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Spanking naughty girls stories

Stubbs newsguy. I originally posted this story a few months ago, and I think it's due a repost.

Spanking Naughty Girls Stories

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I think half a dozen whacks on your bare bottom with a plimsoll is what you need my girl! The whacks echoed around the room. I gave her a minute to compose herself.

Baby girl’s naughty spanking surprise

Like some kind of duel on a dusty street in some old Wild West town, they eyed each other as they walked into class. Some through contempt, some through desire, some simply because they wanted to see a bottom get the tawse. Rain and hail pelted the high windows.

Like a Catholic girl going to confession. What are you? I had spoken at length to Mr Jones about this exotic creature and what seemed to be a need to be punishe. It seems she is going through a second phase, a lot do.

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Then dismissed her. The school was packed full of the naughtiest girls imaginable, but they were a jolly bunch. I think it was peer pressure. Some naughty girls need their own s of their time at my school. I instinctively knew this when I saw her face when she came back less than a month later. Getting spanked and humiliated at school is the first step on many a girls journey to becoming a true submissive.

Like my voice…. It was indeed, soft and beautifully shaped. There are six third years coming here in ten minutes, stand in the corner, your naughty bottom bare for all to see, and contemplate what has just happened. They do not have to worry any more about being different. She was a privileged girl who wanted to show the less fortunate that she was no goody-goody. Putting it simple, they need a spanking! It was a marvellous way of letting the naughty girls that discipline was being maintained.

A managerie of naughty girls – a series of short stories.

Lucy tried her hardest not to make a fuss, but by the end she was crying, squealing and begging for mercy! Three appearances in Juvenile Court. You young lady have been impertinent and very offensive to my professional reputation. Not that any of them suspected, I was professional at all times.

She faltered at these words, girls realise at this stage that their bottom and private parts will be on show, and I will know what they look like, and every time they pass me, they will blush. Miss Kenworthy full of menace and serious. Lucy full of brash bravado, showing off to her friends. As the class went on, the room became full of atmosphere. But she was an annoying little brat! Miss Kenworthy looked to the pale faced onlookers, the severity of the thrashing had made some feel queasy.

‘naughty girl’ stories

Stare at the wall, and tell it what you are, and what you deserve! Then the thrashing began. But of late, a little naughty.

When Charlotte knocked on the door and entered after being told to do so, just for a second, her face showed delight. She targeted local council buildings with graffiti, claiming all sorts of persecutions were happening against the local populous. I do know the subject. I hope this has taught you a lesson young lady!

The classrooms were instructed to leave the nearest windows open…her sobs would be heard. What happened next was not at all uncommon. She overstepped the mark, deliberately. The weight of guilt lifted off their shoulders after their admission spanking is such a wonderful thing. Cheeky, quick with a sarcastic comment, challenging, defiant and always thought she was right! They have atoned! This is a girl who is rather posh, and delightful to know. The old oak clock ticked away. In fact, it became a challenge, almost a battle of wits between a formidable, beautiful disciplinarian and a brat.

You are to witness the spanking of a very naughty girl! Some girls just need a regular spanking to keep them on the right track. But it made little or no difference to the troublesome little minx. I made her stay there for fifteen minutes more.

Brace yourself! This will not develop into a discussion Lucy. She reached the front.

She made her get over a stool and told all the class she was going to make an example of her. I had four fourth years sat writing a seven essay on something incredibly boring. When she first arrived at Saint Helena she had a rebellious mind. As my orgasms gathered pace and intensity, images of her in different positions flew through my wild mind! They all lowered their eyes as she looked at them. She expected Miss Kenworthy to explode, but instead a calmness fell upon her. The radiators gently hummed as the hot water ran through the cast iron pipes.

She whacked and whacked her bottom full force with the thick rubber soled plimsol for a good five minutes. She circled Lucy about five times, listening to her wimper and looking at the red swellings rise. You are a naughty girl! They could not decide wether to admire her, or think her stupid.

Out came Lucy, she smiled to the class. When asked why, she became rude and arrogant. The sound of the chanting girls, the crisp well delivered smacks, and the wails and screams of Charlotte would carry. I am going to give you twelve with the tawse. I will not detail the naughtiness, I leave that to bigger stories, just be aware that she has been misbehaving a lot lately, back chat, lateness, no homework, that sort of thing. Just one week to the day, in the same lesson on the weekly timeable, the brat and Miss Kenworthy faced each other again.

A spanking or two usually sorts them out. I confess that I loved knowing, there were a lot in the school, and I enjoyed punishing them the most. I rotated the timetable so that every class used the two ading rooms at least three times a week. Seventy three offences! The school Psychologist says it is a basic need in a punished girl.

They all agreed on this. She faced the wall, and spoke to it. Out here now! She held her position as Miss Kenworthy let her have it without any mercy. If your performance is not loud and clear, you will all get six with the ruler! There were classrooms to each side, I knew they were both full. That includes you Charlotte! As she bent over, every girl stared at her beautiful bare bottom.

Always dressed well, polite, and hard working. I put Charlotte in the corner again, near an open window. Bare your bottom, and bend over the stool. Go straight to the front Charlotte, stand near the stool and face the left hand wall. Spanking naughty girls stories she continued to do for another fifteen minutes, constantly being told to behave.

We agreed that here was a girl developing into a submissive.