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Sex toy tf

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Sex Toy Tf

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Wow a year as a flesh light that will mean a lot of cum being fired into you. You are in luck because I was just contacted by one of the biggest porn companies in need of some special flesh lights. I am sure you are going to enjoy what I have planned for you. As soon as you the paperwork you feel the changes already starting. Your body gets stiff and starts to shrink already.

Years: 19
Ethnic: I'm ecuadorian
I speak: French
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Leo
My figure type: My figure type is muscular
Favourite music: Opera

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Author id:. She watched and felt as her cunt began to become a circular opening in order to accomedate cocks as she felt the same thing happen to her ass.

Story id:. Log in. With the chronivac he decided that today would be the best way to pull off the perfect prank on her. Option title how will it be listed among the options above.

Branch Full view. Adult content:. Chelsea groaned as she felt a tigle go through her body, "Je She dropped the towel to the ground as she watched the rest of her body begin to smooth over with latex as well.

Comment Optional. Search tag:. She impacted the ground and felt her body bounce as it was no longer made of flesh and blood but rather air.

He closed his eyes and focused. Chelsea fell backwards as her legs suddenly lost mobility and slowly she fell back as if her body weiged nothing.

Jeff thought to himself idly as he heard the his sister bang on the door to his room. All chapters not following these rules are subject to deletion at any time and those who abuse will be banned. He and his sister often never got along and each would pull a prnak on the other.

She tried to call out one last time but she found her mouth being forced into a smile as a opening formed. You are not logged in.

She knew she was a love doll and was panicking in her mind but there was nothing she could do as she felt her body just lay there on the floor. Tags: You need to select at least one TF type. I understand.

Read this before posting Any of the following is not permitted: comments please use the Note optionimage links, short chapters and fan fiction content based off a copyrighted work. List of options your readers will have:.