tore the thin material completely open.

His eyes traveled over the juncture of her pale thighs as his cock spread her dewy lips and his eyes moved up her writhing body to her large, barely moving tits. Suddenly she jumped a bit as the warning sirens aling the Purge started to blare. His raging hard-on was a direct contrast to his face which beamed with almost childish glee, like a kid unwrapping presents on Christmas.

She fought back trying to swing her elbows back, her beautiful face set in a angry scowl, her eyes Scarlett johansson erotica flashing in rage as she struggled against the technician.

She weakly kicked her legs out in a half-halfhearted attempt to escape but he simply pushed down more firmly on her back as he dug his fingers into her even deeper. When he had pulled his cock out she had felt so relieved that everything was finally over but then he had effortlessly flipped her over and pierced her vulnerable pussy again and she had felt herself fall even deeper into despair.

His throbbing dick seemed to point straight at Scarlett and he followed it towards her, shuffling his feet with his pants and underwear wrapped around his ankles. She tired to keep up with the technician's thrusts as he relentlessly fucked her face but could barely just suck and run her tongue along his length due to the odd angle of his thrusts.

She noticed where his eyes were roaming and quickly tried to cover herself, barely being able to conceal her nipples as she struggled to move out from underneath him. He could spend all night playing with her phenomenal boobs but there was so many different Scarlett johansson erotica he wanted to do to her Scarlett johansson erotica tonight. As Kevin was cleaning up his clutter he began explaining everything to Scarlett, proud of his work.

Trying to keep herself covered somehow she rolled over on her stomach, trying to hide her exposed breasts and vagina and exposing her pale ass. His dating life just mirrored his work life going from girl to girl and just never finding the right one. As he had barely passed every class except for metal shop where he had earned a nearly perfect score. Scarlett breathed a sigh of relief. Her pale nipples were hard and gleamed with his saliva as her heavy breasts shook while he fucked himself deep inside of her, his cum filled balls slapping against her firm ass-cheeks.

He bent down and began noisily licking and sucking her firm tits and hard nipples as she squealed out again. He felt her finally stop struggling against him, surrendering her sexy body to him so he released her wrists and sat up on his knees, pulling her waist and legs up to rest on the top of his thighs and giving him a unobstructed view of her naked body as he fucked her.

She closed her eyes as she made a sudden decision. Kevin moaned in pleasure as he fucked Scarlett harder and faster, releasing her tit from his mouth so he could sit up straighter and watch her breasts jiggle with each of her thrusts.

Her tears started to falling harder, blurring her vision as she gritted her teeth and surrendered, preparing herself for what was coming next.

This is a work of complete fiction. His wide eyes were locked on her chest, reminding the actress of her exposed breasts. Her tits natural Scarlett johansson erotica kept them from moving around very much, inspiring him to thrust hard to get them to move more. He rubbed his hard prick across the tender, silky flesh of her ass-cheeks, enjoying the way the trail of pre-cum he was leaving across her skin gleamed in the light. He pulled his cock out with a pop and watched as she gasped for breath, her face pinking up while he rubbed his spit wet prick across her gasping face, covering every inch of her with a mix if her spit and his pre-cum.

Her pants, grunts Scarlett johansson erotica moans echoed through the house as she tried to break free and he humped against her ass and forcefully groped her chest. Finally, one day, he fell backwards into his job working for A1 Security where his just above average knowledge of metal working, computer repair, and computer engineering had him quickly climbing the ladder of the business as far as he was concerned. Kevin took a moment to look at Scarlett before bending down and kissing her.

He had spent the next few years bouncing from job to job, never finding one that suited him just right. Scarlett watched the last of the steel shutters slide into place. now! His lips left her groaning mouth and he licked down to her impressive chest, quickly catching one of her pink nipples between his lips, sucking hard on the rubbery nub as he licked it to full hardness. The warm folds of her pussy parted and surrounded his shaft, pressing tightly along the length of his shaft as she screamed out beneath him and he penetrated her fully, his bloated balls pressed tightly against her sticky pussy lips.

He gripped the base of his prick and rubbed the sensitive tip of his dick around her hard nipples leaving them to gleam with his pre-cum before he slid down her writhing body, working himself between her thrashing legs until her pale thighs were parted around his hips.