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My hot blond girlfriend caught me spying on her big titty roommate in the shower. She pulled her tank top over her big tits while stroking and slurping my dick, while her naked roommate was soaping up her wonderful breasts a few steps from us. She was so young but with so big boobs! She was hot, she had all the right curves in all the right places.

What is my age: I am 43
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And sometimes she would walk around topless.

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That was a nice surprise. Post 9 MrNatural Topless. I was tempted to say that at home, I wouldn't be wearing the shorts either, but I was afraid even that would have been too much for her system to handle. Of course I slept nude.

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Just following orders. Clean the pots in the nude. Post 8 campguy13 Butt Naked. Post 6 treeboy Barefoot. Post 7 MrNatural Topless. My mother in law sees me naked everyday. To view our cookie policy please view Our Cookie Policy.

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She did make some kind of a comment like, if you do it at home it's your choice, but don't do it here. When I moved out on my own 20's I would be nude in the morningsgoing to and from the shower, and before bed when the kids were asleep. On a day to day life at home.

This would never happen when I lived with my parents. She didn't like it at first but, soon got used to me walking around the house completely naked.

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Lucky you. I come downstairs. Post 1 Tich Textile. Family seeing you nude!!! Why wear clothes at all you only dirty them. Post 5 campguy13 Butt Naked. When I was in my early 30's and visiting my parents, my mother saw me go from the bedroom to the bathroom in just shorts and told me to never do that again in her house!

Post 10 flsmoothie Super Nudist. up takes seconds, start now!

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Show 10 25 50 of 19 1 2. Never in the house I grew up in as i got older my friends house was more relaxed with cloths and could strip down if wanted to , BUT my parents found out and i was no longer able to go visit him Though i did sneak over and his family allowed me to stay for a bit we played board games had pizza night then his dad would drive me home but let me out on the corner told me that they didnt want me to get in trouble and that i was welcome in thier home anytime.

The wife at the time didn't care but only when the kids were asleep or not home. LOL Good one!

Are you a true nudist? Working shirtless in the yard was OK in warm weather.

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TichTich 21 hours ago My daughter used to see me nude all the time when she still lived at home I was always naked around the house after she walked into the bathroom when I was in the bath and saw me thenshe then sat on the toilet and just sat talking to meshe was 15 yrs old After that I used to walk round the house nude unless her friends come in when She saw me nude got dressed just in case I offended themshe used to talk to me like normalSometimes she used to look down at me I found that's usual even on beach I was not worried as she was just curious like enyone else.

She never walked around the house but she was in the bath she always left the door open incase I needed to go to toiletI could see she was not bothered about me walking in eithershe was 17 when she got her own house. This site is only available to users 18 and over and we use cookies We use cookies for functionality, social media, and google analytics. She was from a very "proper family and had strong opinions.

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Why Upgrade? That's why always say when ever possible take your clothes off. Post 2 Arno Topless. She was well into her 70's at the time and I didn't want to have her keel over in the hall in the middle of the night. Logged in as Guest up for free instantly!

LOL I wouldn't have done that. Post 11 minimalist75 Ultra Nudist.

Upgrade your ! We use cookies for functionality, social media, and google analytics.

RE:Family seeing you nude!!! Any muck on your body can easily be wash it off.

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Post 4 minimalist75 Ultra Nudist. I would have taken the shorts off, then. Make breakfast in the nude same dinner time. She tried to get my Dad and me to wear regular shirts, not just t shirts to the dinner table but eventually gave up on that one.

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I sleep naked. A shirt always had to be worn in the house, except in the bedroom and bathroom.

up as an affiliate! All she said was "Oh, look at you. Post 3 stooge Textile.