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The flash incest

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The Flash Incest

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Pseudo-incest refers to romantic pairings in which characters who consider each other family, but are not blood relatives. In fanfictionthe term often refers to pairings involving adoptive or step siblings, which many consider less taboo than pairings between biologically-related people. Some fans consider this controversial, as it may imply that adopted siblings are somehow less legitimately siblings than biological ones, prompting discussions about the use of the term and what makes a family. This article or section needs expansion. And Kara and Alex "became" sisters when Kara was what, 12? Jessica and Trish were in a similar age as well.

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If there was a time where they saw each other in that way it would be one thing, but as multiple Earths have shown us, they are drawn to each other in every life and every universe. By Princess Weekes Nov 14th,pm. Barry had feelings for Iris before they lived together.

It is established that Barry has had feelings since they were young kids at school. Now it is happening and they are being good together.

There is just something about Iris and Barry that just…you cannot get past the fact that they were raised in the same household. Want more stories like this? They have chemistry, they have the history and they have the epic couple theme music.

Princess Weekes - Assistant Editor. The problem that has always faced WestAllen, in my humble opinion, is that the relationship should have been pretty much established since season one.

Team Zutara forever. Twitter .

Follow The Mary Sue: Twitter. It has been four seasons and yet this is still brought up nearly every single episod e. So while yes, Wally does see Barry as his brother and vice-versa because of Joe raising him, no one questions it because those relationships are not nullified or changed by his relationship with Iris.

She is helping run Team Flash and brings a more stable, pragmatic sensibility to the cast of scientific characters. They were best friends and that is why when his mother died and his father was sent away he went to go live with Iris and her father Joe. Joe became his foster father and as a result, became a genuine father figure to Barry, something that goes both ways. Become a subscriber and support the site!

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