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Sexiest cheerleaders 2015

They were part of Baltimore's Marching Colts. Most NFL cheerleading squ are a part-time job. Often, cheerleaders have completed or are attending a universityand continue on to other careers after cheering for one to four seasons.

Sexiest Cheerleaders 2015

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So much for September. The first month of the NFL season has come and gone, with about four more left to look forward to. Their snappy little wearing denim jackets over their trademark Jaguar-print tops and matching daisy dukes against the Dolphins, in particular, helped inspire the team to a big win over Miami. The Eagles cheerleaders have brought their A-game in September, and have had better blocking in their routines wearing sumptuous three-toned unis than the Eagles O-line. The First Ladies of Football and their trendy two-toned ensembles helped inspire the team to its first win over the season against St. But those wins might be few and far between if Kirk Cousins keeps ing the First Ladies on the sidelines after he throws another bad pick.

Years: 40
Where am I from: I was born in Hungary
Eye tone: I’ve got soft brown eyes
Languages: English
My Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
I like: Listening to music
My piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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The LSU graduate who has a degree in Kineseology also works as a pharmaceutical sales representative who sells medicine for heart failure. When she isn't cheering on the Who Dey' nation and their team, Loreal keeps busy with her second job as a Customer Service Sales Agent.

Hottest cheerleaders in the world | updates

When she is not cheering on the Texans, the native can be found hitting the books as a graduate student, or in her other profession as a high school teacher. In hockey, you have the ice girls, but they are more of a recent phenomena, and because of the fact that they perform in predominantly colder temperatures, their attire is somewhat limited. Refurbishing antique furniture is one of her hobbies. Her hobbies are listed as hiking, reading, traveling, and of course dancing.

When she is not at Lincoln Financial Field cheering on the Eagles, she is in the classroom, as Mandi is also a school teacher.

Top 10 hottest cheerleaders in the world

The only cheerleader on the list who hails from Kobe, Japan, Masako who is going into her third season as a member of the squad, studied English Literature at Kobe College. Growing up she was a tomboy who enjoyed playing baseball and softball. While Sara B like most cheerleaders became interested in the profession due to their various dance experiences growing up, A choice she made two years ago, shaped her life as she knows it.

The native of Youngstown, Ohio is going into her second year as a member of the Chiefs' cheering squad. Hanging out with family is at the top of her priority list of important things to do.

From the Gold Rush, to the Raiderettes, to the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, they have become so noticeable that they play an important part in the broadcast of an NFL game. Education is a major part of her life as she is substitute teacher, an instructional assistant, and she also knows language.

Tyesha is heading into her 4th year as a member of the Gold Rush. With that said, we are here to give you the top 15 current sexist NFL cheerleaders. Her stunning looks aside, Heidi is extremely good at what she does as she was named the Saints' representative at last year's Pro Bowl.

The beautiful Ashley Si is in her second year as a cheerleader for the Houston Texans. The Las Vegas native is going into her first season with the legendary Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

It is pretty obvious that Elizabeth is the total package as she has both beauty and brains. As if eating awesome junk food will help the team win right? For good luck before every Texans' game, Ashley eats cake and cookie dough.

Top 10 hottest cheerleaders in the world

A self-professed geek due to the fact that she loves sci-fi books, movies, and television shows, Melissa loves to see how monsters, aliens, and beings not of this world are created and depicted to audiences. She migrated to the United States in She became interested in the profession after meeting the Redskins' cheerleaders' director and choreographer Stephanie Jojokian in Japan in The third year Sea Gal from Auburn, Washington has been involved in dance for a good part of her life. When she isn't at Arrowhead Stadium cheering on the Chiefs, Alexis can be found helping out people and families in her other profession as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Don't let the athletic past, her stunning figure, and her job as a cheerleader fool you however, as Jenna lists candy as her guilty pleasure. The NFL's ladies get the most airtime, as they are shown before, between, and after plays, as well as during timeouts and intermissions like all other sports. The Manhattan resident who uses dancing as a way to motivate and energize herself, feels like she is best described as a spark plug because of the hard work she brings to her craft. When she's not with her students or on the sidelines in front of the camera, she can be found behind it as photography is Sexiest cheerleaders 2015 of her interests.

Mandi, a West Chester University alum, is going into her third year as a cheerleader for Chip Kelly's team. That sounds about right, as I am sure she has broken more than a few hearts while on the sidelines at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Zoe whose other occupation is as a Sales Associate, is also a fitness freak as well.

National football league cheerleading

For most men including yours truly, and even some ladies out there, besides watching the sport for all the reasons I mentioned above, we also tune in to the sport to see the cheerleaders. NFL cheerleaders are different than any other sport. The beautiful Erica is a former Berkeley College student. Alexis who studied at the University of Cincinnati, lists photography as her favorite hobby. Despite growing up in Savage, Minnesota, she was actually born Wisconsin, the home state of the Vikings biggest rivals the Green Bay Packers.

Besides taking part in a lot of male-dominated sports, Molly is also unique because of where she's from. A tomboy extraordinaire, the sexy fifth year Vikings cheerleader has a myriad of interests that would make any guy happy.

Top 20 sexiest cheerleaders

Smart choice indeed. The decision obviously paid off for Sara B, as she not only has an exciting career, but this past season she was voted as the Rams' representative at the Pro Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. This beauty from is in her second year as a cheerleader for the Texans. The lengthy list includes skydiving, snowboarding, fishing, and of course football.

Jacy Jayne reportedly had a CT scan after a botched dive which caused her to be removed from a match during this week's edition of NXT. Share Share Tweet. The Sexiest cheerleaders 2015 passes, amazing runs, out of this world catches, colossal hits, game winning drives that take our breath away, or even just he chance to sit down with a bunch of your friends and cheer or boo your hearts one to two times a week are just some of the many reasons why we watch football, and why we love it so much. Education is also important to her, as she has a degree in Criminal Justice.

The NBA and NCAA basketball have had cheerleaders for decades, but they are mostly treated as a sideshow, as they only really get a chance to display their talents at halftime or during commercial and team timeouts when the camera isn't focused on them.

The extremely hot Jenna, who lists Emmitt Smith as her favorite Cowboy, has three years of experience cheering on America's team. This is obviously one of the more Sexiest cheerleaders 2015 lists to research, as there were a ton of candidates to choose from.

When she is away from the team, she is a student and a nanny. After getting accepted to the University of Missouri in Nursing, on the advice of her dance teacher, Sara B decided to tryout for the Rams' cheer-leading squad. The singing of the American National Anthem is her favorite part of the pregame festivities as it reminds her of civic pride.

If looking the way she does didn't already make her cool, did I mention that she has a twin sister?

10 hottest nfl cheerleaders for the month of september

Sexy and helpful is always a good combo. It was a smart move as she ended up making the team on her first try. Natalie has been part of Gang Green's Flight Crew for three years. She even studied that along with theater at Portland State University. Education is also important to her, as she is currently studying to attain a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Dance.

Last season was her first a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals. Related Topics NFL. TS Staff.

Top 20 sexiest cheerleaders

She is heading into her seventh year of cheerleading, and last year she won the team's Physical Fitness Award among cheerleaders. Besides being easy on the eyes, Ashley is also very superstitious. Besides running a mile each day, she also likes to hike and bike. They are beautiful, sexy, talented, and in most cases irresistible to look at. She also has a degree in psychology and hopes to get a Master's degree in counseling and a Ph. Tyesha who is a mixture of African American and Asian background, is yet another example of brains and beauty.