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Sub hubby tumblr

It is important for the power exchange in the relationship.

Sub Hubby Tumblr

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If he has done something to disappoint me, it ensures he is properly punished for it, allowing closure in the matter and my total forgiveness. It will really help him learn his place at her feet, on demand, at any time. The best option is a PA. This does not damage the skin but lays a sticky layer for 1 week. Make him do something humiliating and learn when he will do anything for you. When he displays any kind of hesitation about her feet, perhaps he wants more, to eat her pussy for example, he should be punished.

No matter what you are doing, or where you are, find ways to taunt him. Do it under supervision or tell him that only you may touch his penis. By doing so, he is already ceding most of his power to me.

If he does not have any, he must sleep naked. It prevents more severe punishment. So once home, a good sub knows he will be spending 2 hours paying attention to only her feet. You can make many devices escape proof with medical glue. Having a chaste male servant who is serving feet when not fetching beverages can make for great entertainment.

They leave him feeling completely submissive, ceding all his power to me, and giving me the absolute authority to rule over him. He may experience the joy of chastity. When he fetches the implements, he carries this bag by the handles with his teeth while his hands remain clasped behind his back.

I never swing any punishment implement without the intent of causing pain. So be at her feet! She will never want for a pair of shoes again. Sub hubby tumblr giving him a milder taste of the pain he would endure from the strap or the cane, it reminds him that he needs to behave himself, sparing him from such drastic corrections being needed. He can become very useful to her as her foot slave.

You may also gag him. A good sub becomes an expert at taking care of her feet. He is not allowed to play by himself. This emphasizes your control and stimulates his frustration. He will make up his mind soon enough. I make him fetch the spanking implements so that he is actively collaborating in his own punishment, a highly submissive act. It ensures that I will harbor no resentment against him for any micro-aggressions he may have committed recently.

He may have shown slight disrespect, disobeyed me, forgotten to complete a task or ritual, or lacked proper submission at some point throughout the week. The spanking ends only when I decide, and that is usually when I feel he has reached contrition and total submission, often in tears.

This means, foot massages after a long day at work, or after the gym, or just because she feels like it. I never want that to happen as I really love using spankings as a punishment and it would ruin it. A little spanking goes a long way to keep him obedient.

It acts as an emotional release. Make sure you get the right size so he cannot escape. You can tell the moment it happens, because your strokes become deep and flawlessly smooth, and his gasps become whimpers and moans. He seems to be happiest and at peace with himself after a recent spanking and he is so respectful to me.

Asking her if she would enjoy a foot massage, after bringing her a beverage to relax. If he does then you have to make him eat his cum. Leggings and nylon are mandatory!

Denied hubby

Get into his head! Everytime you let him cum, you must ruin him. It can also be fun when she masturbates or cuckolds him while he is licking and sucking her toes while she climaxes. By remaining in position over my knee, he is accepting that the punishment and pain will continue, again, a highly submissive act.

Hands, tongue, with or without oil, moisturizer, pedicures, and so on. Aftercare is then lovingly applied by putting him to my breast to suckle me, as we find that dry adult nursing is a great way for us to bond. Our discipline sessions never include warm up strokes for the same reason. He must understand that her body is not his to rule. Then using him as a footrest can come in handy. First and foremost, they create and maintain the inequality that our dynamic is based on, at fairly regular intervals, constantly reminding us of our proper places and roles in the relationship.

Sit on his face after a creampie or feed him off your hand or french kiss him! As part of the corporal punishment plan I have created in our wife-led marriage, maintenance spankings have become a weekly event. No need to give him the silent treatment because I'm mad at him anymore.

Kinky submissive loser, sph, and more

I highly encourage the idea of making a sub spend an entire month of nothing but foot worship. You can edge him and forbid him to orgasm. Bending over, putting himself across my lap to be spanked is another highly submissive act. That way you can check if he cheated or not! A quick snap of the fingers and he is bowed down at her feet, kissing them out of respect. Nothing better then feeling a soft body next to you in bed at night.

Meinem subi mal wieder gezeigt wer das sagen hat๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

One of the many benefits of a FLR is having male attention, anywhere, anytime. Sissies should cum like real girls. We Sub hubby tumblr do funishments anymore, as I worry mixing pleasure and pain in spankings could turn him into a pain slut. I keep them locked away in a duffel bag unless they are being used on him. For him it is mind boggling not touching a body part for over a month when he used to touch it every hour. You can also use a numeric padlock. He must always be presentable, ready to please. You have to learn him that he may not orgasm. However she wants.

Just move it a bit to reach the hard to reach spots. He can clean it in the shower by putting soap in his cage and apply a full jet of the shower head right in the cage. In essence, a total power exchange. He surrenders himself to accept pain and discomfort at my will, and for me, the surrender is just as important as the spanking itself. Take away his underwear and replace it.

It will grow back so he has to maintain it. This also allows me to choose when they will happen, as ensuring that I'm in the right frame of mind, never mad but feeling sadistic is important for my enjoyment. He does not own any male underwear. Locked in chastity, and not allowed to touch her anywhere else but her feet.

Subhub to be used..

After that you make him eat his cum. You must keep him sexually aroused as much as possible. I have a very strict rule that he is to never, ever, touch with his own hands any equipment used for punishment. When she comes home, kneeling and ready at the door to kiss her feet hello. He only gets access to other areas if she wants that, until then he is a foot slave.

Good sissies wear lipstick while alone. Although far from severe, the leather paddle I use induces a nasty sting that is quite unpleasant. He will do them.

The submissive husband

Many nights can be spent with her watching her favorite tv shows while her sub is facing her, focused on her feet. Most males aren't very good at expressing their emotions, and being spanked to tears can be an excellent catalyst for helping him to release any tension or stress that may have built up, before they become toxic in nature. They will happen spur of the moment, without forewarning and never scheduled, to keep him guessing when they will occur.