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Stomach sitting story

Heavy Trampling Forum. Childhood Experience of 3 stepsisters crushing me.

Stomach Sitting Story

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My older sister would have sleepovers with her girlfriends and for whatever reason, they thought it was fun to wrestle me I was 6 years younger than them. Pillow fights would ensue and inevitably end with them pinning me down to the ground and sitting on my stomach in a game of domination. These were the first experiences of physical contact I had with the opposite sex but eventually, I started to enjoy it. My abs got stronger and I developed an endurance for this activity. At age 11, I became obsessed with being dominated through sitting.

Years: I am 39
Color of my hair: Brunet hair
Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
Favourite drink: Ale
Favourite music: Opera

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Full weight sitting on soft belly (true story)

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