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Superman x batman fanfic

Summary: There are plenty of ways to find your soulmate.

Superman X Batman Fanfic

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Directory Master List. Wayne Tower Luthor walks in and is oblivious to the situations and insists on talking about some t venture or something. Extra points if Supes tops.

What is my age: 46
Available for: Gentleman
Eye tone: I’ve got bright hazel green eyes
Gender: Woman

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A friend-date. And immediately he to the vault.

Originally posted by haydenizer. Bruce gives Clark a smug look before turning to you. A Pair of Country Mice Male! Not Bruce Wayne. Mostly this is in bed, after patrol, when you two are going to sleep. How does clark handle this?! At these points, he loves it when you pull him closer, and he feels the need to be as close to you as possible.

To kiss your sweet boyfriend without worry.

And the big bad Bat walks in, seeing you two having a little rock and roll dance party, and he smiles. Bruce is the little spoon. Clark enters and smiles. I- I felt it too. You were an adult, older than Dick, and yet… you still were afraid of your dad.

You have to play the game. He can be yours and yours alone. You remember having coffee in Metropolis and relaxing because the Flash was covering for Clark. You the new op-ed columnist? He likes holding you to him. The Bat looks over at you in the Watchtower. Clark is the big spoon. Take him for a long lunch.

Not smirks, like usual. It was actually one of the reasons you both knew you loved him like you did each other. So secretly, you sneak into the vault and steal the lead-lined suitcase that Bruce has secured a Kryptonite dagger in, quickly hiding it in another area of the vault. When you came Superman x batman fanfic the League, he was ased as your mentor. And in walks an extraordinarily beautiful man in glasses. And woke up in his arms And he wanted to fly you to a hospital but then you had to tell him it was just from meeting him and maybe could he just drop you off a building now and end the embarrassment?

He also likes it when you kiss him while cuddling him. Originally posted by muvana. But one day, you and Clark were messing around at the Watchtower, joking around. Wanna head to that place with the corn bread you like? On your way out, Clark smirks at you. Could… could you just hold me for a bit? You nod, and immediately Clark places a hand on your thigh and stands up, giving you a deep kiss.

Clark asked you on a date one day and you accepted. Everywhere else he has to be perfectly controlled, in command, constantly vigilant. No distractions. You know Clark hears your heart beating faster. Do you think maybe you could me for dinner and maybe a movie next week sometime?

Originally posted by lucifer Keep reading. Please give this one a chance. This idea is just dripping with angst but here comes sunshine Clark to brighten up the readers life!

The Kryptonian? Because he was kind, and funny, and open and sincere, all in ways Bruce never could be. He wants to do whatever makes you comfortable.

Originally posted by chrsevansshoulders. And it was nice, and he kissed you goodnight. And that drove you right to Clark. Originally posted by peterparkcr. The young man looks up at Clark in hope, but Clark looks away. You move past the two men, who are still arguing, and you look at the tall young man. You just feel so loved.

Of course Bruce sees it. Originally posted by tweenw.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You have telekinetic powers that allow you to remain safe from almost any attack. Reader x Clark Kent Requested by inhumanshadows for Male! So you pack something for the two of you and quickly head down to the Planet, taking a cab. Not true. Let me just finish this up first. And I feel… safe, with him. I can take lunch with you. And the next time it happens, you make sure to kiss Clark deeply, while just hidden enough away to make it look like you put effort into hiding.

Originally posted by arkhams-misfit.

Fanfiction from a big fan — cuddling (male reader x batman/superman

I did it so that in this, Bruce is pining over a male! With you, in the late hours when it could be possible that only the two of you exist…he can be himself. Originally posted by omgcharlieblog. Winn blushes. He raises an eyebrow, and you start apologizing, but Clark hugs you.

Superbat stories

And then comes TJ. He beams at you. That is correct. And there were plenty more dates. But this is your last shot, Kara…. The Batman likes it when you cuddle him. He Needs a Father Male!

How about clark and male reader going to the beach with clark protecting his man! It hurts inside.

Not anything dangerous, of course. Sun Peeking Through Clouds Male!

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When Clark finally gets comfortable, you two will be cuddling together constantly at home - just a tangle of limbs under a blanket while watching a show or movie or just while talking. If Only… Male!

He also really likes when you two are sitting on the couch and he leans over onto your shoulder, or vice versa. When he finally gets comfortable, Clark is a total cuddlebear. I will never make him unhappy, I promise you, Bruce. Requested by inhumanshadows for Male! Oh hell no. You deserve to be happy. Originally posted by simplelovies. Not Batman. Take moving, for example. Disaster Gay Male! You kiss Clark on the cheek and follow. With that step done, all you have to do is wait until Clark is called into Gotham.

There were those intense training sessions where he… encouraged you to do better - one time he got you so angry that you pinned him to the floor. He needs some time with you.